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Lipstick Sales Are Up. Some Take That as a Warning

The not-so-technical 'lipstick index' tends to crop up in recessions

(Newser) - Makeup sales are up—which, according to a groundhog-shadow-like barometer called the "lipstick index," might spell bad news for the economy. CNN explains that the term "lipstick index" was so named by Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder in 2001. He posited that during the economic downturn in...

Everyone Is Talking About Pamela Anderson's Face
Everyone Is Talking About
Pamela Anderson's Face

Everyone Is Talking About Pamela Anderson's Face

The natural beauty was extra natural in Paris

(Newser) - Viv Groskop dubs it "the week it became cool for women to look their age," at the Guardian , and she's not alone in that thinking. Much of the conversation has centered around three women of a certain age and their appearances at Paris fashion week. Not that...

Miss England Finalist Goes Makeup-Free

Melisa Raouf says she's accepted her 'imperfections'

(Newser) - A finalist for the Miss England title has set herself apart by showing her true face in the competition. Melisa Raouf, 20, who has long worn makeup, made her decision after a bare-faced semifinal round Monday, CNN reports. She plans to compete the same way in the final in October....

Jenner to Sell Majority Stake in Kylie Cosmetics

CoverGirl owner Coty to pay $600M for a 51% share

(Newser) - The world's youngest self-made billionaire is about to be $600 million richer. The downside is that Kylie Jenner will be without the majority share in her own beauty company. Jenner is expected to sell a 51% stake in Kylie Cosmetics, founded in 2015, to American beauty company Coty, which...

Kylie Jenner's New Trademark Attempt Raises Eyebrows

Billionaire sees a business opportunity in 'rise and shine'

(Newser) - Kylie Jenner is trying to trademark the phrase "rise and shine" after singing it to her daughter in a viral video clip. The nine-second clip —taken from a YouTube video in which Jenner offered a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices—has been viewed 15 million times in...

Youngest Ever Self-Made Billionaire Is Crowned

Kylie Jenner takes the title at age 21, thanks to makeup brand

(Newser) - She's done it : Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire ever at 21. Perhaps better known for her role in reality TV's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jenner is the sole owner of Kylie Cosmetics, which launched in 2016 and is now valued at $900 million. "Add...

Women Say Their Ulta Makeup Was Once Someone Else's

2 lawsuits allege cosmetics retailer resold used items

(Newser) - There's nothing like opening up a brand-new makeup kit and glamming it up—though that glamorous feeling may be lost if you find out you're applying makeup someone else already used. That's the gist of a complaint filed in Chicago last month by a California woman who...

Report: Asbestos Found in Claire's Kids' Makeup

Concerned mom says poison found in products from 9 states

(Newser) - "I physically sank." That was Kristi Warner's response to news that a makeup kit used by her 6-year-old daughter tested positive for asbestos, a finding that has prompted retailer Claire's to pull at least nine products from shelves. As a lawyer at a Rhode Island law...

French President Spent $31K on Makeup in 3 Months

As his approval rating drops due in part to ... budget cuts

(Newser) - President Emmanuel Macron's office has confirmed a report that the French leader spent $30,695 on makeup during his first three months in power, and it says it's trying to find a cheaper alternative. The report in Le Point news magazine prompted harsh criticism of the president from...

Report: Tween Retailer Has 'Deadly Poison' in Makeup

Justice says it's testing 'Just Shine Shimmer Powder' for asbestos after news team probe

(Newser) - Tween girls love a Justice store, but the latest news involving cosmetics sold at the national chain isn't exactly heartwarming. A WTVD I-Team probe claims that it sent samples of Justice's "Just Shine Shimmer Powder" out for testing to a North Carolina lab because it was curious...

Kylie Jenner's New Eyeshadow Apparently an Actual Headache

More than a dozen complaints about the smell

(Newser) - It's not every day that a new packet of makeup smells so bad it needs to be taken outside to air out. Such is the conundrum facing teen beauty mogul Kylie Jenner after her much-anticipated Royal Peach Eyeshadow Palette, which IOL reports sold out in nine minutes last month,...

