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It's an Uphill Battle for Boebert: 'She's Not One of Us'

Voters in her new 4th District paint Colorado Republican as outsider

(Newser) - You'd think Lauren Boebert's "almost-universal name recognition" would give her a boost in an 11-candidate GOP primary race for Colorado's 4th District, a Republican stronghold. But Boebert's fame "has become as much of a curse as a blessing as she deals with fallout from...

SCOTUS Rejects Appeal Over House Mask Fines

3 Republicans challenged fines for not wearing masks on House floor in 2021

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected appeals from three House Republicans who challenged fines for not wearing face coverings on the House floor in 2021. The justices did not comment on leaving in place $500 fines issued in May 2021 to Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Thomas Massie of...

After City Falls, Biden Criticizes Congress to Zelensky

Troops defending Avdiivka had to ration ammunition, White House says

(Newser) - Hours after the loss of an eastern Ukrainian city, President Biden told the nation's leader that Congress' failure to approve military aid is to blame. "Ukraine's military was forced to withdraw from Avdiivka after Ukrainian soldiers had to ration ammunition due to dwindling supplies as a result...

5 Takeaways (Including Trump&#39;s) on Suozzi&#39;s Win in NY
5 Takeaways
(Including Trump's)
on Suozzi's
Win in NY

5 Takeaways (Including Trump's) on Suozzi's Win in NY

Ex-president insists Dem congressman-elect 'can be easily beaten' in November, plus other perspectives

(Newser) - A Democrat has taken back disgraced former Congressman George Santos ' Long Island seat—and among those weighing in on Tom Suozzi's win Tuesday was former (and possibly future) President Trump. "Just watched this very foolish woman, Mazi Melesa Pilip, running in a race where she didn't...

Democrat Wins Race to Replace George Santos

Tom Suozzi's win in NY's 3rd district shrinks GOP's House majority

(Newser) - While it's too late to prevent the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the already tiny Republican majority in the House has shrunk. Democratic candidate Tom Suozzi, who represented New York's 3rd congressional district for three terms before former Rep. George Santos was elected in 2022, won...

House GOP Takes Another Shot at Impeaching Mayorkas

But they can't afford to have many defections or absences in Tuesday evening vote

(Newser) - Having failed to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas the first time, House Republicans are determined to try again Tuesday, but it's not at all certain the do-over vote will produce a better tally after last week's politically embarrassing setback . The evening vote is expected to be tight...

Long Island Votes on Santos Replacement

Snow could be a major factor in tight race

(Newser) - A major snowstorm kept turnout low on Tuesday in the special election to replace expelled Rep. George Santos. Both candidates—Democratic former Rep, Tom Suozzi and Republican candidate Mazi Pilip—offered voters free transportation to polling sites in New York's 3rd congressional district, which includes part of Long Island...

House Preps for Historic Cabinet Impeachment Vote
House Preps for Historic
Cabinet Impeachment Vote
the rundown

House Preps for Historic Cabinet Impeachment Vote

Republicans hope to impeach DHS secretary Mayorkas, but the margin is slim

(Newser) - With an unprecedented vote, lawmakers will decide Tuesday evening whether Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas becomes the first Cabinet member impeached by the House in nearly 150 years. The House will vote on two articles of impeachment advanced by the Republican-controlled House Homeland Security Committee. Here's what to know:...

'Unusual' Accomplishment Just Took Place in the House

A rare bill with broad bipartisan support passed

(Newser) - The House accomplished something unusual Wednesday in passing with broad, bipartisan support a roughly $79 billion tax cut package that would enhance the child tax credit for millions of lower-income families and boost three tax breaks for businesses, a combination that gives lawmakers on both stripes coveted policy wins, the...

