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10 Celebs PETA Hates
 10 Celebs PETA Hates 

10 Celebs PETA Hates

Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and more flaunt their fur

(Newser) - For every celebrity willing to pose naked in a PETA ad, there’s one who is equally willing to flaunt fur clothing all over town. The Frisky rounds up PETA’s 10 worst enemies:
  • Kelis: The singer recently accused PETA of being “the death of fashion.”
  • Lindsay Lohan:

PETA Pulls First Lady Ads
 PETA Pulls First Lady Ads 
New Target: 'BARACK' the ELEPHANT

PETA Pulls First Lady Ads

Animal rights group ends campaign featuring Michelle Obama

(Newser) - PETA has decided to pull the “Fur-Free and Fabulous” campaign that featured Michelle Obama—without her permission. PETA’s president last week confirmed the organization didn’t seek Obama’s consent because she can’t make such an endorsement, but insisted that because the first lady has called herself...

Fashion People 'Heartless': Stella McCartney

Designer wonders why the rest of the industry is still using fur and leather

(Newser) - One of fashion’s most famous vegetarians, Stella McCartney talks—a little bit about her rise from “nervous” young designer to successful businesswoman, but mostly about the fashion industry’s lack of eco-consciousness—to the Guardian on the heels of her Paris show. “I think people in fashion...

Fido Blankets Fur-Ever

Fido Blankets Fur-Ever

(Newser) - Pet lovers can always keep their hounds close with blankets spun from Fido's shed fur, a quirky new product developed by a North Carolina entrepreneur, reports the Los Angeles Times. One golden retriever owner stashed her pet's sheddings for 11 years and now has a nice afghan to show for...

LiLo Settles Suit Over Missing Mink

Woman says Lohan stole coat from club

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan has settled with a woman who claims the actress stole her mink coat from a club, the New York Post reports. It's unknown how much Lohan paid to get the lawsuit to go away. Masha Markova lost the $11,000 wrap last year at New York's 1OAK; photos...

Activists Hit 'Fur-Hag' Aretha's Star

Activists dub celebs 'fur hags'

(Newser) - January has not been kind to the queen of soul. First Aretha Franklin was mocked for her ginormous inauguration hat, and now her Walk of Fame star has been vandalized, Perez Hilton reports. Anti-fur activists scrawled “Fur Hag” across her star in Hollywood after doing the same thing to...

Tim Gunn Goes to Bat for Bunnies
Tim Gunn Goes to Bat
for Bunnies

Tim Gunn Goes to Bat for Bunnies

Grisly video appeal asks designer to lay off rabbit fur

(Newser) - Project Runway's favorite nice guy Tim Gunn is joining the anti-fur PETA campaign with a personal video plea to designers amid shocking images of screaming skinned rabbits, reports the New York Post. PETA is focusing on designers using rabbit fur from China, where there are no animal protection laws. Any...

Sam Growls Over PETA 'Flour Bomb'

PETA dusts 'fur hag' Lohan with flour in Paris

(Newser) - Fur-wearing Lindsay Lohan was "flour bombed" by a PETA activist in Paris over the weekend, and lover Samantha Ronson is whining about it, reports E! Online. "My dog is far more civilized than that person," Ronson sniffs in her MySpace blog. The activist dumped a bag of...

Melamine Kills 1,500 Chinese Dogs

Fears sparked about widespread tainting

(Newser) - About 1,500 Chinese raccoon dogs, bred specially for their fur, have died after eating tainted food over the last two months, the AP reports, raising fears of rampant misuse of the chemical melamine. The discovery comes as melamine-tainted milk has sickened thousands of babies with kidney stones and been...

Swimmer Takes Fur Protest to Beijing

American is first athlete to protest at Games, but display is low-key

(Newser) - Amanda Beard became the first athlete to protest at the Olympic Games today, revealing a huge nude photo of herself outside the athlete’s village in Beijing. Eschewing Darfur or Tibet, the US swimmer blasted fur clothing in the ad for PETA. “The Olympics are a great forum for...

PETA Targets Fur-Wearing Olsen Twins
PETA Targets
Fur-Wearing Olsen Twins

PETA Targets Fur-Wearing Olsen Twins

Send the pair some hair for their birthday, group urges

(Newser) - PETA is trying to make life hairy for the Olsen twins, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The animal rights group, noting that the sisters are still fond of fur, is urging activists to cut off their own locks and send them to the twins for their 22nd birthday today, "...

Owner Sues LiLo Over Lifted Mink

College student seeks unspecified damages after proving actress pilfered much-loved coat

(Newser) - The Columbia student who claimed Lindsay Lohan swiped her $12,000 fur coat after a night at a New York club is now suing the troubled actress over the unauthorized pilfering, the AP reports. Maria Markova, 22, proved the theft with paparazzi photos of Lohan donning her golden mink and...

Lohan Lifts Mink, Returns Under Pressure

Fellow partygoer spots starlet in swiped mink

(Newser) - A Columbia student wants answers—and $10,000—from Lindsay Lohan after the actress "borrowed" her beloved mink coat, the New York Post reports. Two weeks after losing the one-of-a-kind fur, the 22-year-old spotted a photograph in OK! magazine of Lohan leaving that exact party sporting the $11,000...

PETA Bristles at 'Cruel' Aretha
PETA Bristles at 'Cruel' Aretha

PETA Bristles at 'Cruel' Aretha

Queen of Soul joins Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan on group's worst-dressed list

(Newser) - The Queen of Soul's fondness for fur means she isn't getting any R-E-S-P-E-C-T from PETA, Access Hollywood reports. Aretha Franklin has topped the animal rights organization's latest worst-dressed list after wearing a fur coat to the Grammys. "Music lovers may think of you as a 'queen,' but to...

Mammoth Fur Yields Mammoth Results
Mammoth Fur Yields Mammoth Results

Mammoth Fur Yields Mammoth Results

Scientists reconstruct DNA using new twist on old technique

(Newser) - Instead of combing databases for clues about woolly mammoth DNA, scientists literally combed the extinct mammals, and the technique has led to a breakthrough: genetic information reconstructed from a hair shaft. Long considered an inferior source for DNA mining, hair turns out to benefit from the presence of keratin, a...

Chrissie Hynde Fuming Over Leather Bag Namesake

Pretenders frontwoman a passionate vegetarian

(Newser) - Rocker Chrissie Hynde is furiously threatening to sue an Italian fashion house after it named a red leather handbag after her. The Pretenders star, whose commitment to animal rights has resulted in her arrest in the past, says she's livid that the designers are putting brass in pocket off a...

Keep Your Hot Dog Happy and Healthy
Keep Your
Hot Dog Happy
and Healthy

Keep Your Hot Dog Happy and Healthy

Fluffy and Fido need help to stay cool when the mercury climbs

(Newser) - They never complain, so it's easy to forget that the smallest members of the family may be suffering in the hot weather, too. Make sure your dog stays healthy with these tips from MSNBC:
  1. Coat ears and noses (or the whole body of a light-colored short-hair) with sunscreen.

EU Set to Ban Cat and Dog Fur
EU Set to Ban Cat and Dog Fur

EU Set to Ban Cat and Dog Fur

Pet fur is used in everything from coats to stuffed toys

(Newser) - The EU is about to ban cat and dog fur imports, in a bid to stop the trade in pet pelts in China, where the way the animals are slaughtered is called "horrific." The fur is used as lining in boots and gloves, in stuffed toys, and in...

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