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FBI Arrests GOP Candidate for Governor in Michigan

Ryan Kelley charged over his alleged participation in the Capitol riot

(Newser) - The latest arrest related to the Capitol riot is a doozy—it just happens to be the leading GOP candidate for governor in Michigan. The FBI arrested Ryan Kelley at his home in Allendale on Thursday after executing a search warrant, reports the Detroit News . Among other things, the criminal...

One Dead, Dozens Hurt After 'Catastrophic' Tornado

Michigan declares state of emergency after twister sweeps through Gaylord

(Newser) - "The town is devastated." That was the assessment Friday of Jordan Awrey, a member of the City Council in Gaylord, after a tornado swept through the Michigan town on Friday, killing one and wreaking havoc on buildings, cars, and other structures. Michigan State Police say 44 people were...

Teen's 'Lifesaving' Transplant Hinges on Parents' Vax Stance

They argue hospital vaccination requirement violates their religious beliefs

(Newser) - Parents of a Michigan teen are asking a judge to overturn a hospital's requirement that their daughter be vaccinated against COVID-19 before receiving a "lifesaving" kidney transplant. The 17-year-old girl known by her initials "AC," has only one kidney, stage-three chronic kidney disease, and end-stage renal...

Not the Loch Ness Monster in Detroit, but Something Else Amazing

What may be first river otter seen in 100 years in Detroit River shows water pollution is decreasing

(Newser) - "As a PhD student in marine ecology, Eric Ste Marie knew what he saw was rare." That sighting in the Detroit River last month, as described by WXYZ , is now making headlines, and it may be the first of its kind in a century. Ste Marie, a 27-year-old...

Republican Who Made Rape Comment Loses in GOP District

Others in his party denounced Robert Regan's advice to his daughters

(Newser) - Update: A Republican candidate whose comments about enjoying rape were denounced by members of his party lost his bid for a seat in the Michigan House on Tuesday. Robert "RJ" Regan was favored to win the special election in the heavily Republican district, the Detroit Free Press reports. Instead,...

National Support Follows Lawmaker's Answer to 'Vile' Accusation

Biden joins praise of lawmaker who said 'We will not let hate win'

(Newser) - Lana Theis might not have expected much of a response to her fundraising email attacking a fellow Michigan legislator. Theis, a Republican, wasn't even running against state Sen. Mallory McMorrow. But Theis attacked her anyway, the Hill reports, telling supporters she's competing with "social media trolls like...

Michigan Cop Fatally Shot Black Man as He Knelt on Man's Back: Video

It could be a while before prosecutors decide whether to file any charges

(Newser) - A Black man face-down on the ground was fatally shot in the back of the head by a Michigan police officer, the violent climax of a traffic stop, brief foot chase, and struggle over a stun gun, according to videos of the April 4 incident released Wednesday. Patrick Lyoya, 26,...

Mom Turns In Teen Son After Store Robbery

14-year-old arrested in Michigan after his mother saw large sum of cash in his room

(Newser) - The robbery itself went off without a hitch: A clerk at a liquor store in Troy, Michigan, handed over the register's cash to a young man who then fled on foot, reports WXYZ . The robber did not show a weapon but kept his hand in his pocket of his...

In Governor Kidnapping Case, No Guilty Verdicts

Two men are acquitted, and the jury deadlocked on the other two

(Newser) - The government's case against four men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor ended Friday with the acquittal of two men and the jury deadlocked on the other two. In other words, zero convictions. The Detroit News describes it as a "a staggering blow to the government...

FBI Raids Home After Threats in Mich. Gov Kidnap Case

Prosecution has rested its case

(Newser) - The FBI says it is investigating alleged death threats made in connection with the ongoing trial of four men accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. FBI spokesperson Mara Schneider says a Detroit-area home was raided last week over alleged threats to trial participants including the judge and...

Flint School Board Meeting Turns Violent

President was voted out after what witnesses said was a shocking attack

(Newser) - A school board president in Flint, Michigan, was unanimously voted out after a meeting Wednesday morning escalated into what witnesses said was a shocking attack. Flint Community Schools Board of Education President Danielle Green allegedly assaulted Treasurer Laura MacIntyre during a meeting of the board's finance committee, MLive.com...

