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She Broke a Bunch of Swim Records, Now Faces Transphobia

Controversy swirls over U of Penn's Lia Thomas, who moved to women's team after transitioning

(Newser) - The debate on trans athletes participating in college sports has just been kicked up a notch after a University of Pennsylvania swimmer broke three school records and two national ones over the past month. LGBTQ advocates say the ensuing controversy has veered into transphobic waters. NBC News reports on the...

Dax Shepard Defends Use of Testosterone Shots

Actor says he's gained 24 pounds of muscle, feels great despite risks

(Newser) - After waiting a decade to get a call to appear in a Marvel superhero movie, Dax Shepard decided to stop waiting and bulk up on his own , with help from testosterone injections. The actor made the reveal Monday on his Armchair Expert podcast while speaking with Ashton Kutcher and Mila...

Caster Semenya: They Used Me Like a 'Guinea Pig'

Comments come in response to release of 163-page document

(Newser) - Caster Semenya had strong words for track's governing body on Tuesday: "I will not allow the IAAF to use me and my body again." The 28-year-old runner was ordered by the IAAF to get her testosterone beneath a certain threshold if she wants to compete in events...

Court: Olympic Champ Needs to Lower Her Testosterone

Court sides with IAAF on rule affecting DSD athletes

(Newser) - The Court of Arbitration for Sport says a new policy that will require South African track star Caster Semenya to lower her testosterone levels before competing internationally is both "discriminatory" and "necessary." The CAS acknowledged some unfairness to athletes with a DSD (difference in sex development) designation—...

Track Star May Have to Lower Testosterone Levels

New IAAF rules could affect whether South Africa's Caster Semenya can compete

(Newser) - If Caster Semenya wants to compete in certain women's Olympic and world championship events, the South African track star will have to start undergoing hormone replacement therapy or otherwise find a way to lower her hormone levels, per new rules from the International Association of Athletics Federations. CNN reports...

After Hair-Loss Drug Came Years of Erectile Dysfunction

It's the first study to arrive at the finding

(Newser) - Two drugs—one to treat hair loss, the other to shrink enlarged prostates—could wreak havoc on men's sexual health. Researchers at Northwestern University reported Thursday in the journal PeerJ that among the men they studied who are between the ages of 16 and 89 and who took either...

Transgender Teen's Wrestling Win Courts Controversy

Critics say Texas' Mack Beggs shouldn't have competed against girls—a fact he agrees with

(Newser) - The outcry started building after Mack Beggs started winning match after match in Texas' high school wrestling tournament—and once the 17-year-old from Trinity High School in Euless clinched the championship Saturday, the controversy reached its peak. NBC News reports that the junior won to "cheers and jeers,"...

Big Win for Female Runner Born With High Testosterone

Court suspends the IAAF's regulations for 2 years

(Newser) - "I was humiliated for something that I can’t be blamed for." Humiliated, but no longer penalized, at least for now. Sprinter Dutee Chand, 19, will not be barred from competition following today's interim ruling by a sports appeals court, which found there wasn't sufficient evidence...

'Alpha Males' Like Spicy Food

 'Alpha Males' 
 Pour This on 
 Their Food 
study says

'Alpha Males' Pour This on Their Food

Men with higher testosterone like adding spicy sauce, study says

(Newser) - Wonder if a guy has high testosterone? Just put a spice bottle next to him and see how much he pours on his dinner, according to a new study . Scientists at the University of Grenoble say that among 114 men aged 18 to 44, those who added the most spicy...

Female Sprinter Fights Ban—Over Her Testosterone

Sprinter Dutee Chand doesn't want to change her natural body to compete

(Newser) - Indian sprinter Dutee Chand was born with what may be a blessing and a curse: hyperandrogenism. The medical condition results in unusually high levels of testosterone—high enough, in fact, that it crosses the threshold for what determines whether one can compete against women. She is fighting the International Association...

