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McDonald's Is Building a 'Larger Satiating Burger'

Company plans to roll it out in test markets this year

(Newser) - McDonald's CFO Ian Borden recently described the battle for fast-food customers as a "street fight"—and one thing the company plans to bring to the fight is a bigger burger, possibly its biggest ever. The chain brought back the Double Big Mac, with four patties, earlier this...

Good News for Chipotle Workers: Let Them Eat Chicken Again

Fast-food chain rescinds directive that staff not order chicken in meals due to customer demand

(Newser) - Excellent news if you love chicken and you happen to work at Chipotle: You're allowed to order the pollo version of your meals again. After a strong suggestion was sent last week to staffers in the US and Canada asking them not to add chicken to any of their...

McDonald's Scoops Up All of Its Restaurants in Israel

Fast-food giant buys 225 eateries from franchisee Alonyal after costly boycotts amid war

(Newser) - McDonald's is buying its restaurants in Israel from a longtime franchisee, hoping to reset sales that have slumped due to boycotts in the region. The Chicago-based burger giant said Friday it will buy Alonyal Limited, which owns and operates 225 restaurants in Israel. Financial terms weren't disclosed. The...

For California's Fast-Food Workers, Monday Is a Big Day

New state law mandating $20 an hour takes effect

(Newser) - Most fast-food workers in California will be paid at least $20 an hour beginning Monday when a new law is scheduled to kick in, per the AP .
  • Democrats in the state Legislature passed the law last year in part as an acknowledgement that many of the more than 500,000

You Want Krispy Kreme With That?
You Want a
With That?

You Want a Doughnut With That?

By the end of 2026, you can find Krispy Kreme in all of McDonald's US locations

(Newser) - Well, this is exciting for fans of fat, salt, and sugar: McDonald's, that longtime burger purveyor and expander of America's waistline, is teaming with fellow expansion artist Krispy Kreme to offer doughnuts in all of its US restaurants by the end of 2026. As CNBC reports, the deal...

34K+ Big Macs and Counting: Guy Is Still Eating Them

Guinness record holder Don Gorske has consumed an unimaginable quantity of the McDonald's burger

(Newser) - Two years ago, Don Gorske hit a taste bud-teasing milestone: a half-century of scarfing down Big Macs almost every day. Now, the Wisconsin man can claim even more Big Mac bragging rights, extending the record-holding status he first reached with Guinness World Records in 1999 by eating 34,128 of...

Wendy's: It's 'Dynamic Pricing,' Not 'Surge Pricing'

Wendy's pushes back on reports, says it's not using surge pricing to up prices in high-demand times

(Newser) - Wendy's is pushing back at reports on its plans to use dynamic pricing, where the cost of menu items changes depending on demand. "To clarify, Wendy's will not implement surge pricing," the company said in a Tuesday statement, per the AP . "We didn't use...

Fast-Food Pay Raises Will Affect California Menus

As new $20 minimum wage goes into effect in April, companies say they'll raise prices

(Newser) - California fast-food workers are set to receive a significant pay hike in April—and chain owners say they're preparing to cover the bump in operational costs by raising the prices on their burgers and burritos. The Wall Street Journal reports that minimum wage for this group will rise to...

Starbucks: You Can Use Your Own Cup at Drive-Thru
Starbucks Has
Gone 'Fully BYOC'

Starbucks Has Gone 'Fully BYOC'

Patrons can now fill up not only at the counter, but also at drive-thru or via mobile app with their own cups

(Newser) - Starbucks has made a big move in the new year—it's gone "fully BYOC." That's "bring your own cup," per the Washington Post , which reports that the coffee giant is now permitting customers to fill up on their favorite beverage using their own reusable...

McDonald's Is Launching Spinoff Chain CosMc's

Chain 'rooted in beverage exploration' is based on alien McDonaldland character from the '80s

(Newser) - Remember McDonaldland character CosMc? Neither do we, but McDonald's is creating a spinoff restaurant chain based on the hungry alien, who appeared in ads in the late '80s and early '90s. The company says the chain, a possible rival to Starbucks, will focus on "customizable" drinks,...

