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Voters Rebuff Trump Picks in 2 Primaries
Voters Rebuff Trump Picks
in N. Carolina, Kentucky 

Voters Rebuff Trump Picks in N. Carolina, Kentucky

And more from Tuesday voting

(Newser) - New York, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and Mississippi held primaries or runoff elections Tuesday , and in two of those states, voters rebuffed President Trump—or at least his preferred nominees. In North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn, 24, won the runoff for the seat vacated by GOP Rep. Mark Meadows when he...

Obama Barely Ekes Out Wins in Arkansas, Kentucky

Nabs 60% of the vote or less in latest primaries

(Newser) - He's already clinched the Democratic nomination, but President Obama's performance in last night's primaries wasn't exactly definitive: In Arkansas, he was opposed by a Tennessee lawyer who claimed 40% of the vote to Obama's 60%; in Kentucky, Obama won almost 58% of the vote but...

Primary Upsets Signal a New Era
 Voters to Specter & Co.: 
  We Want New Blood 
incumbents take warning

Voters to Specter & Co.: We Want New Blood

Voters reject GOP, Democrat establishments

(Newser) - Yesterday's primary results show that incumbents from both parties are probably going to have to get comfortable with rejection. The results—including the ouster of Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and the victory of Tea Party fave Rand Paul in Kentucky—signal a wave on anti-incumbent, anti-party establishment feeling that is...

Public Anger Boosted Rand Paul to Victory
 Public Anger Boosted 
 Rand Paul to Victory 

Public Anger Boosted Rand Paul to Victory

But win may not signal Tea Party breakthrough

(Newser) - Rand Paul's resounding Senate win in Kentucky's GOP primary represents a major upset for the Republican Party and a major victory for the Tea Party movement. Paul—who led opponent Trey Grayson by 59% to 35% with 89% of precincts reported—tapped into voter anger at Washington far more successfully...

3 Big Primaries Test Voter Rage
 3 Big Primaries 
 Test Voter Rage 

3 Big Primaries Test Voter Rage

Arlen Specter, Blanche Lincoln, Rand Paul in key races

(Newser) - Look to three big primaries tomorrow, in both parties, for a test of the country's anti-establishment rage and the chances that Congress will be even more polarized after November, reports the Los Angeles Times . In Pennsylvania, Democratic challenger Joe Sestak has pulled even with Arlen Specter with ads sneering that...

Tea Party Shifts Focus to Kentucky

Palin backs Rand Paul over Trey Grayson

(Newser) - After taking down Bob Bennett in Utah, the Tea Party has a new target: Kentucky. Tea Party activists and other conservative critics yesterday shifted their sights to the state's mid-May primary for their next big challenge to a political establishment they have vowed to upend. The Kentucky race pits Secretary...

5 Things to Watch for in Kentucky Tonight...
 5 Things to Watch for
 in Kentucky Tonight...

5 Things to Watch for in Kentucky Tonight...

W. Va.-like thumping could give Clinton campaign more 'electability' ammo

(Newser) - If Hillary Clinton pulls off another landslide in today's Kentucky primary, she can make a stronger case to superdelegates that she's more "electable" than Barack Obama. With this in mind, here are five things to watch, via Politico:
  1. Montgomery County: The small district accurately predicted the statewide margin in

Dems Put Away Knives for Primaries

Waters calm ahead of primaries

(Newser) - There’s an eerie calm over the Democratic battlefield ahead of tonight’s primaries in Oregon and Kentucky, as the candidates have reached a tentative détente. Clinton doesn’t want to be seen as hurting Obama’s chances in November, so she’s softened her tone considerably. But it’...

Clinton Narrows Ore. Deficit, Holds Ky. Lead

Disparity in views of Obama from state to state vary wildly

(Newser) - On the eve of Democratic primaries in Oregon and Kentucky, polls show some movement in support for the candidates, the Boston Globe reports:
  • Barack Obama once held a double-digit lead in Oregon, but two surveys today put him up only 4 points (45%-41%) and 5 points (50%-45%).

Clinton Camp May Need Another Loan
Clinton Camp May Need Another Loan

Clinton Camp May Need Another Loan

As donations flag, strapped campaign must cut spending

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's loss of momentum is taking a tangible toll on her ability to raise—and spend—money, leaving her campaign even more strapped for cash at a time she needs to pull out all the stops, the New York Times reports. Advisers say that Clinton is prepared to shell...

Obama Will Declare Victory on May 20

That's the day he'll have a majority of pledged delegates

(Newser) - Barack Obama plans to lay claim to his party’s nomination on May 20, the day that votes in Kentucky and Oregon will net him a majority of pledged delegates, a top aide tells Politico, setting up what David Paul Kuhn calls “a train wreck waiting to happen.”...

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