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Arab League, UN Struggle to Respond to 'War on Syrians'

Even worse is yet to come, fears Ban Ki-Moon

(Newser) - As Syrian forces continue to bombard civilians in Homs , a desperate Arab League is considering reviving a monitoring mission with the help of the United Nations in a bid to stem the violence. UN chief Ban Ki-Moon said the "disastrous" failure to agree on a UN resolution on Syria...

Syrian Army Strikes Damascus &#39;Burbs
 Syrian Army Strikes 
 Damascus 'Burbs 


Syrian Army Strikes Damascus 'Burbs

Situation looks to be unraveling near the capital

(Newser) - The Syrian military launched an offensive to regain control of suburbs on the eastern edge of Damascus today, storming neighborhoods and clashing with groups of army defectors in fierce fighting that sent residents fleeing and killed at least 12 people, activists said. Violence elsewhere in the country killed at least...

UN Chief to Syria's Assad: Stop Killing Your People

Ban Ki-moon says 'old order is crumbling'

(Newser) - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon demanded today that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stop the slaughter of his own people, and said the "old order" of one-man rule and family dynasties is over in the Middle East. In a keynote address at a conference on democracy in the Arab world, Ban...

Saleh Signs Deal to Step Down
 Saleh Signs Deal to Step Down 

Saleh Signs Deal to Step Down

He'll soon travel to New York for medical treatment

(Newser) - Ali Abdullah Saleh resigned as president of Yemen today, signing a deal in Saudi Arabia to cede power to vice president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi until elections can be held in three months. The signing was aired on Saudi state-run TV, which showed a smiling Saleh sitting beside King Abdullah...

Palestinians Request UN Membership

Abbas makes formal appeal to UN chief Ban Ki-Moon

(Newser) - Defying US and Israeli opposition, Palestinians asked the United Nations today to accept them as a member state. In his letter accompanying the application, Mahmoud Abbas asked UN chief Ban Ki-moon to immediately forward the request for full UN membership to the Security Council. Action on the membership request could...

Bodies Clogging Tripoli Spark Disease Fears

Decay and summer heat threatens to unleash health disaster

(Newser) - As fighting continues in Tripoli for the future of Libya, bodies are piling up in the streets—from combat, reprisals, and innocents just caught in the crossfire. And as the corpses decompose in the summer heat, they are becoming such a health risk that removing the bodies has become the...

Rebels Drive Gadhafi Out of Misrata

As NATO intensifies air strikes, reports of rebel gains

(Newser) - As NATO steps up its airstrikes in Libya, rebels in Misrata are reporting major battlefield victories, saying they've driven Moammar Gadhafi's troops both out of the city and out of the nearby airport they'd been holed up in. A rebel spokesman tells Voice of America that the...

UN on Sri Lanka: Government Committed War Crimes

Military blamed for death of tens of thousands of civilians in 2009

(Newser) - Civilians were slaughtered by Sri Lankan government forces and Tamil Tigers alike in the bloody final phase of the island nation's civil war, according to a hard-hitting report from a United Nations panel. The report accuses the Sri Lankan military of urging civilians in the separatist north to gather...

Ivory Coast: UN Fires on Gbagbo Troops as France Joins in
 UN Fires at Gbagbo Forces 

UN Fires at Gbagbo Forces

France gives military OK to take out his heavy weapons

(Newser) - The United Nations and France continued their crackdown in Ivory Coast today, with a UN helicopter firing on Laurent Gbagbo's forces and Nicolas Sarkozy giving his troops the OK to take out the entrenched strongman's heavy weapons, reports the AP . The UN said it acted to stop Gbagbo troops from...

Thailand-Cambodia Border Clash Hits 4th Day

Five reported killed in border dispute

(Newser) - Thai and Cambodian troops faced off for the fourth consecutive day today, trading shells and gunfire in a border dispute. At least two Thais and three Cambodians have died in the clashes, as “yellow shirt” nationalist protesters in Bangkok call for the government’s resignation. The 2-square-mile area in...

