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Chaos at Beach Has 'Everybody Running Like Godzilla' Is Coming

But sea lions were likely engaging in normal breeding-season behavior, not chasing humans

(Newser) - A day at the beach in Southern California ended in chaos last week when two sea lions appeared to go on a rampage, spurring a viral video and reminders by local officials to leave wildlife alone. Per NBC News , the footage was shot by Charlianne Yeyna, who was visiting San...

Wayward Sea Lion Far From Water Is Rescued
A Wayward Sea Lion
Gets Much-Needed Help

A Wayward Sea Lion Gets Much-Needed Help

Big mammal is rescued from a rural road in Washington state, miles from water

(Newser) - The sea lion had no business being on the rural road, and yet there he was, all 600 or so pounds of him in Washington state's Cowlitz County. The best guess of wildlife authorities is that the big guy had been in the Cowlitz River, but then got out...

Poisoned Sea Lion Chomps on Girl's Leg

'I don't want to get near one or see one ever again'

(Newser) - Megan Pagnini was well aware of the sea lions swimming at California's Pismo Beach as she played in knee-deep waves. "I thought they were just the most adorable little things"—that is, until an adult female jumped up and bit her on the thigh. "It was...

After Relocation Fails, Oregon Kills Sea Lions

State is trying to protect trout species

(Newser) - Oregon wildlife officials have started killing California sea lions that threaten a fragile and unique type of trout in the Willamette River, a body of water miles inland from the coastal areas where the massive mammals usually congregate to feed. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife obtained a federal...

It Was the Salmon or the Sea Lions. The Senate Has Chosen

Bill passes that streamlines process for sea lions to be captured, euthanized

(Newser) - A bill that would make it easier to kill sea lions that feast on imperiled salmon in the Columbia River has cleared the US Senate. State wildlife managers say rebounding numbers of sea lions are eating more salmon than ever and their appetites are undermining billions of dollars of investments...

Shot, Stabbed Sea Lions Wash Up on West Coast

Authorities suspect fishermen were involved

(Newser) - The bodies of sea lions that met violent deaths have been washing up in Washington state—and since some of the bodies have gunshot wounds, sharks are not suspected. The Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding group says of the 13 sea lions that have washed up since September, six were...

'Bizarre Survival War' Intensifies in Pacific Northwest

Sea lions are threatening endangered fish

(Newser) - The 700-pound sea lion blinked in the sun, sniffed the sea air, and then lazily shifted to the edge of the truck bed and plopped onto the beach below. Freed from the cage that carried him to the ocean, the massive marine mammal shuffled into the surf, looked left, looked...

Swimmer Tried to Scare Off Sea Lion. It Didn't Work

Man hospitalized after being attacked by sea lion

(Newser) - A swimmer in San Francisco required multiple tourniquets and a trip to the hospital after being attacked by a sea lion Thursday, Fox 10 reports. According to the BBC , the 56-year-old man was swimming in the Aquatic Park area when he was approached by a sea lion. Police say he...

Girl's Dad: Don't Blame Us for Sea Lion Snatch

He says another visitor was feeding the animal

(Newser) - Experts have been placing blame on family members of a 6-year-old girl after a sea lion pulled her into a British Columbia harbor by her dress. But her father says the family is essentially blameless. The man, identified only by his last name, Lau, tells CBC News that his daughter...

Just a Scratch Could Endanger Girl in Sea Lion Video

Marine experts fault family's 'reckless' behavior before she's pulled into harbor

(Newser) - One common sentiment has emerged in the wake of a startling video that shows a sea lion dragging a young girl into a harbor: Glad the kid's OK, but don't blame the sea lion. Instead, animal behaviorists who have watched what happened at a wharf in British Columbia...

Crowd Laughs at Sea Lion, Until It Snatches a Child

Girl at wharf in British Columbia was pulled under in an instant

(Newser) - No, Steven Spielberg didn’t direct this, but it's a watery video that may scare your socks off. A crowd at Steveston Wharf in Richmond, British Columbia, gasps as a young girl is pulled by her dress into the water by a California sea lion. CBC News reports Michael...

Starving Sea Lion Pup Goes to Restaurant

Upscale San Diego restaurant called SeaWorld rescuers

(Newser) - It was too early for the gooseberry glazed barramundi or the Faroe Islands heritage salmon, but some good meals are still in store for a starving sea lion pup that found its way into one of San Diego's fanciest seafood restaurants. The eight-month-old female was taken to SeaWorld's...

Oregon's Fake Orca Goes Belly-Up

Solution to Astoria's sea-lion problem doesn't go as planned

(Newser) - An effort to use a fake, life-sized orca to scare off hundreds of sea lions crowding docks off the Oregon coast ended, at least temporarily, with the fiberglass creature belly-up after it was swamped by a passing ship. Still, Jim Knight of the Port of Astoria says the sea lions...

As Last Resort, Community Gets Fake Killer Whale

Oregon port has serious sea-lion problem

(Newser) - An Oregon community is bringing in some unusual help to try to fix their sea lion problem. They're hoping a fake killer whale from Bellingham, Wash., will do the trick. Terry Buzzard of Island Mariner Cruises has used the life-size mock orca to promote his business during parades and...

Cops Have Warning for 4 Who Swiped Sea Lion Pup

Sure, they're cute, but they bite hard

(Newser) - Sea lion pups might look cute, but they bite 10 times harder than dogs with mouths that are the dirtiest among mammals—meaning four people who snatched one from a Los Angeles beach early yesterday could be in for a world of hurt, an animal rescue expert says. A witness...

500 Dead Sea Lions Wash Up on Beach

Suspected causes include disease, plastic ingestion, poisoning

(Newser) - It could be pollution, a fatal illness, or even intentional poisoning by local fishermen. But while the cause may still be disputed, the fact that 500 dead sea lions ended up on a Peruvian beach is not. Both young and old sea lions were found rotting on Anconcillo beach about...

PETA Slams Kim Kardashian on Dolphin Swim

Animal rights group blasts star for violating captive creatures' personal space

(Newser) - Some people believe Kim Kardashian is a menace to the thinking public, but PETA has stronger words for the reality-TV star: The animal rights group is calling her downright "dangerous" and "intrusive" to animals after Kim K posted an Instagram video of her cruising around on captive dolphins...

Serious Problem in the Ocean: Sardine Crash
 Serious Problem in the 
 Ocean: Sardine Crash 
in case you missed it

Serious Problem in the Ocean: Sardine Crash

Predators, fishermen suffering as a result

(Newser) - The West Coast sardine population was down 72% since 2006 per a fall assessment—the worst crash since the mid-20th century, and one with far-reaching implications, particularly since the steep decline is expected to continue. One of those implications: Ocean predators that depend on sardines may be starving, the Los ...

Sea Lion Bites Couple Off of Venice Beach

Lifeguards call it a first

(Newser) - A sea lion bit a pair of swimmers in Venice Beach last night, in what lifeguards say may be the first case of such an event occurring in the area. KTLA reports that a woman was bit on the leg around 6:30pm; her husband came to her aid, only...

Baby Sea Lion Goes Up on the Roof

California man hears noises, finds visitor on 2nd-floor deck

(Newser) - A California man who heard noises outside his apartment investigated and found himself nose-to-snout with a baby sea lion—on his two-story building's roof deck. "I think, maybe this guy can be my friend?" blogged Mike Kai . "Maybe he can live in my bathtub like the 1994 classic...

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