Skull Shapes 'Feminized' About 50K Years Ago

Smaller brows, less testosterone helped us advance: study

(Newser) - Hope you're sitting down, gentlemen: A new study says that homo sapiens made a huge leap in abstract and symbolic thought 50,000 years ago because their skull-shape "feminized" and testosterone levels went down, Pacific Standard reports. Experts at Duke University analyzed over 1,400 modern and ancient...

A-Rod Used PEDs in MVP Season— With MLB's Blessing

New book says he got permission to use testosterone in 2007

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs in 2007, the year he hit 54 home runs, won his second MVP award, and then opted out of his contract, leading to the biggest pay-day in baseball history—and he did it with the league's blessing. An excerpt from the upcoming book, Blood ...

A-Rod's People Threatened to Kill Me: Tony Bosch

Biogenesis founder says he sought MLB's protection

(Newser) - Refusing to accept bribes from Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is dangerous business, according to Tony Bosch. The man who allegedly supplied Rodriguez with PEDs and cooperated with a Major League Baseball investigation into the matter tells 60 Minutes that he received death threats after Rodriguez associates failed to bribe him,...

Aging Men Can Curse Estrogen, Too

 Aging Men 
 Can Curse 
 Estrogen, Too 
new study

Aging Men Can Curse Estrogen, Too

Researchers find that sinking estrogen levels to blame for expanding waists

(Newser) - It turns out both sexes have a reason to curse estrogen. A new study has found that what the New York Times dubs one of men's "familiar physical complaints of midlife"—that ballooning waistline—is not, as long believed, due to dipping testosterone levels. While those levels...

Broad-Faced Guys Are Better at Baseball

 Guys Are Better 
 at Baseball 
Study Says

Broad-Faced Guys Are Better at Baseball

Japanese study finds correlation between face size, home run totals

(Newser) - If baseball players actually looked like their bobbleheads, they'd be amazing. Or at least, that's what a new study suggests. Researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London studied the facial dimensions of all Japanese players to log more than 10 games over the past two seasons, and found that...

Substance in Pistorius' Bedroom: Sex Enhancer?

Turns out it wasn't testosterone

(Newser) - Oscar Pistorius' representatives have named the substance found in his bedroom after the shooting death of his girlfriend as Testis compositum and said today it is an herbal remedy used "in aid of muscle recovery." A product called Testis compositum is also marketed as a sexual enhancer, good...

Look Out, Viagra: Testosterone Drugs Gain Popularity

But doctors worry they'll be dangerously overused

(Newser) - New drugs designed in part to save the sex lives of aging men could become the biggest thing since Viagra, reports Bloomberg . The problem is that the testosterone boosters from Eli Lilly and Abbott are becoming so popular that doctors worry men who don't need them for strictly medical...

My, What a Sexy Immune System You Have

Hunky men seem to be healthier, too: Study

(Newser) - Why do women swoon over handsome men like Brad Pitt? Not merely for their rippling muscles or striking faces, but because of their robust immune systems, according to a new study. Men who appear seductively macho have higher testosterone, and the study found a correlation between testosterone levels and a...

Baseball MVP Flunks Drug Test

Ryan Braun says test is wrong, appeals

(Newser) - Ryan Braun, the reigning MVP of Major League Baseball's National League, has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and faces a 50-game suspension, reports ESPN . The Milwaukee Brewers player vigorously denied using performance enhancers, with a spokesman blaming "highly unusual circumstances." Braun himself was more to the point—...

Babies Cut Dads' Testosterone
 Babies Cut Dads' Testosterone 
Study says

Babies Cut Dads' Testosterone

That makes men better parents, researchers believe

(Newser) - Who knew newborns could have such a significant physical impact on their dads' bodies? Scientists have discovered that fathers experience a significant reduction in their body's testosterone with the birth of a son or daughter. They believe it's Mother Nature's way of making men less interested in...

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