Christmas Bombings Spark Unrest in Nigeria

Some fear escalating violence ahead of elections

(Newser) - State police are swarming into central Nigeria following a series of Christmas church bombings that killed 38, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Following Saturday's explosions, angry youths barricaded roads and attacked people passing by yesterday, and houses and a truck also were set ablaze. UN chief Ban Ki-moon blasted the...

China's Drunken UN Diplomat: I Don't Like Americans

Sha Zukang goes on drunken rant

(Newser) - An apparently drunk senior UN official tore into his colleagues, the organization, and Americans in general last week at a retreat at an Alpine ski resort, according to Foreign Policy . “I know you never liked me Mr. Secretary-General,” declared Sha Zukang, the undersecretary general for Economic and Social...

UN Chief: Pakistan Flooding 'Unprecedented'
 UN Chief: Pakistan 
 Flooding 'Unprecedented' 

UN Chief: Pakistan Flooding 'Unprecedented'

Aid needs to be stepped up: Ban Ki-moon

(Newser) - Ban Ki-moon has toured his share of disaster areas, but the UN secretary-general said today that he's never seen anything on the scope of the floods that have rolled through Pakistan, displacing some 20 million people. Ban urged the international community to step up the pace of aid donations, saying:...

US Joins Hiroshima Memorial Event for First Time
US Joins Hiroshima
Memorial Event for First Time
65 years since a-bomb

US Joins Hiroshima Memorial Event for First Time

Ambassador present as city marks 65 years since atomic bomb

(Newser) - Hiroshima marked the 65th anniversary of its atomic bombing today with an official representative from the US in attendance for the first time. Ambassador John Roos said he hoped this year's event would boost world efforts towards nuclear disarmament, the AP reports. Fellow nuclear powers Britain and France also sent...

World Powers Mull Afghan Exit
 World Powers Mull Afghan Exit 

World Powers Mull Afghan Exit

But Hamid Karzai thinks it'll be a while before his country's ready

(Newser) - Delegates from about 70 nations met in London today to draft an exit strategy for the Afghanistan conflict, which, consensus has it, would involve handing security responsibilities over to local forces and seducing Taliban fighters with jobs and homes. In attendance were everyone from Hillary Clinton to Ban Ki-Moon to...

As Time Wanes for Haiti Rescue, Aid Efforts Improve

Ban Ki-moon promises more help from the UN

(Newser) - With time running out for any survivors of last week's earthquake, international search and rescue teams intensified their efforts in Haiti. Three people were rescued yesterday—including a 7-year-old girl who survived for days in a collapsed supermarket—bringing the total number of those pulled alive from the rubble to...

10,000 US Troops Head to Haiti
 10,000 US Troops Head to Haiti 

10,000 US Troops Head to Haiti

Force aims to help keep the peace, aid relief effort

(Newser) - Some 10,000 new US troops are heading to Haiti to aid relief efforts and help calm a desperate nation spinning out of control. Ransacking of Port-au-Prince stores and homes mounted as looters were being lynched by crowds and shot dead by police. "Haitians are taking things into their...

150 UN Haiti Staffers Missing in Rubble

Mission leader among missing workers feared dead

(Newser) - About 150 United Nations staffers, including the Haiti mission leader, are feared dead below the rubble of Port-au-Prince in what appears to be the UN's greatest-ever loss of life in a single incident. The deaths of 16 UN workers in Tuesday's massive earthquake have already been confirmed, and "It's...

Climate Summit 'Takes Note' of Obama Accord

After all-night session, deal is recognized, if not approved

(Newser) - The UN climate conference narrowly escaped collapse by agreeing Saturday to recognize a political accord brokered by President Obama with China and other emerging powers. The decision was made after an all-night plenary session in which a small group of nations, including Bolivia, Cuba, Sudan and Venezuela, stridently opposed accepting...

Poor Nations Stiffed on Climate Pledges

Billions in promised cash unaccounted for

(Newser) - Huge sums of money promised by EU countries to help poor nations cope with climate change have melted away faster than Arctic ice. The EU and five other industrialized nations promised developing countries $410 million a year in the 2001 Bonn declaration, but the UN funds set up to deal...

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