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Exxon Valdez Sold for Scrap
 Exxon Valdez Sold for Scrap 

Exxon Valdez Sold for Scrap

For some $16M

(Newser) - Decades after it caused the then-biggest oil spill in US history, the Exxon Valdez is finally being put out to pasture. The ship, which was renamed the Oriental Nicety after its brush with infamy, has been sold to Maryland-based Global Marketing Systems for $16 million, Bloomberg reports. Global Marketing Systems...

Exxon Strikes Deal With Russia for Arctic Drilling

Company teams with state-owned Rosneft for exploration

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil scored a major coup in the search for Arctic oil today, signing a deal with Russia to explore areas with state-owned Rosneft, reports Reuters . The deal gives Exxon access to spots controlled by Moscow in the Kara Sea, which has become a much sought-after region within the petroleum...

Yellowstone Waters Swell as Oil Spill Spreads

Exxon admits contamination beyond 10-mile zone

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil's Montana oil spill cleanup faces a big hurdle today as the swollen Yellowstone River peaks at Billings this afternoon. The rising water means that areas already cleaned may be re-contaminated, and the AP reports that Exxon officials acknowledged under fire yesterday that the scope of the...

Pipeline Rupture Spills Crude Into Yellowstone River

Up to 42,000 gallons of oil heading toward Missouri River

(Newser) - Up to 42,000 gallons of oil from a ruptured pipeline in Montana is surging through a flood-swollen Yellowstone River, creating an environmental mess that is threatening to reach the Missouri River, reports the Wall Street Journal . The Exxon Mobile pipeline, which runs under the Yellowstone River to a refinery...

Exxon Discovers Huge Oil Field in the Gulf

Company expects to get 700M barrels

(Newser) - Exxon announced the discovery of two oil wells and a natural gas deposit in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico that could collectively contain 700 million barrels. Two of the finds had been made in 2009 and 2010, but the company waited until today to unveil the amount...

How Much Tax Does Big Oil Actually Pay?

It comes down to how you crunch the numbers

(Newser) - If you ask Exxon Mobil, the firm will say last year’s taxes exceeded US income—but a Washington think tank will tell you the big oil company didn’t pay a cent the year before that. “It all depends on how you count,” writes Steven Mufson in...

Fortune 500 List: Walmart, Exxon Mobil Again Top the List
 Walmart Rules Fortune 500 List 

Walmart Rules Fortune 500 List

Editors see huge disparity between businesses, ordinary Americans

(Newser) - Turns out, last year was a pretty good one for US businesses. Total revenue for Fortune 500 companies jumped 10.5% to $10.8 trillion, while profits surged 81%. "We've rarely seen such a stark gulf between the fortunes of the 500 and those of ordinary Americans,"...

Exxon Scores $11B in Profits
 Exxon Scores $11B in Profits 

Exxon Scores $11B in Profits

It's oil giant's best quarter since 2008

(Newser) - Gas prices are soaring, and so are Exxon Mobil's profits. The oil giant raked in $10.65 billion in profits in the first quarter of 2011, its best performance since the gas price spike of 2008. The $2.14-per-share profit well exceeded analysts' $2.04 estimates, the AP reports....

Exxon: Oil Becoming Hard to Find

Company slowly shifting to gas as oil fields tap out

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil Corp. is having trouble finding more oil, it revealed yesterday in its earnings call. The company said it was depleting its reserves, replacing only 95 out of every 100 barrels it pumps. Though it tried to put a positive spin on things by saying it had made up...

Oil Spill Judge Dumped His Energy Stocks

Feldman sold many while hearing case on drilling moratorium

(Newser) - The Louisiana federal judge who struck down a six-month ban on deepwater oil drilling has sold many of his energy investments, a financial disclosure report released yesterday reveals. US District Judge Martin Feldman's disclosure report, which covers investments for 2009, shows he owned eight energy-related investments including stock in Exxon...

