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Ex-Disney CEO: Working There Was '3 Years of Hell'
Ex-Disney CEO: Working
There Was '3 Years of Hell'

Ex-Disney CEO: Working There Was '3 Years of Hell'

CNBC reports on friction between former chief Bob Chapek, former/current chief Bob Iger

(Newser) - When Bob Chapek assumed the leadership mantle at Disney in early 2020, it was no secret there was some friction between himself and former CEO Bob Iger—and in late 2022, the Disney board fired Chapek amid criticisms of his management, and Iger came out of retirement and reassumed his...

Shepard Smith's Show Dropped
Shepard Smith's Show Dropped

Shepard Smith's Show Dropped

CNBC says it plans more business and financial coverage

(Newser) - CNBC told employees Thursday that it's canceling The News With Shepard Smith to devote more of its schedule to business and financial coverage. Starting in early 2023, a business news program will take over the 7pm Eastern time slot, per the Hollywood Reporter , though Smith's program will end...

Shep's Back, on a New Channel
Shep's Back,
on a New

Shep's Back, on a New Channel

Former Fox anchor debuts his new CNBC show on Wednesday

(Newser) - Two weeks shy of a year after abruptly quitting Fox News Channel with a declaration that "truth will always matter," Shepard Smith returns to television this week at his unexpected new home. He begins a general interest nightly newscast Wednesday at 7pm on the financial network CNBC, putting...

Shepard Smith Gets a New Job —and Not at MSNBC

The former Fox News anchor has landed at another network

(Newser) - Former Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith will join CNBC for a weeknight program, the network announced Wednesday. The News with Shepard Smith will feature "fact-based storytelling," the network said, and put Smith back in the 7pm Eastern time slot where he was during the early part of...

RNC Bails On NBC's Scheduled GOP Debate

Says CNBC handled this week's debate 'in bad faith'

(Newser) - NBC better get its fill of Donald Trump when he hosts Saturday Night Live next month because it sounds like the network won't be seeing him—or any of his fellow candidates—at its GOP debate, the Hill reports. The Republican National Committee has suspended ties with NBC ahead...

CNBC Slammed for 'Rude' and 'Gotcha' Debate Questions

RNC slams network's 'gotcha' questions

(Newser) - Judging from the reaction to Wednesday night's debate, CNBC has as much chance of hosting another GOP debate as George Pataki does of becoming president. The moderating was heavily criticized not just by the candidates (as Chris Christie put it, "even in New Jersey what you're doing...

Donald Trump: CNBC Is Lying About My Poll Numbers

He complains debate will be 'unfair'

(Newser) - Poor Donald Trump is having a really hard time accepting his new No. 2 spot in the polls . "After a great evening and packed auditorium in Iowa, I am now in Colorado looking forward to what I am sure will be a very unfair debate!" the presidential contender...

CNBC to Trump: OK, You Win
 CNBC to Trump: 
 OK, You Win 

CNBC to Trump: OK, You Win

Network will limit Oct. 28 GOP debate to 2 hours including commercials

(Newser) - It's safe to say CNBC isn't willing to lose Donald Trump or his power to pull in record ratings at the next GOP debate. CNN reports the network has caved to his demands that the Oct. 28 debate in Boulder, Colo., run no more than two hours including...

Trump May Not Show Up at Next GOP Debate

He doesn't want to put up with another three-hour event

(Newser) - Republican presidential front-runner and ratings magnet Donald Trump is threatening to bail on the next GOP debate if his demands for format changes aren't met, the New York Times reports. According to the Hill , Trump was upset about CNN's three-hour Republican debate and doesn't want a repeat...

Buffett Buys $10.7B in IBM
 Buffett Buys $10.7B in IBM 

Buffett Buys $10.7B in IBM

He now owns 5.5% of the company

(Newser) - Warren Buffett typically shies away from tech companies, but not this year. In an interview on CNBC this morning, Buffett revealed that he’s bought $10.7 billion worth of IBM stock since March, a purchase that had been kept confidential in Berkshire Hathaway’s recent filings. The buy gives...