Marla Maples Tried to Get Free Inauguration Hair, Makeup
Marla Maples Tried to Get Free
Inauguration Hair, Makeup
stylist says

Marla Maples Tried to Get Free Inauguration Hair, Makeup

For herself and daughter Tiffany Trump, stylist says

(Newser) - Marla Maples may have once been married to a rich guy who's about to become leader of the free world , but that doesn't mean she wants to pay for things like having her hair done. According to DC hairstylist Tricia Kelly, a longtime client approached Kelly about doing...

Outrage Brews Over Domestic Abuse Makeup Tips

'Do not cover domestic violence with makeup, condemn the aggressor!': petition

(Newser) - Human Rights Watch says Morocco has had a "tepid response" to domestic violence over the years, and the country's latest attempt at dealing with the issue is unlikely to score any new points. A state TV tutorial on Channel 2M's Sabahiyat show last week featured a...

CoverGirl Hires 1st 'CoverBoy'
New CoverGirl Is Teen Boy

New CoverGirl Is Teen Boy

James Charles, 17, is an 'aspiring makeup artist' and Instagram star

(Newser) - If a woman can be president, who's to say a man can't be a CoverGirl. On Tuesday, the makeup company's current spokesperson, Katy Perry, announced James Charles as the first ever "CoverBoy" on her Instagram page . Charles, a 17-year-old "aspiring makeup artist," started using...

Taxpayers Funding Robbery Suspect's Makeup Artist

Judge orders cover-up of Bayzle Morgan's swastika, 'Most Wanted' tattoos

(Newser) - Each morning this week, Bayzle Morgan will be transferred from the Clark County Detention Center to a Las Vegas courthouse where a makeup artist will spend two hours making his skin look unmarked and natural—and taxpayers are footing the bill. After numerous potential jurors said they couldn't give...

Beauty Blogger: You Can Contour Your Entire Body

Chloe Morello is only kidding, but makes a point

(Newser) - Love the beauty craze known as contouring? Then check out Australian-based beauty blogger Chloe Morello's recent video , where she claims to have two makeup artists apply $5,000 of makeup to contour her entire body—a goal she calls "totally achievable" every day. She's kidding, of course,...

Kardashians Sued for Not Tweeting About Beauty Line

Lawsuit asks for up to $190M for investor

(Newser) - Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian are being sued for close to $200 million for not sufficiently promoting their line of beauty products—or, as TMZ puts it, the sisters "could be on the hook ... for not tweeting about their own makeup line." The Kardashians' first business partner, Boldface,...

Woman Does Her Makeup to Distract From 10-Hour Labor

 Woman Does 
 Her Makeup to 
 Distract From 
 10-Hour Labor 

Woman Does Her Makeup to Distract From 10-Hour Labor

And now the photos of her 'full glam look' are going viral

(Newser) - Photos from a 27-year-old New York woman's 10-hour labor are going viral, ABC News reports. Luckily, the professional makeup artist and new mom looks her best. After hours at the hospital, Alaha Karimi needed something to distract her from her contractions. "I was Googling ways to overcome the...

Crayola: Don't Use Our Colored Pencils as Makeup

Company issues warning about softening pencils to use as eyeliner

(Newser) - "The dog ate my eyeliner" was apparently enough for YouTube's Rclbeauty101 to bust open a box of colored art pencils and improvise—in a video that's currently sitting at 1.6 million views—and she's not the only one. DIYers are posting online beauty tutorials subbing...

The Way You Apply Eyeliner Could Be Unhealthy
The Way You Apply Eyeliner Could Be Unhealthy

The Way You Apply Eyeliner Could Be Unhealthy

If you're a contact lens wearer, that is

(Newser) - Your dramatic eye makeup could actually be unhealthy for your eyes assuming you're a contact lens wearer, according to a tiny pilot study that appears in Eye and Contact Lens Science and Clinical Practice . The study involves the "waterline." That's the thin inner portion of the...

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