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Researchers Explore Mystery of Holes in Famed T. Rex's Jaw
Sue the T. Rex's Jawbone
Contains 8 Baffling Holes
new study

Sue the T. Rex's Jawbone Contains 8 Baffling Holes

Researchers rule out one possible cause

(Newser) - Sue is thought to be one of the best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimens ever unearthed—and that stellar preservation extends to the eight holes in her jawbone. Those holes have long been a mystery, and the upshot of a new study published in Cretaceous Research is that they remain a...

Chicago Museum Boasts 'America's Best Restroom'

Field Museum facilities offer 'calming' art' and areas for kids

(Newser) - If you’re ever in Chicago and you really have to go, stop by the Field Museum—its restrooms are officially the best in the country. The natural history museum’s bathrooms have won the 10th annual “America’s Best Restroom” contest, run by restroom-supply company Cintas. So what’...

Famed Man-Eating Lions Not That Hungry: Scientists

Kenyan duo credited with 135 kills ate just 35 humans

(Newser) - The Tsavo lions, reputed to have consumed 135 railroad workers in Africa at the turn of the last century, were not quite as ravenous as legend would have it. The lions—whose stuffed carcasses are enshrined at Chicago’s Field Museum—actually dispatched a mere 35 souls, new research shows....

Study Rewrites Birds' Family Tree

DNA research reveals new information about bird relations

(Newser) - A five-year study of bird DNA is turning the world of ornithology on its head. The study revealed such drastic new information about the evolution of birds that dozens will need new scientific names, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Notable finds: Falcons are not related to hawks or eagles; hummingbirds—colorful...

At Chicago's Field, 'Ancient Americas' Exhibit a Bust

Museum 'patronizes, demeans' its subjects

(Newser) - Revisiting Chicago’s Field Museum—an institution enshrined in loving childhood memories—for its “The Ancient Americas” exhibit is a sore disappointment, PJ O’Rourke writes in the Weekly Standard. Once a bastion of public scholarship so solemn it contained a section devoted to useful varieties of wood, the...

5 Stories
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