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This Is the World Press Photo of the Year

It 'summed up all the unrest across the globe of people wanting change'

(Newser) - A stirring image of protesters during Sudan's uprising last year has won the World Press Photo of the Year award. The closing date for entries was Jan. 24, before the coronavirus pandemic dominated world news. The winning photo, "Straight Voice" by AFP photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba, shows a protester...

Photographer Behind Elian Image Dies at 71
Photographer Who Took
Iconic Elian Image Dies

Photographer Who Took Iconic Elian Image Dies

Alan Diaz was 71

(Newser) - Retired Associated Press photojournalist Alan Diaz, whose photo of a terrified 6-year-old Cuban boy named Elian Gonzalez earned him the Pulitzer Prize, has died. He was 71. Diaz's daughter, Aillette Rodriguez-Diaz, confirmed that he died Tuesday. The cause of death wasn't immediately known. "He was the king...

Photos Capture the Chilling Reality of Domestic Abuse

Photojournalist Sara Naomi Lewkowicz's project takes a turn

(Newser) - Photojournalist/grad student Sara Naomi Lewkowicz set her sights on a pretty sobering subject last fall: the experience of being an ex-convict in American society. She was following the experience of Shane, a 31-year-old who had "spent much of his life incarcerated," and his girlfriend of one month, 19-year-old...

Photojournalists Murdered in Mexico

Dismembered bodies found on World Press Freedom Day

(Newser) - Somebody in Mexico's Veracruz state has declared war on news photographers. The dismembered bodies of three photojournalists from different news organizations were found in plastic bags in a canal yesterday—World Press Freedom Day—along with the body of one photographer's girlfriend, AP reports. All the bodies bore...

And the Photo of the Year Is...

Samuel Aranda's photo from Yemen protests wins World Press Photo of the Year

(Newser) - A photo of a veiled woman comforting an injured man following a protest in Yemen has won the World Press Photo of the Year for 2011. The photo, taken by Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda for the New York Times, "shows a poignant, compassionate moment, the human consequence of an...

Chris Hondros: A Slain Photog's Final Images

Getty photographer had been assaulted twice while in Libya

(Newser) - Chris Hondros, the Getty photographer killed in fighting in Misrata yesterday, had a love of chess, opera, and martinis, and he "wanted to show the world what was going on," a fellow photographer tells the New York Times. "He was willing to take the personal risk and...

Civil Rights Photographer Charles Moore Dead at 79

His riveting images sparked national outrage

(Newser) - The photographer credited with helping make the civil rights struggle a national issue has died. Charles Moore, 79, a news photographer for the Montgomery Advertiser and Life between 1958 to 1965, often placed himself in harm's way to capture shocking images of police attacking protesters. He began covering the movement...

AP Made Right Decision to Run Marine's Photo

We need to see the war

(Newser) - The AP made the correct call in running a photo of a mortally wounded Marine, writes David Harsanyi in the Denver Post. “If I could recall a wanton penchant of the press to run photos of dead Marines, my reaction might have been very different,” he writes. But...

How I Got This Shot: Photog
 How I Got This Shot: Photog 

How I Got This Shot: Photog

Widener recalls capturing Tank Man image 20 years ago

(Newser) - On the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, one image endures: a lone man standing in front of a column of tanks, refusing to let them pass. Jeff Widener, the AP photographer who captured the moment, tells USA Today how he evaded the police and the censors to take the shot...

Journal's Year in Pictures
 Journal's Year in Pictures 

Journal's Year in Pictures

See the year again, for the first time

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch always said he’d make the Wall Street Journal more visually interesting, and it doesn’t get much more visually interesting than the 2008 “Year in Photos” feature the paper began today. You can see many of the Journal’s selections, spanning global conflict, the financial crisis,...

'Killing Fields' Photog Dith Dead at 65
 'Killing Fields'
 Photog Dith 
 Dead at 65 

'Killing Fields' Photog Dith Dead at 65

Times photojournalist and anti-Khmer Rouge crusader had pancreatic cancer

(Newser) - Photojournalist Dith Pran, whose saga was re-created in the film The Killing Fields, has died of pancreatic cancer at 65, the New York Times reports. The Cambodian native became the Khmer Rouge's most vocal opponent after escaping in 1979, having worked in labor camps and survived on a spoonful of...

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