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German Green Party Warns of Dangerous Sex Toys

Plastics pose infertility, hormone problems, claims party report

(Newser) - Sometimes environmental toxins can come from places—and in places—you least expect. The Green Party of Germany is hoping you don't forget about dildos. "Many dildos and other sex toys such as vibrators contain a high amount of phthalates, other carcinogenic plasticizers and toxic substances," states...

Autism Linked to Household Vinyl Flooring

(Newser) - Vinyl flooring has been linked to the development of autism in children, Scientific American reports. A joint US/Swedish study looking into the effects of household contaminants stumbled upon the result, which the researchers and others stressed was preliminary. It “turned up virtually by accident,” said one scientist. He...

New Shower Curtains Smell Like Cancer

PVC products linked to wide-ranging and long-lasting ills

(Newser) - Ever wonder about that smell given off by new shower curtains? Well, according to a new study, it’s poisonous. An independent organization has found that PVC shower curtains on shelves at Wal-Mart, Target, Sears and others may give off measurable amounts of dangerous, volatile organic compounds that could linger...

3 Stories