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PETA Hears From Twitter After Statement on Lagerfeld's Death

Organization defends its statement about fur

(Newser) - PETA evidently saw the death of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as a fitting opportunity to make a statement about wearing fur. Not everyone agreed, People reports. Ingrid Newkirk, the organization's president, said in a statement that Lagerfeld’s death "marks the end of an era when fur and...

What Karl Lagerfeld Thought About Tattoos, the Middletons

Legendary fashion designer has died

(Newser) - Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who died Tuesday , was almost as famous for his biting and often controversial quips as he was for his fashion designs. Here are a few of his memorable quotes, per the AP :
  • On style: "If you come and ask me, 'I want to be

A Fashion Icon Is Dead
A Fashion Icon Is Dead

A Fashion Icon Is Dead

Designer Karl Lagerfeld was 85

(Newser) - Women's Wear Daily calls him "one of the most prolific, admired and multi-talented fashion figures of the modern age." It's one of the assessments coming in Tuesday morning upon the news that German designer Karl Lagerfeld has died at 85. Lagerfeld joined Chanel in 1983...

Meryl Streep: Lagerfeld Lied, Owes Me an Apology

As does 'Women's Wear Daily,' actress says

(Newser) - Meryl Streep is not happy with Karl Lagerfeld or Women's Wear Daily right now. After the designer claimed Streep changed her mind about wearing Chanel to the Oscars in favor of a different designer who agreed to pay her, Streep denied the story and Lagerfeld issued a statement retracting...

Karl Lagerfeld Calls Meryl Streep 'Cheap'

He claims she wanted to be paid to wear Chanel to the Oscars

(Newser) - Meryl Streep apparently won't be wearing Chanel to the Oscars on Sunday. Designer Karl Lagerfeld tells Women's Wear Daily that Streep ordered a dress from his most recent collection for the fashion house, with one adjustment, to wear to the Academy Awards—then changed her mind. A rep...

There's a Waiting List for These $3K Pencils

Karl Lagerfeld's special edition colored pencil set has sold out

(Newser) - It isn't a handbag or a pussy bow blouse , but Karl Lagerfeld's latest star turn has design aficionados swooning. There's a waiting list at New York's Museum of Modern Art's shop for Lagerfeld's KARLBOX, a collection of colored pencils, markers, paintbrushes and other artsy...

Designer Lagerfeld's 5 Best Q&A Responses

Fashion designer is a big, big fan of his cat

(Newser) - Never -( ever - ever )- not - interesting fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld did a Q&A with New York magazine last night while he was in New York presenting a new collection. Our five favorite responses:
  • In response to "You've been doing collections all over the

Kim, Kanye's Kid Makes Modeling Debut

North West models Chanel—yes, really

(Newser) - North West is leading exactly the life you'd expect the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to lead—i.e., she has made her modeling debut at just 13 months. The babe appears, sporting a Chanel brooch and bag, in the fall issue of CR Fashion Book , which...

Chanel 'Supermarket' Looted After Paris Show

Karl Lagerfeld thinks the supermarket is 'the pop art of today'

(Newser) - Chanel's show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday had a somewhat pedestrian theme: The Grand Palais, where the show was held, was turned into a Chanel supermarket. There were rows of food and household items, all with Chanel-branded names like Coco beer and Tweed cola, and models pushed shopping carts...

Lagerfeld, Chanel Trade Heels for ... Sneakers

Couture collection offers a surprise

(Newser) - The footwear at Chanel's summer 2014 couture collection unveiling in Paris yesterday caused the audience to actually gasp, and the New York Times to lead its review with: "Look at the shoes! Look at their SHOES!" What could the models possibly have been wearing? Sneakers. "Flat,...

Lagerfeld Hates Michelle's Bangs

They were 'a bad idea,' designer laments

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld, never one to pause before voicing his opinions , will have you know that he's no fan of Michelle Obama's new bangs . On a French TV show (on which he was supposed to be discussing Paris Fashion Week), the designer noted, "I don’t understand the...

Karl Lagerfeld Does Not Like Pippa Middleton's Face

Her sister Kate, however, has a 'romantic' look

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld continued his transition from fashion designer to cranky old man with yet another hilariously mean observation : Pippa Middleton "struggles" with her looks, at least from the front. While praising Kate Middleton, Lagerfeld revealed that he does not enjoy looking at her sister, the Sun reports.

Lagerfeld Sorry About Those Fat Comments

Fashion designer apologizes to Adele, says he's her biggest fan

(Newser) - For once, Karl Lagerfeld is actually apologizing for calling someone fat : His recent comments about Adele's physique were taken out of context, the fashion designer tells Metro in a statement. "I'd like to say to Adele that I am your biggest admirer," he continues, calling her...

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'
 Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat' 

Karl Lagerfeld: Adele 'Too Fat'

And Lana Del Rey has a lot of implants, says fashion designer

(Newser) - It's always fun when Karl Lagerfeld opens his mouth , which he did quite a bit during a recent stint as guest editor of Metro . His most buzz-generating quote is about Adele: "The thing at the moment is Adele," he says. "She is a little too fat,...

Lagerfeld: Royal Wedding a Sea of 'Fat Legs'

Chanel designer also divulges his love for DSK

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld, never one to mince words , was apparently not a fan of the fashion he saw at the royal wedding. It was a mess of “bad proportions,” “ugly hats,” and “short skirts on fat legs,” the Chanel designer said recently, recalling his stint...

Lagerfeld Slams 'Fat Mummies'
 Lagerfeld Slams 'Fat Mummies' 

Lagerfeld Slams 'Fat Mummies'

Karl Lagerfeld won't be joining the real women revolution anytime soon...

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld is not a fan of Brigitte magazine’s recent decision to stop using models in its pages. The 71-year-old designer tells Focus magazine the decision is “absurd” and “no one wants to see round women,” the Guardian reports. The women who complain about models, Lagerfeld...

Recession Jolts French Couture, and Psyche

Luxury industry tanks, moving some to dig up conservative values

(Newser) - For France, recession isn’t just an economic event, it’s a cultural revolution, the New York Times reports. The country is at once panicking—the layoff of 200 Chanel temporary workers was a major event—and rejoicing. Many are thrilled to see France’s obsession with high-end living come...

World's Most Influential Make Time
World's Most Influential
Make Time

World's Most Influential Make Time

Bernanke, Pitt, Clooney & Putin join list of 100 movers & shakers

(Newser) - It’s not often Hillary Clinton, the Dalai Lama, and Judd Apatow find themselves on the same list. But they've all made Time's annual pick of the world’s 100 most influential people, ranging from artists and intellectuals to scientists and politicians (including George Bush and all three presidential hopefuls)....

Chanel Eyes Cobain 'Teen Spirit'

15-year-old daughter of Love and Cobain may be Lagerfeld's new face

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld wants grunge god Kurt Cobain's 15-year-old living legacy as the face of his next Chanel ad campaign, the Daily Mail reports. Rocker mom Courtney Love keeps a tight leash on Frances Bean Cobain, who posed for a number of mags earlier this year, so no deal has been...

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