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Spotlight Shines Hot on Trump Prosecutor in Georgia

Focus turns to Nathan Wade, who a court filing complains was improperly hired by DA Fani Willis

(Newser) - A co-defendant in the Georgia election interference case against former President Trump filed a motion this week making a "bombshell" allegation: that Fulton County DA Fani Willis hired her romantic partner as the special prosecutor in the case against Trump, and that she and Nathan Wade both benefited financially...

DeSantis Suspends Orlando's Top Prosecutor

Accuses state attorney of 'allowing violent criminals to roam the streets'

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday suspended the top prosecutor in Orlando, saying she had neglected her duty to prosecute criminals. "It is my duty as governor to ensure that the laws enacted by our duly elected Legislature are followed," DeSantis said during a news conference announcing the...

Ousted Prosecutor Accuses DeSantis of 'Blatant Abuse of Power'

Andrew Warren has filed a federal lawsuit

(Newser) - Update: A Florida prosecutor ousted by Gov. Ron DeSantis is suing to get his job back, accusing the Republican governor of "blatant abuse of power." Andrew Warren, who was suspended as state attorney in Hillsborough County earlier this month, accused DeSantis of violating his First Amendment rights in...

Ex-Prosecutor in Trump Case Claims 'Grave Failure of Justice'

Mark Pomerantz says Trump is guilty of multiple felonies despite no indictment

(Newser) - A senior Manhattan prosecutor who led the investigation of Donald Trump's finances says the former president is "guilty of numerous felony violations" and it's "a grave failure of justice" not to indict him. The investigating team "harbors no doubt about whether he committed crimes—he...

DOJ Investigating Prosecutor After 60 Minutes Interview on Riot

US District Judge Amit Mehta says Michael Sherwin's interview 'surprised' him

(Newser) - A high-profile 60 Minutes interview on the Capitol riot has jump-started an internal Justice Department probe into the prosecutor who gave it. The piece that aired Sunday featured Michael Sherwin , the former US Attorney in DC who revealed he'd witnessed firsthand the chaos on Jan. 6, and that he...

Top Prosecutor Put on Running Clothes to See Riot Firsthand

Michael Sherwin, US attorney for DC, recounts how the day turned violent

(Newser) - At least some of the 400 people arrested so far in the Capitol riot might face the rare charge of sedition —or essentially trying to overthrow the government. Michael Sherwin, who led the Justice Department's initial investigation into the riot as acting US attorney for DC, spoke about...

DoorDash Job Costs Prosecutor
Side Hustle Costs Prosecutor

Side Hustle Costs Prosecutor

DoorDash work during business hours brings demotion, pay cut for Pennsylvania's Gregg Shore

(Newser) - A side job is one thing, but a Pennsylvania prosecutor was making food deliveries for DoorDash when he was supposed to be working on cases. That decision has earned Gregg Shore a $22,000 pay cut and demotion, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports; he made about $130,000 as the No....

St. Louis Gun-Toting Case Gets Very Political

Even the White House is getting involved

(Newser) - Looks like the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters have two high-profile defenders: a governor and a president, the Washington Post reports. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson offered a whole-hearted defense Tuesday of Mark and Patricia McCloskey and said President Trump was also "getting involved" in their case....

Sweden May Soon Be Closing an 'Open Wound'

Prosecutor to release findings Wednesday related to 1986 assassination of PM Olof Palme

(Newser) - Swedes are gearing up for what the Local describes as "one of Sweden's most highly anticipated press conferences in the past three decades." Chief prosecutor Krister Petersson, who's been investigating the unsolved 1986 assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme since 2017, is set to announce...

Prosecutor Used Daughter as Bait to Catch Suspect

He took 13-year-old to trail where she said man had touched her

(Newser) - A California man is accused of interfering with a police investigation and possibly endangering his daughter by using her as bait to catch a man who allegedly molested her—and authorities say that as a prosecutor, he should have known better. According to a police report seen by the San ...

