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US Drone Crashes in Seychelles

Unmanned Reaper overshoots runway

(Newser) - Another American spy drone has crashed, but unlike the one in Iran , recovering this one posed no problem for the US military. The unmanned Reaper drone crashed at an airport in the Seychelles after a routine anti-piracy patrol over the Indian Ocean, the AP reports. Officials say the drone developed...

Online Piracy Bill Becomes Major Battle

Lobbyists dig in over controversial SOPA measure

(Newser) - A battle is heating up on Capitol Hill over a controversial new bill targeting online piracy. Yesterday Google, Facebook, Yahoo and other web companies took out full-page newspaper ads railing against the House’s recently introduced Stop Online Piracy Act, even as supporters sung its praises at a hearing. “...

Somali Pirates Free Danish Family

Three children were among those held hostage

(Newser) - The Danish family held hostage by Somali pirates since February has been released and is safe. Jan Quist Johansen, his wife, their three children between the ages of 12 and 16, and two adult crew members are in “relatively good condition,” according to Denmark’s foreign ministry and...

Chinese Retail's Latest Rip-Off: Ikea

Part of a movement to cash in on established brands

(Newser) - Why create knock-offs of specific items when you can knock off an entire brand? A warehouse store in China called 11 Furniture has adopted almost everything from Ikea—from staged rooms and minimalist furniture designs to tiny pencils and an in-store restaurant. It's part of a rapidly growing market...

Pirate Hostages Plead for Help in YouTube Video

Danes, Filipinos urge ship's owner to secure their freedom

(Newser) - A shipping industry group has released a harrowing video of Danish and Filipino seamen being held hostage by Somali pirates. The men, who were seized when pirates hijacked a Danish cargo ship in January, plead for their freedom in the video, which Save Our Seafarers says it uploaded to YouTube...

Lousy Weather Forecasts May Be Pirates' Fault

Scientists can't collect ocean data, ask US, Australia for help

(Newser) - Scientists have asked the American and Australian navies to help them deploy robots in a vast area of the Indian Ocean that pirates have made too dangerous for ordinary vessels. Deep-ocean robotic buoys play a vital role in climate change studies and weather forecasts, but researchers say pirate activity has...

UK Student Faces Extradition to US Over Piracy Site

Richard O'Dwyer, 23, faces up to five years in jail

(Newser) - A 23-year-old British college student is facing extradition to the US and up to five years in prison for running a website that linked to pirated TV and movie content. Up until November, Richard O’Dwyer ran TVShack, a site that’s now been seized by the Immigrations and Customs...

Massachusetts' New Political Party: Pirates
 Massachusetts' New 
 Political Party: Pirates 

Massachusetts' New Political Party: Pirates

Pirate Party now accepted as a political designation

(Newser) - Avast there, Massachusetts voters! A’fore ye register f’r some lilly-livered party like the “Democrats” or “Republicans,” ye might want to consider signin’ on with the state’s newest crew: the Massachusetts Pirate Party. That’s right, the Massachusetts Election Division has officially approved the swashbuckling...

Danish Hostages Taken to Somali Coast

Pirates will now begin trying to get a ransom

(Newser) - A Danish family whose yacht was hijacked by pirates is now being held along the coast of Somalia, the AP reports. Jan Quist Johansen, his wife, their three teenage children, and two crew members now likely face a lengthy ransom process. They've been moved either to land or to a...

China's Top Search Engine Is Piracy Hub: US

Baidu.com provides links to illegal sites, says report

(Newser) - The US has listed China's top search engine—one of the 10 most popular websites in the world—as one of the most "notorious markets" for pirated software and media, Reuters reports. Baidu.com, the most popular website within China, was again singled out by the US trade representative's...

Somali Pirate Gets 33 Years in Prison

Federal judge says Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse deserves his harsh sentence

(Newser) - A Somali pirate who kidnapped and brutalized the captain of a US-flagged merchant ship off the coast of Africa in 2009 was sentenced to more than 33 years in prison today by an emotional judge who told him he deserved a stiff punishment for leading a crew of bandits who...

Somali Pirates Torturing Hostages

Bandits use captives as human shields

(Newser) - Somali pirates beat, tortured, and threatened to kill captured South Korean sailors, the Telegraph reports. “Pirates trampled and beat me whenever I talked with my captain,” said one of the seven rescued sailors, who went home yesterday. “I lost my four front teeth after being hit by...

Blackwater Founder Training Somali Mercenaries

Erik Prince joins forces with controversial South African firm

(Newser) - Lawless, chaotic Somalia appears to be a land of opportunity for controversial Blackwater security company founder Erik Prince. The ex Blackwater honcho—who has left the security company he created and set up shop in the United Arab Emirates—is involved in a project to recruit and train thousands of...

New Intel Chips Will Block Would-Be Pirates

'Intel Insider' designed to bring better HD content from studios

(Newser) - Intel has added a surprise new feature to its next generation of Core microprocessors—an anti-piracy feature that it hopes will convince studios to stream true 1080p videos. Until now, studios have offered “HD” streaming content, but they’ve held back on the true 1080p resolution out of fear...

France Warns 100K Illegal Downloaders

Sarkozy's anti-piracy campaign gets into gear

(Newser) - France's campaign to stop illegal downloads is well under way, with the program nicknamed Big Brother sending out warning emails to 100,000 people so far, reports the Guardian . Repeat offenders—whose details are gleaned through service providers—face fines and banishment from the web for a year. It's a...

Five Somali Pirates Convicted
 Five Somali Pirates Convicted 

Five Somali Pirates Convicted

In the first piracy trial in the US since the Civil War

(Newser) - Five Somali men accused of attacking a US Navy ship off Africa's coast were convicted on federal piracy charges today, in what experts said was the first trial of its kind since 1861. The verdict was handed down by a jury in US District Court in Norfolk, as the five...

19 Chinese Pirate Hostages Head Home After 4 Months

Captive sailors were fed nothing but spuds after June hijacking

(Newser) - Nineteen Chinese sailors have arrived back in their homeland after 4 months in harsh conditions as captives of Somali pirates. The men were fed nothing but boiled potatoes since the Golden Blessing was hijacked in June, AP reports. Pirates released the men and the ship after receiving a ransom from...

Europe Swoops In on Web Pirates

Servers shut down in 13 countries in file-sharing crackdown

(Newser) - Police in 13 European countries have raided dozens of locations in an attempt to crush illegal file-sharing rings that distribute pirated movies and TV shows. A total of 48 servers were shut down, according to the BBC . Seven locations were raided in Sweden, including a university and the ISP believed...

Steve Jobs Is Abandoning the Geeks

 Steve Jobs Is 
 the Geeks 

Steve Jobs Is Abandoning the Geeks

Apple TV a boring product for mainstream users

(Newser) - Apparently Steve Jobs has no use for geeks anymore, because Apple TV is your mom’s digital TV product, writes Brian Ries for the Daily Beast . Typically, Apple releases a pricey version of a product first, builds buzz, and then drops the price to let the mainstream in on the...

Twilight 'Bootlegger' Sues Theater After Jail Stint

Suit says she suffered emotional distress

(Newser) - An Illinois woman who spent 2 days in jail for taping part of Twilight: New Moon is suing the movie theater that ratted her out. Samantha Tumpach, 22, says she wasn’t trying to pirate the movie; she was out celebrating with friends, and the video she shot was primarily...

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