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Airlines Do Not Like Your Sneaky Cost-Saving Trick

Some fliers engage in 'skiplagging,' buying cheap nondirect flights but not boarding all of the legs

(Newser) - It often costs more for the convenience of a direct flight over one with connecting flights, but some fliers have figured out a way to game the system, much to the chagrin of airlines. It's a process called "skiplagging," which is when a customer books a nondirect...

Bummed Taylor Swift Fans Get a Reprieve From an Airline

After Friday concert in Buenos Aires was postponed until Sunday, LATAM waived change fees

(Newser) - Travis Kelce made it to apparent girlfriend Taylor Swift's show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Saturday (and gave her a public smooch ), but others weren't so lucky if they had tickets to Friday night's performance. That show was canceled due to "truly chaotic" weather, per...

Flying to Europe Won't Cost a Small Fortune Soon

After record-breaking prices, flights to Europe are getting less expensive

(Newser) - The recent dip in airfare we are experiencing is about to cross the pond. According to the Wall Street Journal , those record-setting prices people paid to travel to Europe over the last year are simmering down thanks to moves from airlines. "Everybody really wanted to go to Europe this...

So This Happened to a Parked JetBlue Plane

Plane landed at JFK, then rocked back at a 30-degree angle during deplaning

(Newser) - JetBlue officials say a plane rocked back with its nose pointed skyward after landing at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport because of a shift in weight on the aircraft, reports the AP . Videos posted on social media show Flight 662 from Bridgetown, Barbados, at the passenger gate...

Airline Promises Coffee That Doesn't Suck

Alaska Airlines says partnership with Stumptown 'delivers a remarkably smooth' cup at altitude

(Newser) - Alaska Airlines is hoping to attract coffee lovers by touting a brew that tastes better in the air. Travelers may have noticed that airplane coffee doesn't measure up to the stuff served on solid ground. "You're experiencing 8,000 feet of air pressure, which reduces your perception...

Pilot Who Ripped Israel Online 'Removed From Flying'

Air Canada's Mostafa Ezzo allegedly wore pro-Palestinian colors, told Israel to 'burn in hell'

(Newser) - An Air Canada pilot won't be getting behind the controls for a while after complaints poured in about his social media posts regarding Hamas' attack on Israel over the weekend. The airline confirmed to the Toronto Sun on Tuesday that Montreal-based Capt. Mostafa Ezzo "was taken out of...

Musician Says Airline Accused Him of Trafficking Own Sons

Black singer-songwriter David Ryan Harris says his biracial kids raised red flag with American

(Newser) - A Black musician who's performed with John Mayer and the Dave Matthews Band is now on the receiving end of an apology from American Airlines after he says he was accused of trafficking his own kids. In a Sept. 23 Instagram post , David Ryan Harris, 55, said he flew...

CEO: Delta 'Went Too Far' With SkyMiles Changes

Airline to announce 'modifications' to appease frequent flyers in the coming weeks

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines will make changes to address backlash to an overhaul of its frequent-flyer SkyMiles program, CEO Ed Bastian said Monday. On Sept, 13, the airline announced customers would now earn frequent-flyer status based on the amount of money spent with the airline, rather than on the number of...

Passenger After Puke Incident: 'I Am Ashamed to Be Canadian'

Air Canada takes heat for booting 2 passengers who refused to sit in vomit-covered seats

(Newser) - Two passengers booked for a flight from Vegas to Montreal last month were escorted off the plane before takeoff, all because they wouldn't sit in their puke-soaked seats. The AP reports that the incident took place Aug. 26 on an Air Canada plane, on which Susan Benson was also...

Fares Could Climb 40% With JetBlue-Spirit Deal: Court Docs

Airline says the documents, improperly redacted, paint 'a completely inaccurate picture'

(Newser) - JetBlue Airways could raise fares on some routes by up to 40% if it succeeds in buying Spirit Airlines and eliminating the low-fare carrier as a competitor on those routes, according to lawyers who are suing the airline to block the deal. The estimations were contained in court filings made...