In Boebert's Primary Debate, 'Carpetbagger' Insinuations Fly

Opponents running for US House in Colorado's 4th District don't appreciate defection from 3rd District

(Newser) - Republican primary candidate Mike Lynch didn't sugarcoat the question to his opponent on the crammed debate stage, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, who hopped into the race last month partly over fear of a loss in the district she currently represents. "Could you give the definition of 'carpetbagger?'...

Johnson In the Same Pickle as Kevin McCarthy

Right flank wants him to renege on bipartisan spending deal

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson insisted Friday he's sticking with the bipartisan spending deal he struck with other congressional leaders, but he offered no clear path for overcoming hard-right opposition within his own party to prevent a partial government shutdown next week. Johnson emerged from days of testy meetings behind...

Greg Pence Won't Seek Another Term in Congress

After decision from Mike Pence's brother, 4 of Indiana's 9 congressional districts will be open

(Newser) - Republican US Rep. Greg Pence of Indiana said Tuesday he will not seek reelection this year to a fourth term, becoming the latest House member to announce that they won't run for reelection. Pence, the older brother of former Vice President Mike Pence, announced his decision Tuesday morning in...

House Republicans Will Soon Have Just a 2-Vote Cushion

When GOP representative retires, their majority will shrink again

(Newser) - Republicans will see their majority in the House of Representatives dip even further when Rep. Bill Johnson resigns earlier than he'd been expected to. The Ohio Republican is taking a job with Youngstown State University and it was known he'd be leaving by mid-March, but his office announced...

GOP Hardliners Unhappy as Defense Bill Passes

Gaetz, others complain about concessions on abortion, trans issues

(Newser) - The House passed a defense policy bill Thursday that authorizes the biggest pay raise for troops in more than two decades, overcoming objections from some conservatives concerned the measure did not do enough to restrict the Pentagon's diversity initiatives, abortion travel policy, and gender-affirming health care for transgender service...

NY Court's Decision Could Decide Control of the House

Court orders state to draw new congressional districts

(Newser) - New York's highest court on Tuesday ordered the state to draw new congressional districts ahead of the 2024 elections, giving Democrats a potential advantage in what is expected to be a battleground for control of the US House. The 4-3 decision from the New York Court of Appeals could...

House Censures Democrat Bowman Over Fire Alarm

New York congressman says he triggered it accidentally during shutdown scramble

(Newser) - House members voted again Thursday to punish one of their own, targeting Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman for triggering a fire alarm in one of the Capitol office buildings when the chamber was in session. The Republican censure resolution passed with some Democratic votes, but most Democrats stood by Bowman in...

Special Election for Santos' Seat Could Get Feisty

Dems are looking to flip the district in hopes of flipping the House

(Newser) - A special election to pick a successor to George Santos, the New York Republican who was expelled from the US House last week, will be held on Feb. 13, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Tuesday. The race for a seat representing some Long Island suburbs and a small part of the...

Kevin McCarthy to Exit the House at Month's End

Former House speaker makes the announcement in a 'WSJ' op-ed

(Newser) - Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced he'll be exiting the chamber at month's end in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published Wednesday. He begins by recounting various accomplishments the House logged under his tenure, from reducing the deficit to getting more Republican women, veterans, and minorities elected to...

Hollywood Is Going After Lauren Boebert

Likes of Ryan Reynolds, Barbra Streisand are donating to her opponent Adam Frisch

(Newser) - Lauren Boebert is busily defending her seat in Colorado's 3rd District, and more than a few Hollywood A-listers are busily funding her opponent. As Newsweek reports, the Colorado Republican is in something of a reelection dogfight with Democrat Adam Frisch, whom she beat by only 546 votes in 2022....

Santos: 'I No Longer Have to Answer a Single Question'

The freshly expelled congressman leaves the Capitol after House vote

(Newser) - "The new whole number of the House is 434," declared somber House Speaker Mike Johnson on Friday morning. As in, no longer 435 because the chamber voted in historic fashion to expel GOP Rep. George Santos . So now what? Coverage:
  • It's immediate: Santos was stripped of his

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