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The Short List to Replace Napolitano

Ray Kelly, maybe Joe Lieberman

(Newser) - Janet Napolitano is officially headed for an exit on stage left , which invites the question of who will succeed her at Homeland Security. Politico and the Daily Beast round up some of the frontrunners to be the sprawling department's fourth leader:
  • NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly: Chuck Schumer has already

Bought Cigarettes in NY? You May Have Funded Terror

Authorities arrest 15 men in alleged smuggling ring that sold in state

(Newser) - Police have uncovered a cigarette-smuggling operation whose proceeds may have gone to terrorist groups, they say. Sixteen Palestinians were indicted yesterday (and all but one arrested) in the East Coast effort, which saw some 1 million cartons of cigarettes trucked into the state from Virginia, where they were sold to...

NYPD's Kelly Tried to 'Instill Fear' in Minorities: Ex-Cop

State senator Eric Adams testifies over stop-and-frisk laws

(Newser) - As controversy continues over New York City's stop-and-frisk law, a state senator—and former cop—has testified in federal court that the police commissioner aimed to "instill fear" in the black and Hispanic communities. State Sen. Eric Adams, a police officer for 22 years, said that during a...

NYPD's Plan to Catch Drug Thieves: 'Bait Bottles'

GPS bottles will lead cops to stolen prescription medications

(Newser) - How to fight the theft of prescription medications? New York City police have an idea: Stock pharmacies with fake pill bottles outfitted with GPS trackers. These "bait bottles," if stolen, could then help the NYPD zero in on suspects and their stashes of painkillers and other drugs, the...

Bloomberg's Dream Choices for Next Mayor: Schumer, Hillary?

Ed Rendell, Hillary Clinton among floated names

(Newser) - With New York City's mayoral election coming this year, eyes are on City Council speaker Christine Quinn as Michael Bloomberg's preferred successor. But the New York Times runs through a few less-likely names being tossed about with various levels of seriousness by Bloomberg's advisers. Among them: Hillary...

NYPD Doubling Gang Unit, Thanks to Facebook Fights

Social media taunts leading to real turf war battles, says chief

(Newser) - The NYPD is doubling the size of its gang unit—not because of an increase in established gangs, but because of growing problems with "looser associations" of teens who engage in real violence after first sparring over Facebook and other social media, the AP reports. These groups "identify...

Empire State Gunman Faced Eviction

Bloomberg supports officers' quick action

(Newser) - The case of Empire State Building shooter Jeffrey Johnson continues to unfold. Police have now visited his Upper East Side apartment three times, taking a computer and documents from the home, the Wall Street Journal reports. Emerging details:
  • The one-bedroom apartment may not have belonged to Johnson much longer: He

Etan Patz Suspect Charged With Murder

Pedro Hernandez confessed to killing boy in 1979

(Newser) - The confession of a New Jersey man in the killing of young Etan Patz in 1979 apparently has the ring of truth to it: NYPD Chief Raymond Kelly announced tonight that Pedro Hernandez has been charged with second-degree murder. Hernandez told police that he lured the 6-year-old into the basement...

NYPD Chief's Son Won't Face Rape Charges

Greg Kelly was accused by paralegal

(Newser) - The son of NYPD chief Raymond Kelly will not face rape charges over a high-profile accusation that emerged last month, reports DNAinfo . Both the Daily News and New York Times also say that Greg Kelly—TV host of Good Day New York and the son of police chief Raymond Kelly—...

New York City Cops Can't Own NYPD Merchandise

That means no hats, shirts, even coffee mugs

(Newser) - The NYPD logo is emblazoned on everything from hats and shirts to tie clips and coffee mugs, but all those items are now off limits to New York City cops, reports Murray Weiss at DNA Info . Police chief Ray Kelly has issued a new rule forbidding the city's 35,...

Son of NYPD Boss Accused of Rape
NYPD Boss'
Son Accused
of Rape 

NYPD Boss' Son Accused of Rape

Lawyer says Greg Kelly attacked her in her office

(Newser) - A Manhattan lawyer has reported to police that she was raped by the son of New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, reports the New York Daily News . The woman had drinks with Greg Kelly, 43, at the South Street Seaport last October, she told police. She then invited him...

'Al-Qaeda Sympathizer' Busted in NYC Bomb Plot

'Lone wolf' Jose Pimentel was 'hour away' from finishing first bomb: Cops

(Newser) - A suspected lone wolf terrorist has been charged with plotting to kill US soldiers and police with bombs he was building in his Manhattan apartment, according to law enforcement authorities. Jose Pimentel, 27, who goes by the name Muhammad Yusuf, intended to test three bombs in mailboxes before using explosives...

NYPD: Zazi Had 2 Accomplices
 NYPD: Zazi Had 2 Accomplices 

NYPD: Zazi Had 2 Accomplices

Would-be subway bomber working with authorities

(Newser) - New York police said today Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan-born man who admitted plotting to bomb the city's subway system, planned to attack commuters at rush hour with at least two other bombers. Zazi, 25, pleaded guilty yesterday to several charges, and is cooperating with investigators.

Cop Kills Gunman in Times Square

Victim opened fire first with a semiautomatic machine gun

(Newser) - A plainclothes sergeant shot and killed a suspected scam artist outside a Times Square hotel today after an exchange of gunfire. Police say the victim fired first with a Mac 10 semiautomatic machine gun. The sergeant fired four times, hitting 25-year-old Raymond Martinez in the chest and arm. The shooting...

NYPD Clashes With Justice on Surveillance

Cops say feds blunt anti-terror efforts; AG testy in series of letters

(Newser) - The Department of Justice has firmly rejected efforts by the New York Police Department to relax restrictions on eavesdropping, triggering a war of words between the agencies’ heads, the New York Times reports. The NYPD wants broader latitude for electronic surveillance, and less red tape for its requests, but Justice...

Cops Made Mistake in Taser Death: NYPD Commish

Kelly underscores success rate of emergency-response units

(Newser) - Last week's Tasering of an emotionally disturbed man that led to his death was a "mistake" by New York police officers, commissioner Raymond Kelly admitted yesterday. Two cops involved in the incident have been put on desk duty, and the entire 440-member Emergency Service squad will undergo a retraining...

NYPD Cop Accused in 3 Heists
NYPD Cop Accused in
3 Heists

NYPD Cop Accused in 3 Heists

He allegedly robbed banks to buy engagement ring

(Newser) - A New York cop nabbed for robbing a bank this week may have committed two other heists last year, the NYPD said today. Christian Torres, a transit officer described by NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly as “a model cadet,” will be charged in New York after proceedings wrap up...

NYPD and FBI Tussle Over War on Terror

Frustrated NY cops use 1,000 officers to thwart attacks

(Newser) - Irked by the FBI, New York police have quietly turned their anti-terror mission into a global operation, the Washington Post reports. They have nabbed suspected terrorists and won convictions, but Big Apple cops still fume over the FBI's refusal to share data. “Controlling information is power, and they don't...

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