Judge Sentences Woman to Work in Fast-Food Restaurant

Ohio women threw food in Chipotle worker's face

(Newser) - A woman who threw a bowl of hot food in a Chipotle worker's face is going to get a taste of life on the other side of the counter. Rosemary Hayne, 39, was originally sentenced to six months in jail for the assault at the Parma, Ohio, restaurant, with...

McDonald's Makes Dozens of Tweaks to Its Burgers

It's part of an overhaul in the works for 7 years, reports 'Wall Street Journal'

(Newser) - McDonald's burgers will start looking a little different over the next few months, and the chain hopes they'll taste different, too. The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald's has been working on an overhaul for seven years, with all US locations expected to have them by early...

We May Never Get Out of Our Cars Again to Eat

Drive-thru use has spiked since the pandemic hit, as consumers still balk at being social

(Newser) - There's always something going on at the drive-thru, but that may be simply because so many people are using it these days. It's an uptick that arose after COVID's arrival, with customers who now crave "speed and solitude" when picking up a meal outside the home,...

Man Loses Suit Accusing McDonald's, Wendy's of False Advertising

Plaintiff failed to show ads of burgers were misleading, judge rules in dismissal

(Newser) - A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit that accused McDonald's and Wendy's of misleading consumers with ads that show bigger, juicier burgers than their restaurants actually serve. In an opinion released over the weekend, US District Judge Hector Gonzalez said the images on the companies'...

He Hadn't Missed Work in Nearly 3 Decades, Gets a Big Reward
He Hadn't Missed Work in
3 Decades, Gets Big Reward
in case you missed it

He Hadn't Missed Work in 3 Decades, Gets Big Reward

GoFundMe for Las Vegas Burger King worker Kevin Ford has brought in more than $400K

(Newser) - Last June, a worker at a Nevada Burger King became an unexpected star, lauded for the fact that he hadn't missed a scheduled shift in 27 years. Kevin Ford's brush with fame came courtesy of a video he'd posted on TikTok that highlighted his impressive work ethic...

Thousands Volunteer to Change Their Name to Subway

Contest winner will get free subs for life

(Newser) - Subway is going to name the winner of its latest free-subs-for-life contest later this month—and the winner will be named "Subway." The Name Change Challenge, which closed August 4, offered free sandwiches for life, in the form of $50,000 in gift cards, in return for contestants...

Family Awarded $800K in Chicken McNugget Burn Suit

McDonald's, franchisee had already been found liable

(Newser) - A Broward County jury on Wednesday awarded the family of a girl who was burned by a Chicken McNugget from her McDonald's Happy Meal $800,000, CNN reports. That covers pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience, and loss of capacity for enjoyment of life, with half of the...

Who Needs Burger in Its Cheeseburgers? Not Burger King
Burger King, Why
Are You Doing This?
in case you missed it

Burger King, Why Are You Doing This?

Thailand division is hawking a cheeseburger with no burger meat, up to 20 slices of American cheese

(Newser) - If your favorite part of a cheeseburger is the cheese, Burger King has just the meal for you. You'll have to travel to Thailand to sample it, but "this is for real!" the fast-food giant says of its burgerless cheeseburger, which features the usual sesame-seed bun but...

Dunkin' Debuts New Dish in Reinvigorated 'Breakfast Wars'

Breakfast tacos are latest menu item that chains are serving up to draw in morning customers

(Newser) - You'd think Taco Bell would be the first major fast-food chain to offer morning tacos, but a different eatery entirely now has them on the menu. As Insider puts it, "the breakfast wars are heating up again," as Dunkin' makes a front-line push with its Wednesday debut...

Subway Ponders $10B Sale: Report
Subway Eyes $10B Deal: Report

Subway Eyes $10B Deal: Report

It would be 'one of the most expensive deals for a restaurant chain in history'

(Newser) - Subway, a fast-food company that has remained in the hands of its two founding families for more than 50 years, is exploring a possible sale. The restaurant chain with more US locations than any other has retained advisers to explore selling the company for as much as $10 billion, the...

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