Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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Beloved Wild Horses May Be Removed From National Park
Senator: National Park's
Wild Horses Can Stay

Senator: National Park's Wild Horses Can Stay

Park Service is dropping plans to remove them from North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park

(Newser) - Wild horses will stay in North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park amid fears from advocates that park officials would remove the beloved animals from the rugged badlands landscape, a key lawmaker said Thursday. Republican US Sen. John Hoeven said he has secured a commitment from the National Park Service...

Woman To Lose Foot After 2 Frigid Nights in National Park
'She Looked
Like a Zombie'

'She Looked Like a Zombie'

Woman survives two frigid nights in a national park

(Newser) - “How she survived, I have no idea.” That’s what a North Dakota sheriff had to say about a 19-year-old woman who emerged alive after two frigid nights in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Authorities say the woman was a passenger in a truck that her boyfriend, Clancey...

Teen Gored in Thigh, Tossed in Air by Bison

The incident occurred in North Dakota national park

(Newser) - Last Monday, a 9-year-old girl was tossed in the air by a bison at Yellowstone. On Saturday, a similar incident in another national park. A 17-year-old Colorado girl who was visiting North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park was herself injured by a bison. The teen was reportedly walking on...

Clean-Air Changes 'Imperil Parks'

Rules make allow power plants nearby

(Newser) - Clean air rules likely to be changed this summer are causing serious concerns about future pollution at some of America's most spectacular national parks, reports the Washington Post. The changes will pave the way for 28 new coal-fired power plants near ten parks, according to a report supported by some...

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