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Christie Brinkley's Ex to Wed His 21-Year-Old 'Soulmate'

Peter Cook is 60

(Newser) - Peter Cook is set to wed his "soulmate"—21-year-old Alba Jancou, reports Page Six . Cook, the 60-year-old ex-husband of Christie Brinkley, reportedly proposed in Greece about six weeks ago, making it official with a 6-carat diamond ring. A source says the two have known each other for two...

Christie Brinkley Gets Apology From Ex-Hubby's Ex-Wife

Suzanne Shaw says she was under Peter Cook's 'spell'

(Newser) - Christie Brinkley's marriage to Peter Cook ended in 2008 after he had an affair with an 18-year-old ; he went on to wed Suzanne Shaw. Shaw stood by Cook's side during the 2012 Cook-Brinkley court battle over child support , and things got ugly: At one point Brinkley told Shaw...

10 Stars Who've Slammed Their Exes—in Public

Because that's the mature way to handle things

(Newser) - Celebrities: always keeping it classy. The Huffington Post rounds up 20 stars—including some big names—who just haven't been able to keep their private lives private. They've dissed exes on Twitter, in magazines, and in other public spaces. Click through the gallery for a sampling of 10,...

7 Stars Who Hooked Up With 'the Help'

Congrats, Heidi Klum, you're the only female on the list!

(Newser) - Seal made waves with his recent comment about Heidi Klum "fornicat[ing] with the help," but there's nothing too surprising about celebrities getting together with their staffers. The Huffington Post rounds up six more who did just that:
  • During divorce proceedings, Christie Brinkley's ex Peter Cook admitted

Brinkley Ex Rages About Her in 91-Page Court Filing

Nearly four years later, Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley back in court

(Newser) - Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook may have settled their divorce back in 2008, but the ex-couple isn't done battling in court. Brinkley claims Cook owes her more than $32,000 in child support, but Cook—in a 91-page court filing—says it's actually Brinkley who owes him. The...

Alexa Ray Joel Talks Suicide Scare
 Alexa Ray Joel 
 Talks Suicide Scare 

Alexa Ray Joel Talks Suicide Scare

Heartbreak—not Christie Brinkley—to blame, says Billy Joel's daughter

(Newser) - Alexa Ray Joel spoke out against reports that her suicide scare was a result of a fight with mom Christie Brinkley, blaming it instead on “heartbreak-related depression.” On her Facebook fan page, Joel called Brinkley and dad Billy Joel “my role models and best friends,” slamming...

Brinkley Ex Stops Payments to Mistress

Cook claims Bianchi broke confidentiality; her reps threaten suit over sex tapes

(Newser) - It appears Peter Cook’s ex-lover may not get the last third of her settlement, the New York Post reports, and her lawyers are to blame. Diana Bianchi, the teen whose affair with Cook led to his divorce from Christie Brinkley, signed a deal promising $300,000 as long as...

Teen Mistress Accuses Cook of Taping Sex

Bianchi may file complaint against Brinkley's ex

(Newser) - Christie Brinkley may not be the only beauty battling Peter Cook in court. Diana Bianchi, Cook’s teenaged mistress when she worked at his New York office, is accusing him of videotaping their trysts without her knowledge. Bianchi’s lawyer says she may file a criminal complaint against the disgraced...

Brinkley Loses Latest Legal Round vs. Ex

(Newser) - Christie Brinkley doesn't want her kids seeing her ex spill his guts to Barbara Walters tonight, and a New York judge agrees—but he isn't on board with keeping the youngsters from seeing their dad in person, Newsday reports. The judge yesterday denied the ex-supermodel's bid for a temporary restraining...

Ex Blames Brinkley for Affair
 Ex Blames Brinkley for Affair 

Ex Blames Brinkley for Affair

Lack of emotional connection prompted cheating, Cook tells Walters

(Newser) - Christie Brinkley’s adulterous ex-husband said that he cheated on the former supermodel because she did not offer the emotional connection he needed, ABC News reports. In an interview to be broadcast Friday, Peter Cook told Barbara Walters that by 2005 he and Brinkley felt “more like we were...

Brinkley Swears Off Marriage
 Brinkley Swears Off Marriage 

Brinkley Swears Off Marriage

Supermodel vows fourth divorce will be her last

(Newser) - On the heels of this week's divorce settlement—and the messy dissolution of her fourth marriage—Christie Brinkley has learned her lesson. "I'm not going to marry again," she tells Andrea Peyser of the New York Post. "I know too much about the marriage laws and divorce...

Christie Brinkley Settles Divorce, Gets Kids

Ex makes off with $2.1M; 'It's everything I asked for,' he says

(Newser) - After an intense all-night negotiation session, Christie Brinkley has settled her acrimonious divorce, the New York Post reports. The model got full custody of her two children, and will pay philandering ex Peter Cook a one-time $2.1 million, which will mostly cover legal fees. The rest of the settlement...

Doc: Brinkley, Ex Need Therapy
 Doc: Brinkley, Ex Need Therapy 

Doc: Brinkley, Ex Need Therapy

Court-appointed shrink wants custody of kids to go to Brinkley

(Newser) - A court-appointed shrink said both Christie Brinkley and her two-timing hubby needed time on a therapist's couch—adding that Peter Cook is a childish narcissist undeserving of custody, the New York Post reports. Psychiatrist Stephen Herman testified that “the father's behavior in this marriage has been terribly destructive and...

Brinkley Takes Stand Against Porn-Lovin' Ex

Model slaps fourth hubby's bad judgment in divorce proceeding

(Newser) - Clean-cut supermodel Christie Brinkley let her soon-to-be ex-husband have it today in divorce court, denouncing his sexual misdeeds, including his affair with a teenage girl, and his addiction to porn. “I mean, sneaking out of the house when you've got beautiful, loving children there, to go choose instead to...

How to Avoid Mr. Wrong
 How to Avoid Mr. Wrong 

How to Avoid Mr. Wrong

As wacky breakups abound, Dowd goes in search of rules of engagement

(Newser) - Celebrity couples aren't always models of marital stability, but as Christie Brinkley, A-Rod, and Madonna join forces to hold the planet hostage, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd goes off in search of those telltale signs of who to avoid ending up at the altar with. She finds her answers...

Brinkley: 'I Thought We Were Happy'

Supermodel takes the stand in her celebrity divorce trial

(Newser) - Christie Brinkley took the stand today in her increasingly lurid divorce trial, weeping as she recalled how her porn-loving husband cheated on her with a teenager, the New York Daily News reports. When an opposing lawyer reminded all she was an actress during a largely unsuccessful cross-examination, the supermodel shot...

Brinkley Ex 'Fesses Up to Sex Mania
Brinkley Ex 'Fesses Up
to Sex Mania

Brinkley Ex 'Fesses Up to Sex Mania

Tearfully admits to affairs, $3,000-a-month porn habit

(Newser) - Cheating hubby Peter Cook was in tears during Christie Brinkley’s sensational divorce trial yesterday—which the supermodel insisted be open to the public—as he confessed to a laundry list of sexual excesses including spending $3,000 a month on porn, pleasuring himself on web cams, and trolling swinger...

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