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With 203K Orders, Nano Grabs 17% of Indian Market

(Newser) - Indian automaker Tata has 203,000 domestic orders for the Nano—the world’s cheapest car—which will start delivery in July, Bloomberg reports. The first editions of the $2,500 vehicle will go out to just 100,000 eager buyers, who will be chosen by lottery and must put...

Critics Bowled Over by World's Cheapest Car

 Critics Bowled Over 
 by World's Cheapest Car 
Auto review

Critics Bowled Over by World's Cheapest Car

It's $2K, but the Tata Nano provides bang for your buck

(Newser) - India unveiled the world's cheapest car this week, and a few lucky drivers took the $2,000 Tata Nano for a test drive. Their reactions:
  • “A surprisingly smooth ride. Thrifty transport is not meant to be this comfortable,” writes Randeep Ramesh in the Guardian. “Built for functional

India Rolls Out World's Cheapest Car

Tata Motors plans to take $2,000 car to Europe, US

(Newser) - India's Tata Motors rolled out its $2000 Nano car yesterday, six months late but with grander plans than ever, reports the Los Angeles Times. The company aims to sell the vehicle—10 feet long and less than 5 feet wide—not only to India's emerging middle class, but to the...

Protests Close Plant Making World's Cheapest Car

Company to move factory building 'People's Car,' billed as world's cheapest at $2,500

(Newser) - Tata Motors has halted work at the Indian factory where it was producing its Nano model, billed as the world’s cheapest car. A 2-year-long land dispute escalated when West Bengal farmers trapped workers inside, the AP reports, and the company instructed employees to stay home this week. "A...

Protests Threaten World's Cheapest Car

Tata, having promised Oct. launch for $2,500 Nano, considers costly factory move

(Newser) - The promised October launch of a $2,500 car by India’s Tata Motors is in jeopardy after massive protests at its West Bengal factory, Der Spiegel reports. Led by the state's opposition leader, 30,000 demonstrators promised a "fight to the finish" for land they say the government...

Tata's Luxury Buys Tell World 'We're Here'

Jaguar, Land Rover acquisitions add dimension to Indian giant's broad base

(Newser) - Perhaps you’ve never heard of Tata, the Indian company that's the new owner of Jaguar and Land Rover—but it's already a $70 billion globe-straddling giant, the BBC reports, with major subsidiaries in a host of industries. Not content with dominating its fast-growing home market, Tata Motors sells cars...

Small Is the New Big
 Small Is the New Big 

Small Is the New Big

Automakers turn attention to the subcompact, abroad and at home

(Newser) - Ever-increasing gas prices, environmental concerns and demand in developing countries are leading worldwide small-car sales past those of larger counterparts, Newsweek reports. With cars like India’s Tata Nano set to overhaul the auto industry by offering new mobility to millions, US automakers are scrambling to retool their businesses to...

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