They Spent 25 Years in Prison. The Real Killer Was the Man Who Sent Them There

Michigan brothers freed after new evidence against witness surfaces

(Newser) - Two brothers from Pontiac, Michigan, are free men after spending 25 years in state prisons for a murder they did not commit. George DeJesus, 44, and Melvin DeJesus, 48 were found guilty in 1997 of the murder of family friend Margaret Midkiff after a jury believed testimony from the man...

Whitmer Plot Suspect Wanted to Kill Police, Doctors: Witness

Defendant was angered by the possibility of vaccine mandates, informant testifies

(Newser) - One of the men plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor also had ideas for heading off COVID-19 vaccine mandates, an informant has testified: Kill the police officers who would enforce the mandates, cut off the heads of lawyers who support the vaccines, and blow up the places where vaccines are...

They Were Set to Wed in June. Then, 2 Cancer Diagnoses
First She Got the Doctor's
Call. Then Her Fiance Did

First She Got the Doctor's Call. Then Her Fiance Did

Mariah Nelesen, Clay Slenk move up wedding date after cancer diagnoses within 8 days of each other

(Newser) - Mariah Nelesen and Clay Slenk's wedding on June 10 was supposed to be a grand affair, with every detail meticulously planned out. Now they've moved the date up to April 9, and they're planning on a reception meal of "burgers and brats on the grill,"...

Trial Begins in Bizarre Plot to Kidnap Governor

Four men accused in Michigan are expected to use an entrapment defense

(Newser) - With secret recordings and other evidence, prosecutors are pledging to show how four men were united behind a wild plot to kidnap Michigan's governor in response to her aggressive steps to slow down COVID-19 during the early months of the pandemic. Jury selection began Tuesday in a trial that...

Prosecutors: School Shooting Suspect Also Planned a Rape
Judge Shares
New Details on
Ethan Crumbley

Judge Shares New Details on Ethan Crumbley

Revelations came in ruling denying his lawyers' request he be moved to juvenile facility

(Newser) - Update: Ethan Crumbley will remain in adult jail for the duration of his murder case, and the ruling establishing that included previously undisclosed details about the alleged school shooter. In his Tuesday opinion, Oakland County Circuit Judge Kwame Rowe shared details gleaned from his review of Crumbley's texts and...

After Mom Hits Curb, Goes Into Pond, 3 Young Brothers Die

They were trapped in car seats in Michigan tragedy

(Newser) - Unimaginable tragedy in Michigan on Thursday, when a mom driving her three sons ended up in a frozen pond—trapping the boys fatally. The unnamed 30-year-old swerved into oncoming traffic for unknown reasons before hitting a curb and rolling into the retention pond around 11am, CNN reports. She was able...

Cops: Someone Swiped This Cabin
In Far Reaches of Michigan,
'Kind of a Weird Situation'
in case you missed it

In Far Reaches of Michigan, 'Kind of a Weird Situation'

Cops are asking for the public's help to find an entire cabin that's gone missing

(Newser) - The tweet from Michigan State Police was posted early Wednesday. "Troopers from the Houghton Lake Post are asking for your help," it read , showing a photo of a brown cabin surrounded by snow and linking to a press release that briefly described the theft of said abode, per...

Witnesses: Crumbley Ignored Warning Signs

Jennifer Crumbley's boss says she texted, 'Don't judge me for what my son did' after Oxford shooting

(Newser) - Jennifer Crumbley told her boss and co-worker that she felt like a failure as a parent hours before her son opened fire at Michigan's Oxford High School, killing four people with a gun his parents had bought him as a gift, according to court testimony. Andrew Smith, CEO of...

Prosecutors to Crumbleys: Stop Blowing Kisses in Court

Parents of accused school shooter Ethan Crumbley are told to stop broadcasting romantic signals

(Newser) - The parents of the teen accused of shooting up a Michigan high school in November, killing four students, may be trying to boost each other up during hearings by sending romantic signals across the courtroom and over Zoom, but they're now being hit with a warning to quit it....

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