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Unparalleled NYC Parking Spot Up for $1M

Inside spot for 'camera shy' people, says exec

(Newser) - New York has long been home to some of the most expensive apartments in the world. But now the city that never sleeps is getting a new icon of excess—a $1 million parking spot, reports the New York Post . Buying it would be the same as paying a $115...

$150M Über Yacht Boasts Sub, Helicopter

PJ World yacht like a floating mansion

(Newser) - Mansions are cool and all, but wouldn’t they be better if they floated and came with submarines? That seems to be the idea behind the PJ World yacht, an upcoming 269-foot, $150 million super-yacht designed by Rolls Royce and Palmer Johnson. Its coolest feature: A six-man submarine that can...

Oprah's Luxe Apartment for Rent: $15K a Month

Huge residence features solarium, views of Lake Michigan

(Newser) - Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago digs are fit for, well, a queen—and for just $15,000 a month, you can enjoy them. That’s how much her 4,607-square-foot apartment is renting for, and for that price you’ll get stunning views of Lake Michigan from the...

US Big Houses: Mansions Are Unnecessary
 Beach Homes 
 Way Too Big 
susan orlean

American Beach Homes Way Too Big

Our 'fixation' with jumbo houses is a little weird: Susan Orlean

(Newser) - Along with our love of oversized cars and second helpings, Americans like building big—very big—houses in pristine locales. In the New Yorker , Susan Orlean riffs on a vacation home she stayed in on a South Carolina beach: “Every room is about twice the size it needs to...

Spelling Mansion, Nation's Priciest, Finds a Buyer

The Manor had been on market since 2009 for $150M

(Newser) - It's probably just like your first house: 57,000 square feet, double staircase inspired by Gone With the Wind, parking for 100, bowling alley, beauty salon, flower-cutting room, gift-wrapping rooms, etc. But all this can no longer be yours for the paltry price of $150 million, as the iconic...

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner Buys Silicon Valley Mansion for Record $100M
 Most Expensive Home in US: 
 $100M Mansion Sells  
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Most Expensive Home in US: $100M Mansion Sells

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner buys Silicon Valley estate

(Newser) - A Russian billionaire has bought what the Wall Street Journal calls the nation's most expensive single-family home. Investor Yuri Milner paid $100 million for the Silicon Valley estate in Los Altos Hills. It's 25,500 square feet, with both an indoor and outdoor pool, a ballroom, a tennis court, etc....

Rich Default Far More Than the Rest of Us

Wealthy 'are more ruthless,' says analyst

(Newser) - Whether they're throwing in the towel on a California beach home or ski chalets, wealthy Americans are currently defaulting on mortgage payments at extremely high rates. One in 7 of those who owe more than $1 million on property are seriously delinquent, reports the New York Times . For those who...

Now You Can Live in Disney World
 Now You Can Live 
 in Disney World 
real estate dept

Now You Can Live in Disney World

In an $8M vacation home built on theme park land

(Newser) - For the child in all of us who happens to have a very adult-size bank account, Walt Disney Co. will offer vacation homes in its Florida theme park. The company, which unveiled the proposed 980-acre Golden Oak development today, is gambling on a rebounding luxury real estate market in a...

As Slump Eases, High-End Homes Linger on Market

(Newser) - It’s a tale of two housing markets out there. While low and mid-priced homes are enjoying a resurgence, high-priced residences are languishing unsold, their prices falling rapidly, the Wall Street Journal reports. “We’re extremely oversupplied,” says a real estate agent in an affluent Illinois town, where...

Stanford Had a Castle, Fleet of Planes

Paternity-suit docs reveal lifestyle of the rich and fraudulent

(Newser) - Say this for Sir Allen Stanford: He knew how to live large. The alleged fraudster once lived in his own Florida castle, complete with moat, and owned, among other baubles, $100 million worth of airplanes, Bloomberg reports. Those assets and others are detailed in court documents from a paternity case...

Foreclosures Soar on Homes Over $1M
Foreclosures Soar on
Homes Over $1M

Foreclosures Soar on Homes Over $1M

Foreclosures on million-dollar homes way up since last year

(Newser) - The housing crisis, having wreaked havoc on low- and middle-income homeowners, is moving into the mansion set. Foreclosures on $1 million plus homes have almost doubled since last year, MSNBC reports, and more than doubled for homes over $2 million. The reasons are familiar: layoffs in the executive and professional...

Rich Turn to Pimping Basements
 Rich Turn to Pimping Basements 

Rich Turn to Pimping Basements

Media rooms, arcade games, full gyms making downstairs space not so musty

(Newser) - Basements are no longer the lowly underbelly of the high-end home. With the rise of home-theater technology, and widespread community opposition to mansion expansion, wealthy homeowners are increasingly turning basements into underground playgrounds, Portfolio reports, featuring everything from faux-'50s diners to recording studios to saunas. “Whether you have a...

Peek at Perks in $2B Mansion
 Peek at Perks in $2B Mansion 

Peek at Perks in $2B Mansion

Mumbai mogul plans 27-story abode

(Newser) - The world's fifth-richest man, Mukesh Ambani, beat the competition with plans to build the first billion-dollar home to grace this earth, Forbes reports. In fact, his 27-story high-rise in India will cost $2 billion when it's done next year. Some of its frills:
  • Nine elevators dot the lobby.
  • 80% of

Slump Stings Vegas McMansion Owners

Curious aspect of swelling home inventories: unsold palaces

(Newser) - The housing crisis has caused the number of homes for sale across the country to grow, but in Las Vegas, brokers are dealing with an unusual aspect of swelling inventory—an excess of $1 million-plus listings. Although they're luxury properties with pools and excesses of polished marble, those constructed more...

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