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Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach an Unwanted Record
Carbon Dioxide Levels
Reach an Unwanted Record 
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Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach an Unwanted Record

Atmosphere is at 419ppm, despite a drop in emissions during the pandemic

(Newser) - The pandemic and its related shutdowns caused a notable drop in the emission of greenhouse gases. But that did little to put a dent in the growing concentration of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere, reports the Washington Post . The new numbers are in, and they're record-breaking in a...

EPA Chief: Carbon Dioxide Not Primary Cause of Global Warming

Scott Pruitt's view is at odds with mainstream climate science

(Newser) - The new chief of the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming, a statement at odds with mainstream scientific consensus and his own agency. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said measuring the effect of human activity on the climate...

The Planet Is Getting Greener Thanks to Pollution

But that doesn't mean global warming is a good thing

(Newser) - Dozens of scientists were shocked to find a dramatic increase in plant life around the world over the past 33 years instead of the global-warming-related "browning" they expected to find in their analysis of satellite data, Australia's ABC reports. According to a press release , a study published Monday...

2013 Saw Fastest Spike in CO2 Levels Since 1984

Greenhouse gases hit record highs: World Meteorological Organization

(Newser) - Greenhouse gases rose to record levels last year, according to a new report by the World Meteorological Organization, making a worldwide climate treaty more critical now than ever. Concentrations of carbon dioxide in particular peaked at 396 parts per million, the BBC reports—3ppm over the previous year, in the...

GOP Lawmaker: Bicycles Pollute Worse Than Cars

Washington state Rep. Ed Orcutt takes a stab at science

(Newser) - All that sweaty cycling can kick up a lot of carbon dioxide—right? So said House Republican Ed Orcutt in an email as he defended a bike tax proposed for Washington state, reports the Seattle Bike Blog . Writing a constituent, Orcutt wrote that bicyclists emit more CO2 than car drivers...

US CO2 Emissions Dive to 20-Year Low

Cheap natural gas has made a huge difference

(Newser) - America's carbon emissions have, amazingly, dropped to levels near where they would be in an alternate reality where President Al Gore signed the Kyoto Protocol. Emissions of the greenhouse gas are at their lowest in 20 years and government officials say the dramatic fall is thanks to cheap natural...

CO2 Emissions 'Will Defer Ice Age'

Carbon dioxide levels creating long 'interglacial' period

(Newser) - On the glass-half-full side, our carbon dioxide emissions may fend off the next Ice Age, the BBC reports. Researchers say the Ice Age due in about 1,500 years won't happen because CO2 levels will be too high: "At current levels of CO2, even if emissions stopped now...

Copenhagen Talks Will [Doom] [Save] World
Copenhagen Talks Will
[Doom] [Save] World
time to pick a bracket

Copenhagen Talks Will [Doom] [Save] World

It's a numbers game now for world leaders

(Newser) - Copenhagen now boils down to a preposterously simple numbers game, writes Michael McCarthy. The draft text released yesterday leaves momentous decisions like how much to limit carbon emissions as choices surrounded by square brackets. Take the long-term target for cutting CO2 emissions, for instance. Should nations cut them by [50]...

EU May Turn Off Edison's Bulbs

Switch to low-energy bulbs could save $12b a year

(Newser) - The European Union may ban incandescent light bulbs, replacing them with low-energy lighting that would slash 13.2 million tons of carbon emissions and create energy savings equal to taking 11 million European households off the grid, reports the BBC. A new report urges the European parliament to follow the...

China's Power Pollution to Pass US

CO2 emissions will double over next 12 years, think tank predicts

(Newser) - Carbon emissions from China's mostly coal-fired electric power industry will exceed those of the US this year for the first time, the Washington Post reports. China's runaway economic growth means its power industry's carbon emissions will double by 2020, predicts the Center for Global Development, a Washington-based think tank. Power...

CO2 Catcher Could Slow Climate Change

Device in the works sucks greenhouse gas from the air

(Newser) - A team of American scientists says it's taken an important first step toward creating a so-called carbon scrubber that can rid greenhouse gases from the air, the Guardian reports. The scientists, led by a Columbia University physicist, have a prototype in the works that can suck a ton of carbon...

W. Coast Cities Boast Smallest Carbon Footprint

New York metropolitan area also high in rankings

(Newser) - West Coast metro areas boasted some of the lowest carbon emissions per capita in the country in 2005, according to a ranking of 100 urban areas by the Brookings Institution. Honolulu topped the list, followed by Los Angeles, the Portland-Vancouver area, and New York. Population density, mild climates, and aggressive...

EU Will Toughen Car Ads to Curb Gas Guzzlers

Regulations would require CO2, gas mileage info in every advertisement

(Newser) - Car ads in Europe will soon have to highlight gas mileage and carbon dioxide emissions under regulations in the works from the European Union, Der Spiegel reports. EU commissioners hope regulating ads will motivate more Europeans to ditch gas-guzzling models, but manufacturers and media execs aren’t happy. The plan...

Itchier Poison Ivy Stems from Climate Change

Rising CO2 levels lead to bigger, stronger rash-causing weeds

(Newser) - Poison ivy is getting bigger and more potent, and the culprit is the 21st century's all-purpose scapegoat: climate change. The itchy, rash-inducing plant that has plagued hikers and gardeners since the beginning of time thrives in environments with high levels of CO2, the Journal reports, and with rates on the...

China's CO2 Output Passes US
China's CO2 Output Passes US

China's CO2 Output Passes US

Building two power stations a week

(Newser) - China has overtaken the US as the world's biggest CO2 emitter. A Dutch study says China is coughing up 9% more fossil fuel into the air than last year, compared with a 1.4% increase from the superpower across the Pacific. And the trend is up: China's industry is growing...

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