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In This Nation, Getting to Work Takes Just 17 Minutes

Denmark boasts shortest commute time in the world, per AHTI Games stats

(Newser) - Looking for the shortest, sweetest commute? Consider Scandinavia. That's per AHTI Games, which crunched the numbers to figure out how long it takes to get from home to work across the globe, per Digital Journal . Denmark tops the list, with an average commute time of just 17 minutes. Neighbor...

50 People Just Gave Away This Heiress's $27M

Marlene Engelhorn's fortune will go to 77 groups, including one centered on tax justice

(Newser) - A council of 50 randomly selected Austrians have come to a decision on how to spend a 32-year-old heiress's fortune—without any input from the heiress herself. Earlier this year, Marlene Engelhorn, a descendant of the founder of chemical firm BASF who's criticized inherited wealth as "contradicting...

His Wine Cellar Was a Mammoth Graveyard

Austrian archaeologists call it the 'find of the century'

(Newser) - An Austrian man renovating his wine cellar found something a lot older than any riesling. Winemaker Andreas Pernerstorfer discovered enormous bones that came from at least three woolly mammoths, the BBC reports. He reported the find to authorities, and the cellar was excavated by the Austrian Archaeological Institute, which called...

Court: Infamous Rapist Fritzl, Now 89, No Longer a Danger

Austrian cleared to move from psychiatric detention to a regular prison

(Newser) - Austrian judges have ruled that a man who kept his daughter captive for 24 years, raped her thousands of times, and fathered seven children with her can be moved from psychiatric detention to a regular prison, a court said Tuesday. The decision on Monday was the latest in a legal...

Hitler's Birthplace Gets Some Unwelcome Visitors

On late Nazi dictator's birthday, 4 Germans showed up to lay roses, salute him

(Newser) - The house in Austria where Adolf Hitler was born is being turned into a police station to prevent admirers of the late Nazi dictator from gathering there. But that didn't stop four young Germans from showing up Saturday to the building in Braunau am Inn, on the occasion of...

Scientists See Doom for Austria's Glaciers

Alpine nation projected to be largely ice-free in 45 years

(Newser) - Austrian glaciers receded last year at a rapid pace, so much so that the Alpine country is likely to be largely ice-free in 40 to 45 years as the process continues, experts said Friday. The Austrian Alpine Club said that, of the 93 glaciers its volunteers measured and observed, all...

Josef Fritzl, Now 88, Is Up for Parole

Lawyer for Fritzl, who imprisoned and raped daughter, wants him in nursing home

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl , the Austrian man who kept his daughter Elisabeth prisoner for nearly a quarter century, raping her repeatedly and fathering seven children with her, was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes, which also included manslaughter for one of those children he fathered. In Austria, however, prisoners...

Heiress Has Plan to Redistribute Her Inheritance
Heiress Has Plan to
Redistribute Her Inheritance
in case you missed it

Heiress Has Plan to Redistribute Her Inheritance

Marlene Engelhorn's first step was to send letters to 10K randomly selected Austrians

(Newser) - "If politicians don't do their job and redistribute, then I have to redistribute my wealth myself," says Marlene Engelhorn, an Austrian-German heiress who is seeking to give much of her inheritance away. She has a plan on how to do it. The 31-year-old Vienna resident mailed 10,...

Zookeeper Killed While Putting Bug Spray on Rhino

The 33-year-old woman's husband tried to save her

(Newser) - A rhinoceros attacked a married couple working as zookeepers in Austria on Tuesday, killing the woman and seriously injuring the man as he attempted to save her, authorities said. The attack happened at the Hellbrunn Zoo in the western Austrian city of Salzburg. Zoo director Sabine Grebner told reporters that...

Residents of Frozen Town Protest Mass Tourism
Residents of Frozen Town
Protest Mass Tourism

Residents of Frozen Town Protest Mass Tourism

Hallstatt wants to cap visitor numbers

(Newser) - Hallstatt is a gorgeous village located amid beautiful Alpine scenery in Upper Austria, and many of its residents would like you to stay away. The town, which sits next to a pristine lake, has fewer than 800 residents, who are far outnumbered by up to 10,000 visitors on busy...