Oil Giants All Have Same Lame Spill Plan: Dems
 Oil Giants All 
 Have Same Lame 
 Spill Plan: Dems 
Grilling Big Oil

Oil Giants All Have Same Lame Spill Plan: Dems

Companies argue spill was a fluke

(Newser) - Lord help us if there’s another deepwater spill, because the big oil companies all have a pretty much identical response plan to BP, congressional Democrats complained today, grilling executives from Chevron, Exxon, Shell, BP, and Conoco Phillips. All the companies hired the same third party to draft their plans,...

Dow Starts February Up 118
 Dow Starts February Up 118 

Dow Starts February Up 118

Exxon's quarterly results beat expectations

(Newser) - Stocks rallied today on a strong earnings report by ExxonMobil and data showing the US factory sector performed well in January, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • The Dow added 118.30 points to close at 10,185.53.
  • The Nasdaq gained 243.85, closing at 2,171.20.
  • The S&

Exxon to Buy Gas Company XTO Energy for $31B

All-stock deal will bolster Exxon's natural gas profile

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil has agreed to buy natural gas powerhouse XTO Energy for $31 billion in stock. Exxon’s been long rumored to be in the market for a natural gas company, hoping to take advantage of currently low prices, the Wall Street Journal reports. In XTO it’s nabbed a...

Oil Giants Bend to Iraq's Terms
 Oil Giants 
 Bend to 
 Iraq's Terms 


Oil Giants Bend to Iraq's Terms

War for oil hasn't been too lucrative for American companies

(Newser) - If the Iraq war was fought for oil, it’s done little to enrich American oil companies, which are just now striking deals to service the country’s fields—and at far worse terms than they’d hoped. Most companies balked at Iraq’s initial service contract offers, refusing to...

Dow Up 56 on Oil, Gold
 Dow Up 56 on Oil, Gold 

Dow Up 56 on Oil, Gold

Energy firms rise as oil adds $3.08

(Newser) - Stocks posted solid gains today as commodity prices rose, the Wall Street Journal reports. Oil jumped $3.08 to $71.28 a barrel and gold crossed the $1,000-an-ounce mark. Commodity-producing stocks Exxon, Chevron, and Alcoa all saw gains as a result. The Dow added 56 points to close at...

Exxon Admits Killing Birds, Will Pay $600K

Company fined $600K over deaths of protected birds

(Newser) - Exxon has pleaded guilty in federal court and agreed to pay $600,000 in fines over the deaths of dozens of birds at its drilling and production facilities, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 85 birds, including owls, waterfowl, and hawks, died after being exposed to hydrocarbons at Exxon's natural...

Exxon to Invest $600M in Algae-Based Fuel

Will partner with famed genome expert Craig Venter

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil, the biggest oil company in the world, will invest $600 million in turning algae into fuel, the New York Times reports. Known for blowing off concerns about global warming and dismissing biofuels—its CEO famously called ethanol “moonshine”—Exxon Mobil has in fact been researching alternative...

Stocks, Oil Jump Together
 Stocks, Oil Jump Together 
Market Open

Stocks, Oil Jump Together

(Newser) - Stocks jumped at the open today, with the Dow up 61 points, the Nasdaq adding 0.5%, and the S&P gaining 0.7%, powered by strong moves in its energy and basic materials sectors. That was due in part to the surge in fuel prices, with oil clearing $71...

Exxon Mobil Profits Plunge 58% on Low Oil Prices

Low year-over-year pump prices, oil demand drive revenue down

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil’s first-quarter profit fell 58% from the previous year to $4.6 billion—its lowest profit in more than 5 years—as the world's largest publicly traded oil company, along with the rest of the industry, saw gas prices deflate dramatically. This time last year crude was in...

Exxon Retakes Top Spot in Fortune 500

Wal-Mart slips to second in 'worst-ever' year for the 500

(Newser) - Exxon Mobil snagged a whopping $443 billion in revenue to unseat Wal-Mart from the top spot in this year's Fortune 500 list, CNN reports. The two behemoths thrived on jacked-up oil prices and the recession respectively, but the picture was a lot bleaker for most of the rest of the...

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