Pilot Dies During Miami-Chile Flight

Plane lands in Panama for emergency care

(Newser) - A veteran airline pilot died on a flight that had taken off from Miami on Monday, USA Today reports. The LATAM Airlines plane, which was headed to Santiago, Chile, landed in Panama City, Panama, because one of its three command crew members had a medical emergency, airline officials said. First...

Flight Makes 'Terrifying' Drop After Pressurization Warning

Passenger praises crew after plane lands safely

(Newser) - An American Airlines flight last week dropped nearly 20,000 feet over 11 minutes after the pilot received a warning of a pressurization problem, a descent that a passenger called terrifying. Flight 5916, which took off Thursday afternoon from Charlotte, landed safely in Gainesville, Florida. No one was injured, WCNC...

Mexico's New Airline Will Be Run by the Army

Mexicana will offer low-cost domestic flights, government says

(Newser) - Mexico is getting a new airline with an old name—and it's going to be run by the country's military. The government said Thursday that the airline will be launched later this year under the name of Mexicana de Aviacion, the national carrier that went bust in 2010,...

Here's Why United Jet Came Close to Hitting the Ocean

NTSB report blames 'miscommunication' between pilot, co-pilot

(Newser) - The National Transportation Safety Board has completed its investigation into a 2022 United Airlines flight that came within 748 feet of crashing into the Pacific Ocean, and NTSB investigators say pilot error was to blame, CNN reports. The incident started when the captain called for the Boeing 777's flaps,...

Cost of Flying Drops, for Now
Cost of Flying Drops, for Now

Cost of Flying Drops, for Now

Domestic flight capacity is back at pre-pandemic levels

(Newser) - The cost of flying has come down considerably in recent weeks but the bargains aren't going to stick around forever, travel industry experts say. According to flight-booking app Hopper, the average round-trip airfare in the US dipped to $257 in the last week of July—lower than in the...

He Went to Buy One Plane Ticket. Ended Up Buying 25—Quickly

Herman Yip took advantage of error to scoop up $250K worth of All Nippon Airways tix for $17K

(Newser) - Herman Yip was recently looking online to book a trip from Jakarta to Aruba, and the deal he found underscores the importance of being in the right place at the right time—and having the gumption to take a little risk. Per Bloomberg , the 32-year-old Hong Kong resident discovered he...

Here's How America's Major Airlines Rank

WalletHub places Delta at the top of its list

(Newser) - Finding the cheapest flight is often a traveler's priority, but there are other reasons to pick one airline over the other. WalletHub checked out the nine largest US carriers, plus two regional airlines, to see how they ranked on everything from baggage, departures, and safety, to in-flight comfort (think...

Southwest Resumes Flying After Nationwide Grounding

Tech glitch briefly kept planes from flying, but now many flights are delayed

(Newser) - Southwest has resumed flights after all were briefly grounded Tuesday morning because of a tech glitch. Those flying on the airline can expect delays, however: Roughly 40% were behind schedule as of noon, reports USA Today . The company's explanation for the snafu: "Early this morning, a vendor-supplied firewall...

After Safety Summit, FAA Issues 'Call to Action'

Recent incidents should serve as a 'wake-up call,' authorities say

(Newser) - Air travel in the US remains very safe—there hasn't been a major passenger plane crash in the US since February 2009, a few weeks into Barack Obama's first term as president—but the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a stern warning against complacency. The agency published an...

Another Not-Great Run for Southwest
Southwest Cannot
Catch a Break

Southwest Cannot Catch a Break

One engine on fire out of Cuba, and one pretty harrowing flight diverts to Myrtle Beach

(Newser) - Southwest is really having a sub-par time of it lately. The airline that can catch no breaks continued its run of catching no breaks with a pair of incidents in recent days that are keeping its public-relations department hopping:
  • To get the weekend off to a rocking start, a Southwest

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