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Man Sued for Taking Topless Photos Atop NYC Landmark

Empire State Building owners not pleased with 86th-floor shot

(Newser) - The Empire State Building's owners feel strongly about the landmark's reputation as a "safe and secure family friendly tourist attraction"—so much so that it's suing a photographer who temporarily made it a little too R-rated. On Aug. 9, Allen Henson had a model strip...

'Topless Hairstylist' Faces Criminal Charges

But not for what you might think

(Newser) - A woman who allegedly offered topless hairstyling services in northern Colorado faces criminal charges. But police say the problem isn't cutting hair without a top. It's cutting hair without a license. The Longmont Times-Call reports 46-year-old Suzette Hall was arrested Wednesday night on suspicion of practicing cosmetology without...

Woman: 16 Days in NJ Jail a 'Death Sentence'

Topless-rights activist Phoenix Feeley threatens hunger strike

(Newser) - Phoenix Feeley thinks that conditions at Monmouth County Jail in New Jersey are so bad that a 16-day stay there amounts to a "death sentence." Feeley, a 33-year-old professional fire-eater, has been locked up for refusing to pay a $816 fine for going topless at Spring Lake beach...

Vatican's Anti-Gay Stance Yields Topless Protest

4 gay-rights activists cause a stir during Pope's weekly address

(Newser) - The Vatican is doubling down on its anti-gay marriage stance, which today had the unlikely result of a group of women ripping their shirts off as Pope Benedict gave his Sunday address, reports Reuters . Four members of the Ukrainian Femen group screamed "homophobes, shut up!" and shed their...

Topless Keira Knightley: I&#39;m Not Anorexic
 Topless Keira 
 Knightley: I'm 
 Not Anorexic 
'allure' interview

Topless Keira Knightley: I'm Not Anorexic

Actress talks nudity, body image in 'Allure'

(Newser) - Keira Knightley goes topless in the December issue of Allure , and addresses all those rumors that she's anorexic:
  • On nudity in her film roles: "I'm quite rigorous about what gets exposed. No bottom half! I don't mind exposing my tits because they're so small—people

YouPorn Offers 'Open Check' for Kate-William Sex Pics

Palace says royals will file a criminal complaint

(Newser) - Just in case a weary world hasn't seen enough royal skin lately , the proprietors of are trying to get us even more: TMZ has gotten its paws on a letter from the porn site to Laurence Pieau, editrix at Closer, who defended publishing the topless photos of...

French Mag Prints Topless Kate Pics
 William, Kate Sue 
 Over Topless Pics 

William, Kate Sue Over Topless Pics

French magazine posts photos of her

(Newser) - Prince Harry has some company, because now his sister-in-law Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is embroiled in her own nude photo scandal, the BBC reports. French magazine Closer published blurry topless pictures of Kate, apparently taken with a long lens while she and Prince William were on a private holiday...

Facebook Blocks New Yorker's Cartoon Boobs

Site apologizes for mistake, says it's taken steps to correct

(Newser) - Even the New Yorker's getting too raunchy for puritanical Facebook administrators, Gawker has discovered. The Facebook page for the magazine's cartoons was temporarily blocked when the New Yorker posted a drawing of Adam and Eve sitting against an apple tree, with Eve remarking: "Well, it was original....

Breast Cancer Survivor Can Swim Topless in Seattle Pool

Officials modify 'gender appropriate' policy for Jodi Jaecks

(Newser) - A breast cancer survivor has won the right to swim topless in a public pool in Seattle. Jodi Jaecks, who had both breasts removed in her cancer fight, was having a difficult time finding comfortable swimming suits, and since she had no breasts to cover up, appealed to swim top-free....

Mexican Candidate Goes Topless in Ads

Congressional hopeful Natalia Juarez wants to 'wake up' voters

(Newser) - How do you wake up voters? If you're a female candidate you could whip off your top. That's the strategy of a philosophy professor who wants to be in Mexico's congress. Natalia Juarez, 34, gave her campaign a jolt by posing for a head-turning billboard ad with...

