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At 10 Commandments Shrine, Atheists Build ... a Bench?

Because, they say, it's practical

(Newser) - Thou shalt not believe? A group of atheists are holding a sit-down—quite literally—at a monument to the 10 Commandments outside a Florida courthouse. As a testament to their non-belief and a protest to the granite slab they sought to remove, American Atheists unveiled their own monument yesterday: A...

31 Celebrity Atheists
 31 Celebrity 

31 Celebrity Atheists

Daniel Radcliffe, Keira Knightley, and other stars who don't believe in God

(Newser) - Not all celebrities are thanking God when they practice their Oscar acceptance speeches. CNN rounds up 31 famous atheists:
  • Daniel Radcliffe: "I'm an atheist, but I'm very relaxed about it. I don't preach my atheism, but I have a huge amount of respect for people like

The Good News: Pope Francis Is Cool With Atheists

The godless may not care, but Mary Elizabeth Williams applauds His Holiness' tolerance

(Newser) - Pope Francis had a refreshing message when asked about atheists yesterday on Vatican radio, assuring his flock that yes, the godless could be good people, too. "'But father, he is not Catholic! He cannot do good,'" Francis imagined a follower protesting. "Yes, he can. He...

Punishment for Atheism in 7 Countries: Death
Punishment for Atheism
in 7 Countries: Death
new report

Punishment for Atheism in 7 Countries: Death

And atheists don't enjoy full rights in Arkansas: report

(Newser) - Choosing not to believe can be a deadly choice in seven of the world's countries, according to a new report out today. It found that atheists can be executed for their views in Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan. Reuters notes that the report didn't...

This Year's Nativity Flap: the 'Atheists Won'

Judge's ruling will likely end 60-year Santa Monica tradition

(Newser) - After almost 60 years of displaying Nativity scenes in a public park, Santa Monica Christians may be out of luck: A judge yesterday tentatively ruled to bar such scenes, and all other seasonal displays, from public spaces. The fight between the Christian groups and atheists began a few years back,...

Cheerleaders Start Row With Bible Verse Banners

They hire a lawyer when atheist group takes issue

(Newser) - A squad of East Texas cheerleaders wants everyone to know they have God on their side—even if it means going to court. The Kountze High School squad had taken to holding up gigantic banners with Bible verses on them before every game, so that the Kountze players could dramatically...

Atheists May Sue School Over Songs Mentioning God

They're songs, not prayers, says Clifton Park district

(Newser) - Stop singing about God or go to court, or so says an atheist organization threatening to sue a school district in Clifton Park, New York. The Freedom From Religion Foundation wants the Shenendehowa district to stop teaching two songs to elementary school kids that include lyrics referencing an almighty creator....

Atheist Billboards Go Up for Democratic Convention

Group puts up anti-Christianity, anti-Mormonism signs

(Newser) - People headed to the Democratic National Convention will be greeted by billboards condemning religion, thanks to American Atheists. The group is specifically targeting Mormonism and Christianity with the ads, which will be up starting today for a month in Charlotte, CNN reports. They read:
  • Christianity: "Sadistic God; Useless Savior,

Christians Raise Money for Ailing Atheist Critic

He might need surgery for eye disease

(Newser) - It began as one of those typical fights over a public nativity scene, but this spat took a nice twist: Atheist Patrick Greene threatened to sue over such a scene in front of the courthouse in Henderson County, Texas, but he backed off when he learned he had a debilitating...

Rapture Pet Rescue Creator: It Was a Hoax

Post-Judgment Day pet care offer a 'social experiment'

(Newser) - The guy behind the company offering to look after believers' pets after the Rapture has admitted that the whole business was a hoax. Bart Centre says he decided to come clean after New Hampshire authorities launched a probe of Eternal Earth-Bound Pets for engaging in "unauthorized business of insurance,...

Atheists 'Scrub Away' Blessing on Highway

Florida non-believers wash road blessed by Polk Under Prayer

(Newser) - Atheists in central Florida scrubbed a major highway this weekend to symbolically wash away holy water left behind by Christians, Bay News 9 reports. Armed with mops, brooms, and hoses, they washed down a road on the Pasco-Polk county line that had been anointed last year by a group called...

Atheists Raise $44K for Teen Prayer Foe

'Evil little thing' Jessica Ahlquist awarded scholarship

(Newser) - Rhode Island teen Jessica Ahlquist's fight against a school prayer banner didn't win her many friends in her strongly Catholic hometown—but it has won her a hefty college fund. Prominent atheists, who praise the 16-year-old for standing up to critics "with class and style," are...

California Atheists Snap Up Nativity Spaces

Christians get just 2 of 21 spaces in Santa Monica park

(Newser) - Santa Monica's Christians are crying foul over a lottery system that has left 18 of the 21 park spaces that usually hold Nativity scenes in the hands of atheists. A Jewish group snagged another spot, leaving the California city's church with just two spaces and only enough room...

Believers Find Atheists as Untrustworthy as Rapists
Believers Find Atheists as Untrustworthy as Rapists
study says

Believers Find Atheists as Untrustworthy as Rapists

And many would discriminate against them in hiring: study

(Newser) - Atheism might just be the most reviled (un)belief system out there, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia, which found that believers think atheists are roughly as trustworthy as rapists. In one of the study’s six parts, researchers described an untrustworthy “archetypal freerider” performing...

Black Atheists Dare to 'Come Out'

But face ostracism in highly religious community

(Newser) - African American atheism is not exactly a time-worn tradition. It's so rare, in fact, that black atheists risk losing friends and family, and having a much smaller pool of potential life partners, if they dare speak up, the New York Times reports. Washington resident Ronnelle Adams first told his...

Atheists to Military: Recognize Us

Handful apply to be humanist leaders, thus far without success

(Newser) - The nonreligious may make up just a fraction of the military, but they say their beliefs are as valid as those of their religious counterparts—and the military should recognize them. Some dozen troops are currently applying to become humanist lay leaders—joining the lay Christians, Muslims, and Jews who...

Scott Walker Rechristens 'Holiday Tree' a 'Christmas Tree'

Wisconsin atheists not happy with the switch

(Newser) - Scott Walker, never one to shy away from controversy, inflamed atheists on Monday by re-naming Wisconsin’s Capitol Rotunda “holiday tree” a “Christmas tree.” That’s what the tree was called from 1916 to 1985, but for the last quarter-century, lawmakers have called it by the more...

Godless on the Rise
 Godless on the Rise 
studies find

Godless on the Rise

Religion in politics a sign of fear and dwindling numbers, not strength, says expert

(Newser) - Evangelicals might appear to be everywhere in American politics, but the number of believers is falling, according to studies. Agnostics and atheists are among the fastest-growing segment in the US, reports the Guardian . The number of secular Americans has likely doubled in the last three decades, and has grown especially...

Atheist Group to Rip Out 'Immoral' Bible Pages

To point out 'immoral' sections

(Newser) - An outspoken California atheist group is taking a page out of Terry Jones’ book, and more than one page out of the Good Book. Backyard Skeptics will hold a demonstration on Huntington Beach tomorrow in which they rip pages out of the bible that they say depict immoral teachings, the...

Fort Bragg Will Host Atheist Concert

Military agrees to give it same support it gave to Christian event

(Newser) - Last fall a Christian-themed concert was held at Fort Bragg; next spring, an atheism-themed one will be staged there—and the Army will provide equal support. Rock Beyond Belief, an event organized by atheist, agnostic, and non-theist soldiers, was originally planned for this year, but organizers complained that leaders at...

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