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Legends Salute 'Rock's Greatest Practitioner'
Legends Salute 'Rock's
Greatest Practitioner'

Legends Salute 'Rock's Greatest Practitioner'

'He lit up our teenage years,' says Mick Jagger on death of Chuck Berry

(Newser) - Chuck Berry's death is being met with salutes from former presidents and legends of the rock and roll genre he so defined, reports the AP . "He lit up our teenage years, and blew life into our dreams of being musicians and performers," tweeted Mick Jagger, while...

Rock Legend Chuck Berry Dead at Age 90

'Johnny B. Goode' creator is gone

(Newser) - A sad day for fans of rock and roll: Chuck Berry has died at age 90, reports ABC News . Details are sketchy, but police in St. Charles County, Missouri, responded to a medical emergency at Berry's home Saturday afternoon, but he was unresponsive and could not be revived. Berry...

Chuck Berry Turns 90, Gives World a Birthday Present

Announces release of first album in 38 years

(Newser) - Chuck Berry turned 90 Tuesday, but it's the rest of us who are getting a birthday present: He announced on his birthday that he'll be releasing his first new album in 38 years. Chuck, to be released on Nashville-based label Dualtone, was recorded in Berry's hometown of...

11 Artists Accused of Stealing Music

Madonna should maybe lay off the Gaga accusations...

(Newser) - Even such a legendary band as the Beatles once found itself in a copyright infringement mess, when the band was accused of pilfering the beat and lyrics for "Come Together" from a Chuck Berry song. Huffington Post rounds up 11 musicians who have been accused of stealing parts of...

Chuck Berry Collapses at Concert
Chuck Berry
Collapses at Concert

Chuck Berry Collapses at Concert

He tells fans he has no strength to continue

(Newser) - Rock-and-roll king Chuck Berry collapsed at a Chicago concert Saturday night and had to be helped off stage. Berry suddenly slumped head-first onto his keyboard mid-performance and didn't move for several minutes. Promoters said he was suffering from nothing more than exhaustion, but the rocker is pushing 85. The author...

David Byrne Sues Charlie Crist for $1M Over Song Use

Use of Talking Heads song 'Road to Nowhere' at issue

(Newser) - David Byrne has sued Charlie Crist for $1 million, saying the Florida governor used the Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere" in an ad without permission. Crist, who was then running in the Republican Senate primary, used the song in an attack ad targeting Marco Rubio. "I was...

Rock Legend Chuck Berry, Top-Notch Short Story Writer

"Memphis, Tennessee" shows Berry's sociological side: Klinkenborg

(Newser) - The original Chuck Berry version of “Memphis, Tennessee” isn't as well known as some others—by Johnny Rivers, say, or Buck Owens. But the real star is the tune, first released in 1959, which Verlyn Klinkenborg suspects is the “best short story in the form of a song...

Cadillac Is Quite a Ride
 Cadillac Is Quite a Ride 
movie review

Cadillac Is Quite a Ride

Top-notch music, performances powers the story of Chess Records

(Newser) - Cadillac Records may play fast and loose with historical fact, but you can't fault the tunes that fuel it, say critics. The "rollicking and insightful celebration of Chicago blues in its hectic golden age" tells the story of Chess Records and bluesmen like Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, writes...

Johnny McCain No Goode for Chuck Berry

Rock 'n' roll legend is rooting for Obama to win the White House

(Newser) - Chuck Berry hopes Barack Obama will rock his way to victory in November—even though it's John McCain who used Berry's classic Johnny B. Goode as a theme song in the early days of the campaign. The McCain camp has since switched to Abba's Take a Chance On Me. Berry,...

Rolling Stone's Top Guitar Classics

The greatest riffs, from Bill Haley to Metallica

(Newser) - There are those tunes driven by the rhythm section, but nothing lights a fire in the blood quite like the power of the perfect guitar riff. Thus, Rolling Stone suggests its favorite guitar anthems, hitting all stops between BB King and King Crimson. The top five:
  1. Johnny B. Goode: Chuck

50 Top Pop Brainiacs
 50 Top Pop Brainiacs 

50 Top Pop Brainiacs

Lennon, Marley, Berry rock on

(Newser) - "Towering natural abilities" and "exceptional creative powers" infuse the most memorable music of generations, forged by Blender's top 50 pop-music geniuses. The top 10:
  1. Bob Dylan: Each of his brave self-reinventions is "an authentic American original."
  2. John Lennon: "His drive pushed the Beatles from a

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