Fight to Close Only Chicago Topless Bar Spans 18 Years
Fight to Close Only Chicago
Topless Bar Spans 18 Years
epic struggles

Fight to Close Only Chicago Topless Bar Spans 18 Years

If this struggle were a child, it would almost be old enough to go to said bar...

(Newser) - VIP's A Gentleman's Club can brag that it's "Chicago’s only full liquor and topless bar"—but it's a title backed by quite the struggle. Owner Perry Mandera has been fighting to keep his club open since City Hall set its sights on it...

Gwyneth Goes Topless for Vanity Fair

And she looks great, declares the 'Daily Mail'

(Newser) - Gwyneth Paltrow wears little more than Louis Vuitton jewelry in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, out tomorrow. Paltrow, 38, who also donned fishnets, modeled a necklace, earrings, and rings for the magazine's jewelry calendar, OK! reports. The mother of two has "no trace of any stretch marks,...

Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless for Smartwater

New ad stirs up lots of interest, 'Adweek' notes

(Newser) - First she made a "sex tape" hawking Smartwater, now Jennifer Aniston has gone topless for the brand. In Adweek , David Kiefaber calls the new photo "topless yet modest," but bemoans the fact that people are so excited by it: "Really, is it that surprising that she'...

Draft-Dodging Refaeli Poses Topless in Army Helmet

Israeli model's 'GQ' cover is kinda ironic

(Newser) - Bar Refaeli allegedly dodged the draft in Israel via a sham marriage —which makes her recent cover shoot for GQ Italia rather ironic. The Israeli model poses topless, wearing an army helmet, seven years after she escaped mandatory national service in the Israeli Defense Forces. The Daily Mail has...

College Paper Goes 'Topless' Over Stripper Story

La Salle's Collegian protests university ban on story above the fold

(Newser) - A Philadelphia college newspaper has gone topless to publish a story alleging a professor used exotic dancers in a business seminar. La Salle University students say administrators would not let them print the story above the fold on the front page, so the top half of Thursday's Collegian is...

Obama Bans Topless Photos
Obama Bans
Topless Photos

Obama Bans Topless Photos

No more hunky 'buff Bam'

(Newser) - President Obama is apparently getting shy (or flabby?) in his advancing years as president. Reporters have been given strict instructions not to snap pics of a topless president while he's vacationing in Hawaii, reports the New York Times . That means no more hunka-hunka shots and no more memorable headlines like...

Mass. Voters Reject Topless Proposal
Massachusetts Voters Reject Topless Proposal

Massachusetts Voters Reject Topless Proposal

Keep you shirt on, say people of Pittsfield

(Newser) - Massachusetts voters in Pittsfield don't want the town's women walking around topless. A ballot measure pushing for women's right to go topless in public anywhere that males can was defeated by a margin of more than 2 to 1, the Boston Globe reports. Voters speaking to the Berkshire Eagle on...

Jennifer Aniston to Go Topless

Maybe this will boost the box office?

(Newser) - From a bust at the box office to a ... bust. Jennifer Aniston will go topless in her next role, and it gets more risque from there. The actress has signed on to Judd Apatow's Wanderlust, in which she'll play a "free-loving" married woman (to hubby Paul Rudd) who moves...

How Topless Sunbathing Restored My Confidence

The South of France is the perfect antidote to insecurity

(Newser) - After Lee Harrington got a breast reduction, she had “moments of neurosis,” looking down at her size Bs and wondering, "Did I make a mistake?” A summer spent topless in the south of France finally restored her confidence once and for all. “It seemed like the...

Women Rally to Go Topless
 Women Rally to Go Topless 

Women Rally to Go Topless

Over the top protest against 'gender discrimination'

(Newser) - The protesters wanted to get something off their chest—namely, their tops—and most passers-by were thrilled they did. A Los Angeles beach yesterday became the latest site of the growing "Go Topless" movement by women who are demanding the same rights as men to go bare chested. Some...

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