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Facebook Could File IPO Papers Next Week: Insiders

Sources say Morgan Stanley is close to landing the deal

(Newser) - Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Facebook could file papers for its IPO as early as Wednesday, and that Morgan Stanley will likely be chosen as the lead underwriter. The company is looking at a valuation between $75 billion and $100 billion; people have said earlier that the IPO...

S&P Downgrades Credit Ratings of Top US Banks

Standard & Poor's applies new criteria to banks around the world

(Newser) - Standard & Poor's is adjusting the ratings on 37 of the world's largest financial institutions, and that means downgrades for the biggest banks in the US. Bank of America and its main subsidiaries were among those cut at least one notch today, along with Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan...

Banks to Pay SEC for Financial Crisis Fraud

They're near deal to settle allegations on mortgage-bond deals

(Newser) - A number of top Wall Street banks are on the verge of settling fraud allegations with the SEC for the mortgage-bond shenanigans that led to the financial crisis, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The cases are being handled individually, since each bank faces substantially different charges, with the first...

IPO Talks Peg Value of Groupon at Staggering $15B

Public offering could come in spring

(Newser) - Social deal site Groupon is moving toward an initial public offering that values the company at the princely sum of $15 billion, the New York Times reports. The company met with bankers this week to discuss the IPO, likely to occur in the spring; it would be one of the...

Felony Charges Dropped in Hit-and-Run... that a Morgan Stanley wealth manager can keep job

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Colorado want Martin Joel Erzinger to keep his job as a financial manager to the ultra-wealthy—so they dropped felony charges against him in a hit-and-run case. Erzinger, 52, will instead face two misdemeanor charges for allegedly hitting bicyclist Dr. Steven Milo on July 3 and then fleeing...

Morgan Stanley Hit With Criminal Investigation

Prosecutors looking into mortgage deals

(Newser) - Looks like Goldman Sachs might have some company. Federal prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation into some of Morgan Stanley's mortgage derivative deals, the Wall Street Journal reports. Morgan Stanley created several mortgage-backed CDOs that it then bet against. Some it marketed itself, while others were sold by Citigroup and...

Liberals Push to Toughen Bank Bill

See Goldman troubles as opening to break up banks, restore firewall

(Newser) - The Left is suddenly playing offense in the push for financial reform legislation, with liberal senators preparing a barrage of amendments to beef up the bill. One would break up the nation's six largest banks—Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley—whose combined assets...

Democrats Defy Wall Street, GOP on Bank Reform

Banks trying mightily to kill restrictions on derivatives

(Newser) - Democrats defied Wall Street lobbyists’ push to kill new reforms on derivative trading yesterday, and got an earful from Republicans for their troubles. Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley have been leaning heavily on Blanche Lincoln’s Agriculture Committee to scrap a plan to force derivatives—which, incidentally, played a...

Morgan Stanley Boss: Bankers Are Overpaid

But that's not going to change unless Washington steps in

(Newser) - John Mack, chairman and former CEO of Morgan Stanley, says Wall Street overpays its bankers, but that won’t change unless Washington steps in. “I still don’t think the industry gets it,” he said at an event yesterday. “The issue is not structure, it is amount....

Goldman Sachs Gives Blankfein $9M Bonus

CEO receives units of stock that can't be sold for 5 years

(Newser) - Lloyd Blankfein's bonus for 2009 is $9 million, Goldman Sachs said today—a nice bump from last year's zero, but a far cry from the $67.9 million the CEO scored in 2007 and from the $100 million he was reportedly expecting. " The firm produced very good results for...

Wall Street's Finest Head to DC Showdown

Commission styled after 9/11 inquiry probes meltdown

(Newser) - Four of Wall Street's fattest fatcats are headed to Washington this morning to do some explaining about how exactly it was that the United States of America came to teeter on the brink of financial Armageddon. A 9/11 Commission-style panel appointed by Congress has the job of writing the narrative...

Bonuses at Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Goldman Hit $30B
Bonuses at Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Goldman Hit $30B

Bonuses at Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Goldman Hit $30B

Average payout will be five times median household income in US

(Newser) - Recession? What recession? Some Wall Street firms are not feeling any pain this year as record bonuses at just three of the top firms are likely to hit an eye-popping $30 billion. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, the three biggest banks to be bailed out by the feds,...

8 Days That Shook the Financial World
8 Days That Shook the Financial World

8 Days That Shook the Financial World

James Stewart on the week that Lehman failed, and meltdown loomed

(Newser) - James Stewart’s reconstruction of the 8 nail-biting days, a year ago, in which the federal government stepped in to stop the collapse of the world financial system—published in the New Yorker this week, just as Fed chief Ben Bernanke was declaring the recession officially over—makes riveting, tense...

Mack Steps Down as Morgan Stanley CEO

Ends tumultuous 4 years, including bank's near collapse

(Newser) - John Mack is stepping down after 4 years as CEO of Morgan Stanley, the bank that nearly succumbed at the height of the financial crisis. Morgan Stanley has seen its reputation suffer in recent years after ill-advised moves into real-estate-backed assets that cost the bank billions, raising questions about Mack's...

Banks Get Back to Risky Business as Usual

Plans to overhaul regulation losing momentum as banks return to health

(Newser) - Banks that teetered on the edge of extinction last year are returning to their old ways as the shock of the financial crisis fades, the Wall Street Journal reports. The banks are handing out hefty compensation packages again and dealing in the same risky financial instruments that caused last year's...

US Reaps Profit as Banks Pay Back TARP Funds

Fed pulls in $14B from loan programs

(Newser) - When the government spent some $240 billion last year to help avert financial disaster, the idea of making a profit from the TARP funds invested in teetering banks looked like a long shot. Now, however, profits from eight banks who’ve paid back the cash have totaled some $4 billion,...

US Banks Hiring Again After Layoffs, Bailouts

But headhunting 'selective,' notes banker

(Newser) - After cutting thousands of jobs over the past two years, American banks are rushing to fill them again as business picks up, Reuters reports. “Back in March and April, no one really knew if the investment banking business was going to exist again," said a search firm exec....

Wall Street Rakes in $1B in Fees on AIG Breakup

Morgan Stanley set to pocket $250M in 'advisory services'

(Newser) - The crumbling of AIG forced taxpayers to take on 80% of the company, but breaking the insurance giant up is turning out to be a bonanza for lawyers and banks. The Wall Street Journal calculates that firms will pull in $1 billion in fees from AIG and the Fed—one...

Young Media Doomsayer Rivets Industry

News is finished, Twitter is pointless, says teenage sage

(Newser) - A report on teen views of media written by a 15-year-old Morgan Stanley intern has become the talk of Wall Street and Sun Valley, with CEOs and fund managers old enough to be his grandparents jumping on its conclusions. Londoner Matthew Robson claims that his generation has no use for...

Bailed-Out Bank Execs Fly Corporate Jets to Resorts

Citi, BoA, Morgan Stanley CEOs jetted off after cash infusions

(Newser) - Executives at bailed-out banks are still using company jets to fly to vacation homes and resorts, the Wall Street Journal reports. The newspaper reviewed FAA records to find that banks receiving federal aid have flown top execs to locales such as the Caribbean, Aspen, and Europe. Case in point: Less...

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