Veteran CNBC Anchor Mark Haines Dead at 65
 CNBC Anchor 
 Mark Haines 
 Dead at 65 

CNBC Anchor Mark Haines Dead at 65

Veteran journalist dies unexpectedly at home

(Newser) - CNBC anchor Mark Haines, whom the network calls a “fixture” on the channel, died unexpectedly last night at his home. Haines, 65, was the founding anchor of the financial network’s Squawk Box morning show and also co-anchored Squawk on the Street. "With his searing wit, profound insight,...

On NBC News, Not a Peep About GE Tax Story

But reps say that has nothing to do with the fact that GE is parent company

(Newser) - The GE tax avoidance story was kind of a big one—so why wasn't it covered on NBC News when it broke on Friday ... or on Saturday or Sunday or Monday? Critics were quick to point out that GE is NBC's parent company, but representatives insist that had nothing to...

Middle Class Voter to Obama: I'm Still Waiting for Change

Woman fears return to hot-dogs-and-beans era

(Newser) - An angry black middle class voter confronted President Obama at a Town Hall meeting yesterday, saying: "I'm still waiting " for change. The woman, at the meeting arranged and broadcast live by CNBC, said she was "exhausted" defending the president, "exhausted defending the mantle of change that...

Yahoo CEO to Tech Blogger: 'F*** Off'

Carol Bartz tangles with Michael Arrington at TechCrunch Disrupt

(Newser) - Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, never one to mince words, turned up at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference today and wound up telling TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington to "f--- off." The famously potty-mouthed exec didn't like the line of questioning the blogger was pursuing, and she reminded him that he's...

Why Rupert Murdoch Won't Buy NBC Stake

The News Corp. mogul is interested, but the deal will likely not go through

(Newser) - Sources tell CNBC Rupert Murdoch wants to add a stake in NBC Universal to his ever-expanding media empire—which could lead to some awkward moments between Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann at the company Christmas party—but it probably won’t happen, writes John Cook on Gawker. Considering the...

Obama: Kanye's a 'Jackass'
 Obama: Kanye's a 'Jackass' 

Obama: Kanye's a 'Jackass'

Off-the-record remark gets on Twitter; rest is history

(Newser) - President Obama got in on the Kanye West-bashing today, calling the rapper a “jackass” for his interruption of country star Taylor Swift during an MTV awards show Sunday. Obama made the remark in an off-the-record portion of an interview with CNBC, the Huffington Post reports, but that didn’t...

Your Guide to Today's Jacko Media Orgy

Let the 'freak show' begin

(Newser) - Surprisingly, the elephants entering Staples Center this morning aren’t there for the “Michael Jackson Memorial Orgy of Excess”—but for the circus, opening tomorrow. “That seems completely appropriate,” writes Lisa de Moraes for the Washington Post. As for today’s “freak show,” 16...

Dean Gets CNBC Gig
 Dean Gets  
 CNBC Gig 

Dean Gets CNBC Gig

Plan set up before Jon Stewart attacks

(Newser) - Former Democratic National Committee chief Howard Dean is set to become a regular CNBC contributor, the Huffington Post reports—but his appointment had nothing to do with current attacks on the business network, an insider said. “This was in the works long before the Jon Stewart stuff,” a...

Stewart 'Incredibly Unfair,' Says NBC Chief

(Newser) - NBC CEO Jeff Zucker said today that Jon Stewart’s Daily Show attacks are “incredibly unfair to CNBC and the business media,” Broadcasting & Cable reports. “CNBC is a spectacular organization and in particular Jim Cramer,” Zucker continued. “What is going on now is absurd....

Stewart's Hit Job Won't Keep 'Clueless Pundits' Off TV

(Newser) - Jon Stewart’s takedown of Jim Cramer and CNBC is indicative of a real, if fleeting, sea change in our attitudes about the economy, Thomas Frank writes in the Wall Street Journal. “The applause Mr. Stewart has received for his j’accuse is the sound of the old order...

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