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Himalayan Vulture Brings Down Paraglider

Man—and bird—survive collision

(Newser) - A bird of prey nearly made a Russian paraglider's first flight over the Himalayas his last one. Video from a helmet camera captured the moment when two Himalayan griffon vultures swooped on the Russian. One of them became entangled in the flier's parachute. Luckily, the 24-year-old paraglider was...

'Terror Bird' Used Beak Like an Axe
 'Terror Bird' Used Beak as Axe 

'Terror Bird' Used Beak as Axe

Bird bobbed and weaved like a boxer to corner prey

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered exactly how the giant, prehistoric "terror birds" that once roamed South America slaughtered its prey. Using CT scans and biomedical reconstructions, Argentine and American researchers found that the 5-foot-tall, 90-pound Andalgalornis steulleti wielded its enormous head like an axe, smashing its curved beak into animals and...

Eat, Prey, Love: Let's Give Vultures Their Due

They're not exactly man's best friend, but we need them

(Newser) - Vultures are like lawyers: nobody likes them until they need them, and boy do we need them, writes Constance Casey in a soaring defense of the misunderstood bird in Slate. Their business may be unpleasant, but vultures are essential in disposing of rotting carrion and warding off disease. “They...

NY Crash Is Sign That Bird Strikes Are Soaring

(Newser) - Yesterday’s US Airways crash is just the most high-profile illustration of the growing problem of bird strikes, Time reports. Such run-ins quadrupled from 1,759 in 1990 to 7,666 in 2007. The problem, ironically, may be improving technology: Most jets now have two engines rather than four, leaving...

Forget Scarecrows: Falcons Keep Pesky Birds Away

Farmers nationwide fight feathers with feathers

(Newser) - On the heels of new federal regulations, US farmers are deploying falcons to stop smaller fowl from destroying their crops, the AP reports. Indigenous birds of prey may be used in place of older methods like pyrotechnics, propane cannons, and straw men in overalls to keep pest birds from eating...

Bald Beauty to Get Bionic Beak
 Bald Beauty to Get Bionic Beak 

Bald Beauty to Get Bionic Beak

Eagle injured by hunters, can't eat on her own

(Newser) - A bald eagle that has survived three years without most of her upper beak is to be given a unique artificial one made from a nylon composite, reports the AP. The eagle, named Beauty, was found starving to death in Alaska in 2005, much of her beak shot away by...

6 Stories