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Painting Valued at $15K Turns Out to Be a Rembrandt

18-month investigation confirms origins, and raises price tag to $18M

(Newser) - A painting that was last valued to be worth around $15,000 is up for auction this winter, only with a few more zeros added to the price tag now that experts have confirmed it's a work of the Dutch master Rembrandt. Smithsonian Magazine has the scoop on The ...

These Rembrandts Have Been Concealed for 200 Years

Artist's last known portraits held in private collection to be sold at auction in July

(Newser) - For the first time in 200 years, the public is getting a look at two "extraordinary" portraits painted by the Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn. British auctioneer Henry Pettifer rediscovered the small 1635 portraits—depicting a wealthy couple from the artist's hometown of Leiden, whose son had married...

Turns Out, Rembrandt Himself Painted This One

Experts say painting long attributed to a pupil is by the Dutch master himself

(Newser) - A 1638 painting dubbed Landscape with Arched Bridge suddenly just became a lot more valuable. For the past three decades, the painting has been attributed to Govert Flinck, a student of 17th-century Dutch master painter Rembrandt van Rijn. But as the Guardian reports, it has just been confirmed to be...

Rembrandt Masterpiece to Get Unusual Restoration

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum says years-long effort will be public

(Newser) - Conservators repairing a masterpiece of the Dutch Golden Age will have the added pressure of crowds watching their every move. Beginning in July, Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum will display the restoration of Rembrandt van Rijn's 1642 masterpiece "The Night Watch" from within a specially designed glass chamber in its...

A 'New' Rembrandt Work Is Unveiled

He paints again, thanks to a computer program

(Newser) - Computers can master ancient games , drive cars , and have social-media meltdowns . But can they continue the work of a master painter who died more than 300 years ago? "That's an appealing question," professor Joris Dik tells International Business Times . Dik, along with assorted developers, art historians, and...

Mystery of Dismembered Painting Finally Solved

It took CSI-style tools to see past clumsy restorations

(Newser) - After centuries of mistreatment and nearly 50 years of mystery, a biblical painting in a Dutch museum has finally been declared an authentic Rembrandt. Experts say they needed "CSI-style" tools to authenticate Saul and David, which had been repeatedly over-painted in long-ago restorations and even cut in two at...

Boston Library Learns More Than Art Has Gone Missing

Investigation was launched into Rembrandt, Durer works last month

(Newser) - Apparently more than just valuable artwork is missing from the Boston Public Library's archives. A library spokeswoman says a retired employee who now volunteers told administrators last week that gold coins originally placed in the cornerstone of the main building have been missing for decades. The spokeswoman says the...

Stolen Rembrandt Found 7 Years Later

Police find 'Portrait of the Father' in Serbia

(Newser) - Rembrandt's "Portrait of the Father," stolen for the second time back in 2006 from a museum in Serbia, has been recovered. Police found the $4 million painting about 40 miles away from the museum, but three other paintings stolen at the same time are yet to be...

$8.6K Rembrandt Lost in the Mail

Norwegian gallery used postal service to save money

(Newser) - So much for saving on postage. A Norwegian art gallery shelled out for a Rembrandt etching worth $8,600, then sought to have it delivered through the regular mail service—rather than a courier—to save cash. The plan backfired: The piece was lost in the mail, Reuters reports, and...

Tip Leads Police to Stolen Rembrandt

It was reportedly found in a local church

(Newser) - Authorities have recovered the Rembrandt drawing stolen Saturday from a California Ritz-Carlton, after getting a tip that it was in a local church, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Judgment, an 11-by-6 pen-and-ink artwork worth $250,000 or more, was being displayed on an easel and apparently wasn't fastened...

Rembrandt Drawing 'The Judgment' Stolen From California Hotel
 Rembrandt Lifted From LA Hotel 

Rembrandt Lifted From LA Hotel

Drawing stolen while curator was distracted

(Newser) - A small pen-and-ink drawing by Rembrandt was stolen from a California Ritz-Carlton Saturday night in what detectives are calling a "well-thought-out and well-planned theft." The Judgment, an 11-by-6-inch drawing worth more than $250,000, was on display at the Marina del Rey hotel during an exhibit for potential...

Why It's So Popular to Steal a Rembrandt

One Rembrandt has been stolen four times, from the same museum

(Newser) - It's a fascinating art-world contradiction: Paintings by Rembrandt have been stolen time and time again over the years—but they aren't worth as much as, say, a Van Gogh, and most are so recognizable that the purloiners can't sell them anyway. In Stealing Rembrandts, art security pro...

Etching Found in U Bathroom a Rembrandt

Catholic University exhibits its mystery picture

(Newser) - When the president of Catholic University saw the signature "Rembrandt" on a tiny framed portrait he had found tucked into his bathroom cabinet, he showed it off to visitors, but it didn't seem plausible enough to consult an appraiser. Years later, the university finally had the picture appraised, and...

Rare Raphael Drawing Goes for $48M
Rare Raphael Drawing Goes for $48M

Rare Raphael Drawing Goes for $48M

New record for work on paper suggests recovering art market

(Newser) - The art market is back: A rare Raphael chalk drawing went for $48 million at a Christie's auction in London yesterday—the highest price any art at auction has fetched all year, and a record for a work on paper. Christie's also sold a Rembrandt portrait for $33.2 million,...

Digital Rembrandt Show Restores Lost Details

Controversial reproductions aim to show the works at they were

(Newser) - The life work of Rembrandt, including all 317 known paintings, goes on display next week in full-sized digital reproductions that attempt to re-create the works as they emerged from the artist's studio. The Complete Rembrandt, Life Size, in Amsterdam, restores sections lopped off of canvases, transforms colors, and brightens up...

'Fake' Rembrandt a Real $40M Self-Portrait

Auction house valued it at $3,100

(Newser) - A self-portrait formerly considered a Rembrandt knockoff has been deemed a genuine early work of the Dutch master—and valued at $40 million. Rembrandt Laughing, executed on a small copper plate, was examined by Holland's leading Rembrandt experts. A British art collector purchased the work late last year for $4....

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