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Couple, Married for 71 Years, Dies on Same Day

They eloped during World War II

(Newser) - After their first blind date, Nora Schaddel told Robert Viands that she never wanted to go out with him again. It didn't exactly work out that way. Viands persisted, a romance blossomed, and when he was drafted to go fight in World War II, they decided to get married....

Couple Married 65 Years Die 11 Hours Apart

Just days before their 66th anniversary

(Newser) - Relatives of an Ohio couple who died at a nursing home 11 hours apart on the same day say their love story's ending reflects their devotion over 65 years of marriage. The Dayton Daily News reports that Harold and Ruth Knapke died in their shared room on Aug. 11,...

Tips for Talking Money With Your Spouse

Carl Richards: Financial arguments 'come from surprises'

(Newser) - A financial discussion with your spouse can feel like a minefield of emotional surprises. Financial planner Carl Richards advises you to first have "the conversation before the decision gets made," which "can make a huge difference" in your relationship, he writes in the New York Times Bucks...

Living Together No Longer Jinxes Marriage

Also: Half of first marriages end in divorce

(Newser) - Living together before getting hitched no longer spells doom for married couples, says a new government study. In the late '60s, a mere 10% of American couples shared a place before marriage, and their divorce rates were higher, writes AP . Now, around 60% of couples move in together before...

90-Somethings Are Oldest-Ever Newlyweds

98-year-old weds 95-year old on Leap Day

(Newser) - They call themselves "the Romeo and Juliet of senior citizens," and with their wedding yesterday, they unknowingly broke a world record—for the newlyweds with the oldest combined age. Together, Lillian Hartley, 95, and Allan Marks, 98, are 193 years, 8 months, and 3 days old, the Desert ...

More Marriages Are Lasting at Least 10 Years: Census
 More Marriages 
 Lasting Longer 
census says

More Marriages Lasting Longer

...thanks to weddings later in life: sociologists

(Newser) - Though fewer people are getting married, more who do are sticking with it, census data shows. Some three-quarters of couples who wed after 1990 saw a 10-year anniversary—3 percentage points higher than those who wed in the early 1980s. That’s when the divorce rate reached its peak in...

Top 10 Couples' Argument Triggers

Money? Religion? Nah, more like bathroom habits

(Newser) - The average couple has 312 arguments a year—and most of them are over really silly things. A new study reveals the top 10 argument triggers, and though they may seem innocuous enough, the Daily Mail notes that one in five Britons have considered breaking up over them:
  1. Stubble left

A New Way to Cheat on Your Spouse: Lie About Money

One in three admit to fibbing about financial matters

(Newser) - Infidelity isn't always the stuff of illicit affairs. A new survey shows that 31% of Americans who combine their finances with a spouse have lied about money to said spouse. "Financial infidelity may be the new normal," writes Jenna Goudreau at her Forbes blog . The most common misdeeds...

For a Better Relationship, Postpone Sex
For a Better Relationship,
Postpone Sex
study says

For a Better Relationship, Postpone Sex

Researchers find good things come to those who wait

(Newser) - If you’re after a healthy relationship, it may be best to wait before hitting the sack. Couples who wait longer are more satisfied and stable later, research published in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests. “If couples become sexual too early, this very rewarding area of the relationship...

In France: Screw Marriage, Give Me a Civil Union

Partnerships simplify breakups, avoid religious ties

(Newser) - In France, civil unions are soaring in popularity—for heterosexuals. PACS, as they are known in France, were established in 1999 and lauded by gay-rights advocates; little did they expect the huge success of the measure ... among straight people, who made up 95% of the civil unions created last year....

Posh and Becks: Split Report 'Nonsense'

Soccer star, ex-Spice Girl deny Twitter rumor

(Newser) - The rumor of David and Victoria Beckham's separation that's spreading like wildfire across the Twittersphere is "nonsense," "utter rubbish," and "simply not true," reps for the couple tell the Daily Mail . A London-based PR man who tweeted the "news" today says he "...

Love Letters Shed Light on Taylor-Burton Romance
Love Letters Shed Light on Taylor-Burton Romance
read a sample

Love Letters Shed Light on Taylor-Burton Romance

Read Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's romantic missives

(Newser) - Forget Brangelina, TomKat, and Speidi: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were the celebrity couple. The July issue of Vanity Fair includes excerpts from the upcoming book Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger, including never-before-seen love letters. A sampling,...

A-Rod, Kate Hudson Break Up
 A-Rod, Kate Hudson Break Up 

A-Rod, Kate Hudson Break Up

Yankees star, starlet go their separate ways

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson are "totally over," sources tell Hollywood Life . The split seems amicable, or at least not the cause of chick-flick marathons and a Ben & Jerry's shortage: A-Rod was spotted at a Miami hotel "with two women, acting VERY single," while Hudson...

Gyllenhaal, Witherspoon Call It Quits

Indie fave, Oscar winner dated for about 2 years

(Newser) - Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have split up after about 2 years of high-powered, high-profile coupledom. Walk the Line Oscar winner Witherspoon, 33, and Brokeback Mountain Oscar nominee Gyllenhaal, 28, met while working on Rendition in 2007, People reports. A cynic would expect to see him linked next to Natalie...

Barack and Michelle: The First Romantics

Pair redefine president-first lady relationship

(Newser) - Like no other couple before them, Barack and Michelle Obama have made their romance a central feature of his presidency—even his inauguration night seemed like a wedding, the new first lady dressed in white, the couple dancing to a love song. Their marriage is the subject of a 7,...

Job Market Splitting Up Couples
 Job Market Splitting Up Couples 

Job Market Splitting Up Couples

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans relocates for new position

(Newser) - With the job market failing to recover along with the larger economy, two-career couples are facing tough choices and increasingly being forced into long-distance relationships. A recent survey has found that 18.2% of Americans who took new jobs in the second quarter also relocated, up from 11.4% a...

Butler May Be Aniston's New Beau

Would-be songbird Jen shares romantic dinner with Scottish co-star

(Newser) - When Jennifer Aniston said in a recent interview she still believed in love, she apparently had a specific reason: Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Aniston and her co-star in The Bounty met up for a romantic dinner this week, and they "appeared incredibly affectionate with one another," the New ...

Why It's Bad to Share a Bed
 Why It's Bad to Share a Bed 

Why It's Bad to Share a Bed

(Newser) - It may quash the cuddling time, but couples might want to consider sleeping in separate beds—for the good of their health, sleep experts tell the BBC. Bed sharers suffer 50% more sleep disturbances than those who sleep alone, according to one study. Such lousy slumber can lead to depression,...

Pain + Sacrifice = Marital Bliss
 Pain + Sacrifice 
 = Marital Bliss 


Pain + Sacrifice = Marital Bliss

Adversity makes couples' bond stronger, experts say

(Newser) - Marital bliss? Toss it out the window, and get down to pain and anguish ASAP, experts say. While many studies find that stress can exacerbate a marriage—turning a short-tempered husband into an abusive one, for example—some experts say adversity is the key to marital success. "It’s...

Divorce May Permanently Damage Health

(Newser) - The end of a marriage means the end of good health for many people, a new study finds. Researchers discovered that people who lost a spouse, whether through divorce or death, were roughly 20% more likely to suffer chronic health problems even if they later remarried, HealthDay reports. The scientists...

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