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It's Not a Happy 4/20 for Pot Investors

Lack of progress in DC has crashed stock prices

(Newser) - Today is the annual celebration of cannabis culture, but with legalization efforts stalled in Washington, DC, investors in cannabis companies don't have a lot to celebrate, reports the Wall Street Journal . The value of many well-known marijuana stocks has dropped by more than 50%, and they could fall further...

Cops Put Cheetos in 4/20 'Trap' for Pot Smokers

They say the joke has a serious purpose

(Newser) - If Minnesota's Wyoming Police Department had been serious, it might've actually nabbed some pot smokers with its "discreet" trap on 4/20 . As it is, the department instead got plenty of laughs —and even praise —for a tweeted photo showing an officer holding a net near...

4/20 Is Christmas for America's New Legal Weed Businesses
As Weed Hits Mainstream, 
Businesses Brace for 4/20
The Rundown

As Weed Hits Mainstream, Businesses Brace for 4/20

'We're just expecting to get slammed'

(Newser) - April 20 isn't just a holiday for stoners: In a world where recreational marijuana is legal in eight states, it's basically the entire Christmas shopping season rolled into a single day for pot businesses. "We're just expecting to get slammed," the owner of a smoking...

Happy 4/20: Snapchat Takes Flak Over Bob Marley Filter

And other marijuana-related headlines

(Newser) - It is 4/20, as pot smokers everywhere—or the people who sell to them—are surely aware. Some related stories:
  • Snapchat marked the day with a special Bob Marley filter for your selfies. The problem is that a loud chorus on social media is complaining that it amounts to "

Why Is It Called 4/20 Anyway?
 Why Is It Called 4/20 Anyway? 

Why Is It Called 4/20 Anyway?

You can thank a bunch of California stoners in the 1970s

(Newser) - Happy 4/20, hippies! In honor of marijuana's biggest day of the year, potheads nationwide will light up $4.20 joints, throw 4/20 concerts, hold 4/20 bake-offs, ring in 4:20pm—and some will even do it legally, now that the Man has horned in on the action—all in...

Colorado Lights It Up With (Legal) 4/20 Bash

Tens of thousands throng Denver for pot holiday

(Newser) - Potheads in Colorado aren't letting a little thing like the fact that The Man says it's OK deter them from lighting up a 4/20 weekend that's suddenly gone mainstream: As CNN reports, the Mile High City is throwing itself a party that by some estimates has attracted...

Shooting at 4/20 Pro-Pot Rally Injures 3

Denver event saw record crowds, police were concerned about security

(Newser) - A pro-pot rally celebrating unofficial 'Weed Day' 4/20 turned violent yesterday when shots rang out at the Denver event, injuring three. "It was peaceful; everybody was having fun," says one witness—and the air was thick with marijuana smoke. The gunfire started around 5pm, 40 minutes after...

In Time for 4/20: Hemp Vodka

Sorry, it won't get you high

(Newser) - Don't bogart that bottle, my friend. In the counterculture world, "420" is the code for cannabis consumption, and April 20—or 4/20—is the holy day. On this April 20, the Alaska Distillery is introducing its hemp seed vodka. This is the same company that two years ago...

Pot Holiday Goes Mainstream
 Pot Holiday Goes Mainstream  

Pot Holiday Goes Mainstream

Goofy 'holiday' becomes touchstone for legalization advocates

(Newser) - Marijuana enthusiasts will toke up today in celebration of 420, the pot holiday that corresponds to the code for pot consumption across the nation, the Monitor reports. The term 420 was hatched in 1971 by a dozen high school pot smokers who used to meet at 4:20 in the...

Happy 4/20, Hollywood's Highest

Stars from Paris to Brad are probably celebrating today

(Newser) - We all know that Seth Rogen and the rest of Team Apatow are probably celebrating “Pot Day.” But what other celebs are joining them? In honor of 4/20, BuzzFeed compiled a list of Hollywood’s highest:
  • James Franco: “There's a reason he’s squinting in almost every

Dude...Where's My Sponsor?
Dude...Where's My Sponsor?

Dude...Where's My Sponsor?

As 4/20 nears holiday status, pot-smokers' festivities curry favor with advertisers

(Newser) - Major corporations are trying to see dollar signs through the haze of pot smoke hovering over this year's 4/20 stonerpalooza, as the pseudo-holiday gains national attention with its large, (idly) devoted following on college campuses. This year, festivities will include stoner cinema debuts like "Harold and Kumar Escape From...

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