Prosecutor in Central Park 5 Case Faces New Outrage

Linda Fairstein steps down from 2 positions after Netflix series on the case

(Newser) - Former Manhattan prosecutor Linda Fairstein is facing a major backlash almost 30 years after she oversaw the prosecution of five wrongly accused young teenagers for the 1989 beating and rape of a jogger in Central Park. The 72-year-old resigned from Vassar College's board of trustees Tuesday after more than...

Jussie Smollett Investigator: 'I Am Not Perfect'

Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx says she's open to an outside investigation

(Newser) - Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx is open to an outside investigation into her office's decision to drop all charges against Jussie Smollett, the prosecutor wrote in a newspaper editorial. Foxx said in a Friday night op-ed for the Chicago Tribune that a review about prosecutors' decision to...

Here's the Latest Sign Mueller Probe May Be Wrapping Up

Top prosecutor Andrew Weissmann is leaving, sources say

(Newser) - A top prosecutor on Robert Mueller's team is stepping down from the special counsel's office and the Justice Department, the latest sign that the Russia probe may be nearing its end, NPR reports. Andrew Weissmann, who took the lead on Paul Manafort's prosecution, will go back to...

He Was About to Plead Guilty. Then Prosecutor Was Arrested

Charges were dropped against Dennis Michael Simmerman

(Newser) - Dennis Michael Simmerman intended to plead guilty in a case involving the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old boy, after previously admitting he'd done so. Instead, his case was dropped, and an allegedly drunk prosecutor is at the crux of why. The Des Moines Register reports the 23-year-old Iowa man...

Critics: Va. Attorney Shouldn't 'Pop' Her 'Booty' in Rap Video

At least one activist wants Stephanie Morales recalled as Portsmouth Commonwealth's prosecutor

(Newser) - If the phrase "booty poppin" is what you've been needing to hear (over and over and over), you may want to check out a new music video by someone WAVY deems Virginia's new "unlikely rap star." That would be Stephanie Morales, the Portsmouth Commonwealth's...

Prosecutor Punished for Posts About Maxine Waters

Deputy DA also insulted Michelle Obama, Mexicans

(Newser) - A southern California prosecutor was disciplined Monday after posting to social media crude and profane comments about Rep. Maxine Waters, Michelle Obama, Mexican immigrants, and the victim of a police shooting. Michael Selyem, a veteran deputy district attorney who handles gang prosecutions in San Bernardino County, was placed on administrative...

Dallas Prosecutor Fired After Verbal Assault on Uber Driver
Uber Driver Tapes Drink-Fueled
Rant, Dallas Prosecutor Is Fired

Uber Driver Tapes Drink-Fueled Rant, Dallas Prosecutor Is Fired

Jody Warner has apologized for her 'language' but says Shaun Platt isn't telling the whole story

(Newser) - A Texas Uber driver says he was threatened and insulted by an intoxicated Dallas prosecutor while taking her home, and she's now lost her job with the DA's office, per the Washington Post . Shaun Platt, 26, tells ABC News that while transporting 32-year-old Jody Warner home from a...

Inspiring Wisdom From Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor

'It takes courage not to be discouraged': 97-year-old Ben Ferencz

(Newser) - He was front and center at what some call the biggest murder trial in history. That would be the Nuremberg hearings, which brought German SS soldiers forward to face the consequences for their role in the massacre of more than a million people outside of the concentration camps. Lesley Stahl...

Years After Mysterious Death, 1st Nazi Hunter in Limelight

Prosecutor Fritz Bauer wasn't just Jewish, but a gay atheist

(Newser) - Nearly 50 years after he was mysteriously found dead in a bath tub, two new films are helping to put Germany's first Nazi hunter Fritz Bauer "back where he belongs: in the collective consciousness," reports Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung , via AFP . Both Labyrinth of Lies by Giulio...

Prosecutor Sent Innocent Man to Death Row. Now, Payback

Texas lawyer Charles Sebesta disbarred for misconduct in Anthony Graves case

(Newser) - A Texas man spent nearly two decades in prison—more than half of that time on death row—before being exonerated in 2010. But Anthony Graves didn't simply celebrate his freedom: He went after the prosecutor who put him behind bars , resulting in Charles Sebesta's disbarment by the...

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