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Jayson Blair: Jonah Lehrer's Lies Just as Stupid as Mine

Fellow disgraced reporter weighs in on fabrication scandal

(Newser) - Jonah Lehrer's fabrication scandal gets the once-over today from none other than Jayson Blair, who admitted to plagiarism in his New York Times articles nine years ago. "It’s remarkable to me that someone who grew up professionally in the context of my scandal could make such...

Disgraced Reporter Jayson Blair Now a Life Coach

Psychologist: 'he can relate to patients just beautifully'

(Newser) - Former journalist Jayson Blair knows his new profession—life coach—smacks some people in the face like a bad punchline. "People say, 'Wait a minute. You're a life coach?' That makes no sense,'" says Blair, who’s best known for foisting plagiarism and fabrications into the pages of...

Bush Strikes Chord at Scribes Dinner

Prez pokes fun at his final White House correspondents gala

(Newser) - President Bush did a star turn at his final White House correspondents dinner—showing video snippets of previous appearances and grabbing a baton to conduct the Marine Corps Band in Stars & Stripes Forever. Correspondents were way down the pecking order behind celebrities like Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Martha Stewart,...

3 Stories
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