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Culprit in Irish Potato Famine Finally Discovered
Culprit in Irish Potato Famine Finally Discovered 
in case you missed it

Culprit in Irish Potato Famine Finally Discovered

Potato blight strain HERB-1 now apparently extinct

(Newser) - Nearly two centuries later, researchers believe they have identified the pathogen that led to Ireland's deadly potato famine. To make their discovery, British, German, and American scientists sequenced DNA from samples of dried potato leaves collected between 120 and 170 years ago, reports PhysOrg. They identified the particular strain...

Climate Change to Make Bananas Vital Food Crop
 Climate Change's 
 New Vital Crop: Bananas 
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Climate Change's New Vital Crop: Bananas

Warming to force farmers to switch away from spuds

(Newser) - As the planet gets warmer, farmers are going to have to give up on certain crops and people are going to have to get used to radically changed diets, according to a new report. Agricultural experts predict that harvests of maize, rice, and wheat are set to fall in many...

Potatoes Make Junk Food &mdash;but They&#39;re Not Junk
Potatoes Make Junk Food
—but They're Not Junk
Mark Bittman

Potatoes Make Junk Food —but They're Not Junk

Mark Bittman: Corn, potatoes don't deserve their bad rap

(Newser) - Corn and potatoes get a bad rap, due to the fact that we mainly consume them in junk food form. But corn and potatoes themselves are, Mark Bittman reminds us in the New York Times , "real food"—unlike, say, Pringles, which are potato chips that contain just 42%...

Senate Digs In Over Potatoes in School Lunches

Thwarts Obama's attempts to limit them for childrens' health

(Newser) - The Senate yesterday subtly thwarted an Obama administration proposal to limit the amount of potatoes and other starchy vegetables school children scarf down, inserting an amendment into an Agriculture Department spending bill prohibiting the Department from setting “any maximum limits on the serving of vegetables in school meal programs....

Potatoes Make You Pack on Pounds

 Potatoes Make You 
 Pack on Pounds  

Potatoes Make You Pack on Pounds

Nuts and yogurt are best for losing weight

(Newser) - Looking to lose weight? Skip the potatoes and concentrate on nuts and yogurt. That's the latest diet advice from a 20-year survey of 120,000 men and women on how the foods we eat affect our weight over the long term. “All foods are not equal, and just...

Wanna Eat Like St. Patrick? Have Some Gruel, Seaweed

Culinary historians break down the ancient Irish diet

(Newser) - Forget the corned beef and green beer; if you really want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, why not make yourself a nice bowl of gruel? Because that was probably a major part of St. Patrick’s diet, according to culinary historians at the University College of Cork. Other things...

Foods Most Likely to Make You Sick

(Newser) - From spinach to peanut butter, consumers have weathered plenty of food scares recently. So the Center for Science in the Public Interest combed through CDC data to identify the foods most likely to harbor foodborne illness. Starting with the most dangerous:
  1. Leafy greens: Your salad could easily be coated in

What'd Michelle Buy at Farmers Market? Kale

No produce yet from White House's own garden, however

(Newser) - The farmers market Michelle Obama has been pushing for opened near the White House today, Eleanor Barkhorn writes for the Atlantic—though without any produce from the first lady’s own much-publicized garden. Mrs. O was among the first customers, and though she skipped the “Beets Even the President...

Science Supersizes Thanksgiving

Our fare is not the same as the pilgrims'

(Newser) - Thanksgiving food has undergone massive genetic changes in the centuries since the Pilgrims first prepared the feast, resulting in turkeys more than twice as big and corn six times as sweet. But human taste buds have evolved, too, meaning we don’t necessarily appreciate our new and improved fare any...

Chip-Makers Agree To Cut Carcinogen
Chip-Makers Agree To Cut Carcinogen

Chip-Makers Agree To Cut Carcinogen

Calif. settlement would limit acrymalide, a byproduct of cooking

(Newser) - Potato chip companies have agreed to settle a California lawsuit that charged them with not warning consumers about a cancer-causing chemical in their snacks, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Frito-Lay, Kettle, and the company that makes Cape Cod potato chips will lower the levels of acrylamide in their products and...

Swiss Face French-Fry Shortage
 Swiss Face French-Fry Shortage 

Swiss Face French-Fry Shortage

Snack crisis threatened soccer tourney

(Newser) - Switzerland faces a potato shortage just weeks before hundreds of thousands of famished European soccer fans descend on the country expecting to snack on French fries. The nation, which is co-hosting the upcoming international soccer tournament Euro 2008, is mashing the pending crisis by lifting trade barriers to import 5,...

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