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Key Mississippi Loss Rattles Republicans

Third loss the charm: Panicked GOP looks to rebrand before fall

(Newser) - This week's mauling of the GOP candidate in a special Mississippi election marked the third time this year that a "safe" Republican seat was lost to the Democrats, and GOP bigwigs are sweating about how that bodes for November, the New York Times reports. The party had banked that...

Democrat Nabs Unlikely Miss. House Seat

Upset victory in deep red district sends panic through GOP

(Newser) - Democrats scored a shocking upset last night, nabbing a House seat in a deeply conservative Mississippi district. Democrat Travis Childers prevailed 54% to 46% in the special election, Politico reports, soundly overcoming a nearly $2 million GOP campaign. Coming from a county that threw Bush 62% of its support in...

On the Ropes, GOP Fights Hard in Miss. Congress Race

Party pulls out all stops to prevent growing national disaster

(Newser) - On a losing streak in special elections, the GOP is pouring money and star power into the 1st District of Mississippi, which votes today, The Hill reports. Greg Davis has drawn support from the cash-strapped NRCC and visits from Dick Cheney and Mike Huckabee in his effort to beat out...

3 Stories
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