Receding Glacier Reveals Long-Dead Man and His Pack
Receding Glacier Relinquishes
a 2-Decade-Old Body, With ID
in case you missed it

Receding Glacier Relinquishes a 2-Decade-Old Body, With ID

Body of man thought to have died in 2001 found alongside bag carrying ID

(Newser) - The body of a man thought to have died more than two decades ago has been found amidst a melting glacier in the Austrian Alps. A mountain guide discovered the remains Friday on Schlatenkees glacier in Tyrol province at an altitude of about 9,500 feet. Lienz Alpine Police later...

Austrian Climate Minister Pushes Public to Get Tattoos

Or, one specific climate-related tattoo, in exchange for a free train pass

(Newser) - The Austrian government isn't just encouraging tattoos—it's rewarding those who get them, or, at least, one specific tattoo. Climate officials set up pop-up tattoo shops at two festivals, where the first three people willing to get inked with the word "Klimaticket" landed a free year of...

Hitler Speech Broadcast on Austria Train

2 suspects allegedly had key to intercom system

(Newser) - Two men in Austria were arrested after excerpts of speeches from history's least popular Austrian were played over a train's loudspeaker system. Passengers say they were shocked to hear around 30 seconds of an Adolf Hitler speech on the intercity train from Bregenz to Vienna, along with the...

Austrian Citizens Aren't Going to Like This News

Police say hacker took personal data for nearly every person living there, put it up for sale

(Newser) - If you live in Austria, chances are good that some of your personal information is now accessible to criminals. That's because police have revealed that a suspect they nabbed in November got their hands on data for pretty much every Austrian citizen and put it up for sale on...

Johnson, Zelensky Meet in Kyiv
Boris Johnson Goes to Kyiv

Boris Johnson Goes to Kyiv

Austrian chancellor also visited, as allies promise more aid and support

(Newser) - In what he called "a show of our unwavering support for the people of Ukraine," UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an unannounced trip to Kyiv on Saturday to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky. While there, Johnson announced a new package of financial and military aid to help...

'Unprecedented' Avalanche Onslaught Leaves 9 Dead

Austrian authorities warn of continued 'considerable' risk in the Alps

(Newser) - Nine people are dead in the Austrian Alps after what's being described as an "unprecedented" spate of avalanche activity. On Saturday, officials there continued to warn of "considerable" risk of avalanches, due to heavy snowfall followed by warmer weather conditions, reports the AP . The Guardian details four...

Law Permitting Assisted Suicide Takes Effect

After completing a series of steps, Austrians may receive lethal drugs from a pharmacy

(Newser) - Austrians with a terminal illness or permanent, debilitating condition now may seek help in ending their life. Parliament approved legalizing assisted suicide last week after a Constitutional Court ruling that said the existing ban was a violation of the right to self-determination, Deutsche Welle reports. The Assisted Suicide Act took...

Holocaust Survivor Warned of Far Right as 'Mrs. Gertrude'

In a viral video, Gertrude Pressburger urged young people to vote in Austria's presidential election

(Newser) - Holocaust survivor Gertrude Pressburger, who became famous during Austria's 2016 presidential campaign with a video message in which "Mrs. Gertrude" warned of hatred and exclusion triggered by the far right, has died at 94. Pressburger died Friday after a long illness, her family said Saturday. The AP reports...

Surgeon Fined for Amputating Wrong Leg

Austrian surgeon blamed a problem with the chain of command

(Newser) - A surgeon in Austria who removed the wrong leg from an elderly patient earlier this year in what the hospital called a "tragic mistake" has been fined the equivalent of around $3,000, with half of it suspended. A court found the 43-year-old surgeon guilty of gross negligence, the...

Austrians Circulate Ahead of Lockdown
Circulate Ahead
of Lockdown

Austrians Circulate Ahead of Lockdown

As of Monday, there'll be no sipping mulled wine under holiday lights for a while

(Newser) - Under a clear blue sky, Austrians enjoyed a last day out in coffeehouses and at Christmas markets Sunday before the government imposes a nationwide lockdown to combat a surge of coronavirus infections. The measures, which take effect early Monday, are expected to last at least 20 days but will be...

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