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Too Many Cicadas to Eat? Here's Another Use

Dead nitrogen-rich cicadas can be used as fertilizer

(Newser) - We're about a month into the emergence of Brood X or Great Eastern Brood cicadas, which means the nuisance is nearing an end. "From past cycles, broods last about 4-6 weeks from their first emergence," University of Maryland entomology professor Daniel Gruner tells the Washington Post , which...

Outcome in Georgia After Reopenings: 'Not Unpredictable'

Tourists from neighboring states are flocking there in droves, worrying researchers

(Newser) - University of Maryland researchers keeping tabs on Georgia as it reopens during the pandemic say one outcome is "not an unpredictable one." The Washington Post reports that the scientists, using smartphone data that tracks user location, found that in the week after the state flung the doors back...

School Board Members Received an Extra $115M

The University of Maryland medical system admits there's a problem

(Newser) - Nearly $115 million went to board members of the University of Maryland Medical System or businesses associated with them, a state audit has found. The payments went to 27 board members or their associated businesses between Jan. 1, 2016 and April 18, 2019, according to a 100-page report that was...

University of Maryland Fires Coach After Player's Death

Durkin was accused of presiding over 'toxic culture'

(Newser) - The University of Maryland has fired a football coach accused of presiding over a "toxic" culture that may have caused a player's death. Jordan McNair, 19, died in June, two weeks after he collapsed with heatstroke during a team practice. Coach DJ Durkin was placed on administrative leave...

Flying East Is a Pain for Your Brain

 Flying East Is a 
 Pain for Your Brain 

Flying East Is a Pain for Your Brain

Biological clock prefers a longer day achieved by flying west: study

(Newser) - A flight from Paris to New York is easier on the brain than one from New York to Paris, according to a new study that finds jet lag is based not only on distance traveled, but also the direction of travel. In the journal Chaos , researchers from the University of...

Professor's Question Offers Head-Scratching Choice

But it's all in the name of psychology

(Newser) - A University of Maryland psychology professor nicely offered his students free extra credit on their final exam. Or maybe "nicely" isn't the right word: "Select whether you want 2 points or 6 points added onto your final paper grade," went the instructions from Dylan Selterman to...

Inside the Big-Money World of College Chess

One coach recently asked for $1M for program

(Newser) - Football and basketball aren't the only college competitions playing with serious cash. Chess may not have the national spotlight athletics does, but these days, the money behind it is nothing to sniff at. In 2011, a four-time women's world chess champion asked Texas Tech for $1 million in...

Sophisticated Hack Strikes U. of Maryland

Names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth stolen

(Newser) - If you were issued a University of Maryland ID any time since 1998, your personal records at the university may have been stolen: During a computer security breach at 4am Tuesday, a hacker gained access to 309,079 such records belonging to faculty, staff, and students. Officials think the information—...

2 Dead in Murder-Suicide at University of Maryland

Student reportedly first set fire in basement of his off-campus home

(Newser) - Two University of Maryland students are dead and a third was wounded this morning in what police are classifying as a murder-suicide. Just after 1am, one student set a fire in the basement of his off-campus house, police tell NBC News . When his two housemates confronted him, they all went...

Gun Victim Gets Full Face Transplant

Surgery called most complex yet

(Newser) - A Virginia man who suffered a gun accident has undergone a face transplant at the University of Maryland, and doctors say it's the most extensive such operation yet. The surgery required input from 300 health workers and took more than a day to complete, the Baltimore Sun reports. Doctors...

College Student Busted in Rampage Threat

He vowed to kill enough 'to make national news,' say cops

(Newser) - A University of Maryland student has been busted after he threatened on the Internet to go on a shooting rampage at the College Park campus and "kill enough people to make national news," said law enforcement authorities. Alexander Song, 19, of Maryland, also warned people reading his site...

College Uniforms Now a Fashion Battleground

Schools get bold (and rich) in bid to draw attention

(Newser) - College sports uniforms are getting seriously funky as outfitters such as Nike and Under Armor shell out big money to schools only too happy to take it, report the New York Times and Washington Post in similar stories on the trend. Both see the University of Maryland (with 32 possible...

Fox News Viewers 'Most Misinformed,' Study Finds

Network's fans most likely to believe certain falsehoods

(Newser) - University of Maryland researchers have deemed Fox News viewers the "most misinformed," Mediaite reports. The researchers, who asked a number of questions about hot-button issues in the 2010 election, found Fox News viewers—regardless of political affiliation—were more likely than viewers of other networks to believe, for...

We Just Moved Closer to Teleportation

 We Just 
 Closer to 
in case you missed it

We Just Moved Closer to Teleportation

How 'you' can be in 2 places at once

(Newser) - It's a tongue-twister, and it can get messy, but "quantum entanglement" may one day make it possible to teleport people across the galaxy faster than the speed of light. And it won't happen like Star Trek, with people beaming from one place to another. Rather, it involves quantum mechanics...

Cops Probed After Beating Maryland Student

Man hit a dozen times with batons at celebration

(Newser) - Three Maryland cops are being probed after they were caught on video using their batons to repeatedly beat an unarmed, apparently unthreatening University of Maryland student. The attack occurred as the student was celebrating a basketball game victory on a College Park street with several other students last month. At...

Cornell Shocks Wisconsin, Gains Sweet 16
 Cornell Shocks 
 Gains Sweet 16 
ncaa tournament

Cornell Shocks Wisconsin, Gains Sweet 16

Big Red will face Kentucky; Ohio State outlasts Ga. Tech

(Newser) - Louis Dale scored 26 points, Ryan Wittman added 24, and No. 12 seed Cornell upset fourth-seeded Wisconsin, 87-69, today in Jacksonville, becoming the first Ivy League team since Penn in 1979 to advance to the round of 16.The Big Red (27-8) will play top-seeded Kentucky in the East Regional...

Sports Teams Fall Victim to Congress' Petty Feuds

Lawmakers attack each others' hometown squads

(Newser) - Health care reform? Congress has trouble enough honoring sports teams. A resolution to formally salute Maryland's basketball team for making the NCAA tournament nearly fell victim to a feud between congressmen today. Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer proposed the seemingly noncontroversial measure, which should have zipped by in a voice vote....

Defying Pols, Maryland Students to Screen Porno

(Newser) - University of Maryland students plan to take in some porn tonight after a heated battle with school officials and state lawmakers, the Baltimore Sun reports. The school slated a screening of Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge—which recently showed at a University of California campus—last week, until legislators threatened...

Scientists Teleport Data on Tiny Scale

Send information between atoms a meter apart

(Newser) - It’s not quite worthy of the Starship Enterprise, but Maryland scientists have managed to teleport data on an atomic scale, LiveScience reports. The researchers transmitted information between atoms a meter apart without the data actually crossing that space—a development that could help create speedy quantum computers and highly...

Hypertension Gene Found Among Amish

Researchers find hypertension gene

(Newser) - A genetic study of Pennsylvania's reclusive Amish community has led to the discovery of a gene that may trigger high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attacks and stroke. The gene variant, dubbed STK39, regulates sodium levels leading to greater blood volume and high blood pressure, reports Health ...

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