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Octopuses Are Typically Solitary, Yet Thousands Gather Here
Octopus Researchers Crack
Mystery of Meeting Place

Octopus Researchers Crack Mystery of Meeting Place

Spot off the California coast is a mating and nesting ground

(Newser) - Two miles below the surface of the ocean some 80 miles off central California sits the world's largest known assembly of octopuses. This "octopus garden," featuring thousands of the typically solitary mollusks, stunned researchers who discovered it on the foothills of an inactive underwater volcano in 2018....

Scientists Find a Rare 'Octopus Nursery'

Site off Costa Rica is only the third such site known to exist (by humans)

(Newser) - Researchers exploring the ocean floor off the coast of Costa Rica discovered an incredibly rare thing: an octopus nursery. The deep-sea area is exactly what it sounds like—a place where brooding octopuses gather to hatch their eggs, reports NPR . The discovery brings the number of known octopus nurseries in...

Diver Captures Amazing Giant Octopus Encounter
Diver Captures 'Mind-Blowing'
Giant Octopus Encounter
in case you missed it

Diver Captures 'Mind-Blowing' Giant Octopus Encounter

It 'was giving me a hug,' she says

(Newser) - Canadian high school teacher Andrea Humphreys has done almost 700 dives, and she says she's never experienced anything as "mind-blowing" as her encounter with a giant Pacific octopus. She says that when she started filming the creature during a dive off the east coast of Vancouver Island, it...

First Octopus Arrived Before the First Dinosaur
Octopus That Predated
Dinos Is Named After Biden
new study

Octopus That Predated Dinos Is Named After Biden

Newly dated 'Syllipsimopodi bideni' fossil goes back 330M years

(Newser) - Scientists have found the oldest known ancestor of octopuses—an approximately 330 million-year-old fossil unearthed in Montana. The researchers concluded the ancient creature lived millions of years earlier than previously believed, meaning that octopuses originated before the era of dinosaurs, per the AP . The 4.7-inch fossil has 10 limbs—...

UK Set to Acknowledge These Creatures Have Feelings

Crab, octopus, and other cephalopods, decapods, vertebrates to be classified as sentient beings

(Newser) - A bill designating octopus, lobster, crab, and other animals as sentient beings capable of experiencing feelings and sensations including pain and distress, now moving through the UK parliament , could transform how such animals are treated in the country. The bill, which would see the creation of an Animal Sentience Committee...

Female Octopuses Will Throw Stuff at Bothersome Males
Most Animals Don't Throw.
Female Octopuses Do
new study

Most Animals Don't Throw. Female Octopuses Do

Behavior was spotted among octopuses off Australia

(Newser) - When female octopuses are trying to keep males at bay, they throw stuff. Sometimes. So found a study that has yet to be peer-reviewed. Researchers from the US, Canada, and Australia say their finding builds on research done in 2015, in which they recorded wild octopuses in Jervis Bay off...

'Angriest Octopus' Goes After Swimmer

That's one too many scary beasts in Australia for some

(Newser) - A man was taking a dip in sunny Australia—which we might as well call the land of beasts—when he was attacked by the "angriest octopus." Lance Karlson, a geologist and former lifeguard, was walking along the shores of Geographe Bay in Dunsborough, Western Australia, on March...

Octopuses Seem to Enjoy Randomly Punching Fish
On the Ocean Floor,
Surprising Sucker Punches
new study

On the Ocean Floor, Surprising Sucker Punches

'I laughed out loud,' says researcher who documented behavior of octopuses toward fish

(Newser) - "This was probably the most fun I had writing a paper," writes Eduardo Sampaio of the University of Lisbon. And the study in the journal Ecology is indeed a weird one: Sampaio and his team observed that octopuses appear to sucker punch fishes, reports Gizmodo . You can see...

Scientists Didn't Expect This on the Ocean Floor

The 'Dumbo' octopus just defied expectations

(Newser) - Imagine going deep underwater, spotting strange creatures in the dark—and making a first-ever find. That's what researchers say happened when they spotted a so-called "Dumbo" octopus on the Indian Ocean floor for the first time, Science Times reports. The white cephalopod, named after Disney's Dumbo for...

