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Air Marshal Forgets Gun in Airplane Bathroom

It was found by a passenger

(Newser) - Oops. CNN reports a federal air marshal left her gun in the bathroom during an April 6 Delta flight from England to New York. The gun was found by a passenger, who fortunately handed it over to the flight crew. The air marshal failed to report the incident to her...

US Air Marshal Stabbed With Mystery Syringe

Marshal is flown back from Nigeria, put in quarantine

(Newser) - A US air marshal was attacked with a syringe at an airport in Lagos, Nigeria, yesterday and injected with an unknown substance, Fox News reports. The TSA says he received "precautionary medication" and was flown to Houston with his team, where he was put in quarantine for fear he...

US Air Marshals Who Busted Judge's Wife Flee Brazil

Their passports were confiscated after restraining drunk

(Newser) - Two US air marshals who were charged with assault and had their passports confiscated after arresting a judge's drunk wife on a flight to Brazil used alternate travel documents to flee the country, sources tell CNN . The woman, the wife of a prominent Brazilian judge, bit one of the marshals...

Diplomat Won't Face Charges in Plane Scare
Diplomat Won't Face Charges
in Plane Scare

Diplomat Won't Face Charges in Plane Scare

He was on his way to visit imprisoned al-Qaeda agent

(Newser) - Mohammed al Modadi is being released without charges after officials determined that he was just being sarcastic when he said he was lighting his shoes on fire. The Qatari diplomat aroused suspicion when he spent a long time in the bathroom on his plane. It appears he was only sneaking...

'Shoe Bomber' May Have Just Wanted a Smoke
'Shoe Bomber' May Have Just Wanted a Smoke

'Shoe Bomber' May Have Just Wanted a Smoke

Qatari diplomat detained, but may be 'misunderstanding'

(Newser) - Federal authorities found no explosives in the shoes of a diplomat from the Persian Gulf state of Qatar who was subdued by federal air marshals on a Washington-Denver flight tonight after he allegedly told them, “I’m lighting my shoes on fire.” A source tells the AP that...

Pilot's Gun Accidentally Fires in Cockpit

Discharge is first incident since passage of new law

(Newser) - A pilot’s gun went off in the cockpit of a US Airways plane just as it was landing in North Carolina this weekend, the AP reports. It was the first time a gun was discharged inside a plane since pilots were armed in the wake of 9/11. Though no...

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