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5 Airlines Agree Not to Charge Fee for Carry-On Bags

American, Delta, United, US Airways, JetBlue make a deal

(Newser) - Five major carriers agreed today not to follow the lead of a small Florida airline that plans to charge for carry-on bags. Their commitment comes just in time to keep travelers from running for the exits during the peak summer flying season, but it is doubtful that it marks a...

United, US Airways in Merger Talks

Any deal is still several weeks away

(Newser) - Potentially big news for the struggling airline industry: United and US Airways are discussing a merger that would create the country's second-largest carrier, reports the New York Times . Any potential deal is still weeks away and could face any number of problems, including union opposition. The two companies have come...

Captain Sully Retires
 Captain Sully Retires 

Captain Sully Retires

Miracle on Hudson pilot says he'll remain a safety advocate

(Newser) - Hero pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who safely landed his US Airways jet in the Hudson River last year, is retiring after a final flight today. The captain, 59, says he “will continue to serve as the same kind of advocate I have always been—not only for aviation...

Unruly Passenger Blames Medical Pot Cookies

Calif. man had double dose before in-flight freak-out

(Newser) - A San Francisco man who screamed, dropped his pants and attacked crew members on a US Airways flight now says it was the pot cookies that made him do it. Kinman Chan, who holds a valid medical marijuana card, told FBI agents that he ate a double dose of marijuana...

‘Miracle on Hudson’ Plane Up for Auction

Used Airbus for sale, some water and bird damage

(Newser) - The aircraft that hero pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger safely landed in the Hudson River a year ago has hit the auction block. The insurance company that paid off US Airways' claim in the crash is seeking to unload what's left of the Airbus 320 it took possession of, Wired ...

Pilot Mistook Prayer Box for Bomb, Redirected Flight

17-year-old accidentally sets off panic

(Newser) - The “security concern” that caused a plane to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia turns out to have been a 17-year-old Jewish boy who was strapping prayer boxes to his head and arm. A stewardess mistook the Tefillin—ceremonial boxes containing scriptures that Orthodox Jews wear during morning prayers—...

Security Issue Reroutes NY-to-Louisville Flight

US Airways plane sent to Philly instead

(Newser) - A US Airways flight that was originally supposed to travel from New York to Louisville has been diverted to Philadelphia for security reasons, according to an airline spokesman. The flight, US Airways Express Flight 3709, landed at Philadelphia International Airport at 9am without incident. The passengers have deplaned, and are...

Sully Gets His Own Cocktail
 Sully Gets His Own Cocktail 
Flight 1549 Anniversary

Sully Gets His Own Cocktail

It's a Manhattan with a splash, get it?

(Newser) - Today’s the first anniversary of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III’s death-defying Hudson River landing, and if you’d like to raise a glass and celebrate, here's just the thing. Renowned cocktail inventor Dale DeGroff whipped up a cocktail formula worthy of Sully’s name, and the New York ...

Sullenberger Leads Rose Parade

Hero of Flight 1549 feted in home state

(Newser) - Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger made a splash 3,000 miles from the Hudson River today, serving as grand marshal of the 121st annual Tournament of Roses Parade through the streets of Pasadena, Calif. This year's parade celebrated everyday heroes—a perfect fit for the captain of US Airways Flight 1549,...

'Unruly' Passenger Booted from Trans-Atlantic Flight

Grounded Scotsman not considered terror threat

(Newser) - A flight from Philadelphia to London made an unscheduled stop in Boston last night to eject an unruly Scottish passenger. The man, 50, was arrested for interfering with a flight crew, AP reports. A US Airways spokesman said the man was removed "in the interest of safety." The...

Capt. Sully Plans Return to Flying
Capt. Sully Plans Return to Flying

Capt. Sully Plans Return to Flying

Hero pilot will also become part of US Airways' safety management team

(Newser) - Chesley Sullenberger, who saved the passengers and crew of US Airways Flight 1549 when he executed daring water landing on the Hudson River in January, will soon return to flying. The hero pilot's return to the cockpit is imminent, the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles reports. In addition to flying,...

US Airways Raising Bag Fees
 US Airways Raising Bag Fees 

US Airways Raising Bag Fees

Domestic checked-bag fee increases by $5

(Newser) - US Airways is following the lead of its competitors and raising bag fees, reports the East Bay Business Times. On domestic flights, the first checked bag will cost $25 and the second will cost $30, a $5 bump for both. If the bags are checked at the airport instead of...

Inability to Stop Dad's Suicide Drove Hero Pilot: Memoir

(Newser) - Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot hero of January’s Hudson River jet landing, was driven to help others by his father’s suicide, the New York Daily News reports. “One of the reasons I think I’ve placed such a high value on life is that my father took his,...

AIG Dodges Insurance Claims from Hudson Flight

Insurer accused of using goodwill towards flight crew to dodge paying up

(Newser) - Passengers from US Airways Flight 1549 are having a tough time getting its insurer, AIG, to cough up for claims, the New York Times reports. Aviation liability insurance requires a finding of negligence. But Capt. Chesley Sullenberger and his crew were universally acknowledged to have performed amazingly well in saving...

One in 3 Airports Hasn't Studied Bird-Strike Risk: FAA

150 haven't taken required steps

(Newser) - A third of US airports haven't completed a mandated study of their bird-strike risk, USA Today reports. "This problem has been ignored and shuffled to the side by the aviation community," said an airport wildlife-control expert. The 150 airports won't be named until the FAA has contacted each...

Belongings Trickle Back to Flight 1549 Passengers

(Newser) - Over the past few weeks, items both practical and sentimental have been returned to the lucky passengers of Flight 1549, the New York Times reports. Even ruined belongings are packed carefully in tissue paper and dryer sheets. “It made a very emotional experience as positive as it could have...

Aging Airlines Can't Catch Up to Younger Rivals
Aging Airlines Can't Catch Up to Younger Rivals

Aging Airlines Can't Catch Up to Younger Rivals

Recent changes haven't helped 'legacy' carriers

(Newser) - Despite many rounds of cost-cutting, so-called legacy airlines—United, Delta, US Airways—still face costs 35% higher than low-fare carriers like JetBlue and Southwest, the Wall Street Journal reports. The younger outfits have maintained a “cost gap” analysts thought their older peers could close over time. For one thing,...

To Promote Reporting, FAA Wants Bird Strike Info Secret

(Newser) - The FAA wants bird strike information kept confidential to encourage accurate reporting by airlines, ABC News reports. “There is a serious potential that information related to bird strikes will not be submitted because of fear that the disclosure of raw data could unfairly cast unfounded aspersions on the submitter,...

Sully Gets $3M for Memoir, Poetry Book

Captain has more substance than most: editor

(Newser) - Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger has landed a $3 million publishing deal for two books, Crain's New York Business reports. The hero captain will write a memoir about the Hudson River crash landing and a volume of poetry for William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins. It's the kind of deal publishers...

Hero Pilot Recounts 'Sickening' Moment Engines Died

'Thank you' inadequate for speedy rescuers, says Sully

(Newser) - The moments after  the engines of US Airways Flight 1549 died were the worst of his life, hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger tells Katie Couric in a 60 Minutes interview to air Monday. Disbelief was followed by a "sickening, pit-of-your-stomach, falling-through-the-floor feeling," as an eerie silence and a disturbing...

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