Octopus Filmed Trying to Drown Bald Eagle

Both animals survive thanks to BC fish farmers

(Newser) - It was bald eagle vs. octopus in what was likely to be a battle to the death. Then a group of Canadians intervened. The salmon farmers were on the water near Quatsino, BC, at the northwest tip of Vancouver Island on Monday when they heard "a lot of splashing...

Woman Who Put Octopus on Her Face: 'This Was Not a Good Idea'

Jamie Bisceglia was trying to win a photo contest. Then the octopus bit her.

(Newser) - We shouldn't have to tell people not to put octopuses on their faces, but here we are. It's a fact that Jamie Bisceglia herself now acknowledges, despite having done just that last week and suffering the consequences. HuffPost reports that the Washington state woman was participating in a...

Scuba Jaunt Takes Frightening Turn for This Diver

Giant octopus latches onto him in Sea of Japan

(Newser) - If ever there were a video that makes us glad we're safe on our sofa and not floating in the ocean, this would be it. News.com.au reports the clip comes out of the Sea of Japan, where a Russian scuba diver swimming around the Garrow Peninsula is...

Cops: Driver Crashed Car While Trying to Avoid 'Octopus'

Not a great defense when you're 3 miles inland

(Newser) - A UK driver whose vehicle landed upside down in a ditch swerved "to avoid an octopus" on the road—or so police say he claimed. The 49-year-old, who escaped major injury, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs on Tuesday after police found no sign...

Ecstasy May Affect Octopuses in Same Way It Affects Humans
May Make
study says

Ecstasy May Make Octopuses Cuddly

New study finds octopuses appear to get more social after being dosed with MDMA

(Newser) - What happens when an octopus takes ecstasy? Apparently, the same thing that happens to humans—at least according to a new, admittedly small study run by Gül Dölen, a neuroscientist at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Ecstasy, also known as MDMA, makes people feel more sociable, less...

Fish Seller Buys Octopus for Unexpected Reason

Giovanni DeGarimore feels a connection with the creature

(Newser) - A California fish-market owner bought an octopus and set it free because he feels a certain affinity with cephalopods, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Giovanni DeGarimore, owner of Giovanni's Fish Market in Morro Bay, bought the 70-pounder earlier this month for a couple hundred dollars from a local crab...

An Octopus Birth, Then a Surprise Burst of Color

Video by Virginia Aquarium viewed 2.4M times

(Newser) - It happens almost in the blink of an eye. A colorless creature pops from a bundle of eggs, turns a brownish-purple hue, and swims away. It's a rare sight now witnessed by millions, thanks to the Virginia Aquarium, which shared a video of the Caribbean reef octopus's birth...

Student Discovers Sneaky New Octopus Species

'Frilled giant Pacific octopus' has avoided detection until now

(Newser) - The world has a new octopus: Meet the "frilled giant Pacific octopus," newly detected by a student at Alaska Pacific University working on his senior thesis, reports Earther . The creature resembles the familiar giant Pacific octopus, but Nathan Hollenback not only laid out some distinctive visual differences but...

Mysterious Octopus Invasion Rocks Beach in Wales

Stormy atmosphere may have confused the creatures

(Newser) - It's not quite the Norman conquest , but another invasion is worrying locals in West Wales. Scores of octopuses have "walked" out of the Irish Sea and beached themselves on the sand in New Quay, Ceredigion, Wales Online reports. The phenomenon has marine experts scratching their heads. "We...

Surprise Ocean News: The Octopus Is Booming

Cephalopods increasing in changing waters

(Newser) - You don't have to look far to find bad news about the world's oceans— overfishing , unhealthy coral reefs , you name it—but one group of sea creatures seems to be doing quite well in this changing world: cephalopods. A study in Cell Biology finds that octopuses, squid, and...

Octopus Breaks Out of National Aquarium

So long, suckers

(Newser) - At New Zealand's National Aquarium, workers thought Inky the octopus had settled in nicely after he was brought in by a fisherman who found him in a lobster pot in 2014. Turns out he was just biding his time. Staff at the Napier aquarium believe that after the lid...

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