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How Many Nudes Is Too Many Nudes for Jr High Math Lesson?

An Ohio teacher now knows the answer

(Newser) - We know it can be hard to get kids invested in algebra, but this probably isn't the answer. WOIO reports Ohio parents are upset with a teacher at Middleburg Heights Junior High School for spicing up a freshman algebra lesson a little too much. Here's one of the...

Author: Ditch Mandatory Algebra in Schools

Instead, teach kids basic math skills they'll use in the real world: Andrew Hacker

(Newser) - Something's not adding up, according to what the AP calls a "provocative new book" that pleads the case of getting rid of mandatory algebra in US schools. "One out of 5 young Americans does not graduate from high school … one of the worst records in the...

'Number Sense' Predicts Math Success: Study

Ability to guess group size linked to algebra, calculus skill

(Newser) - The skill of estimating group size at a glance is directly linked to success in higher forms of math like algebra and calculus, reports the Washington Post. A new study found that students with better “number sense”—the ability to quickly and accurately guess numbers in a group—...

Panel: US Math System 'Broken'
 Panel: US Math System 'Broken' 

Panel: US Math System 'Broken'

Group, worried about future competitive disadvantage, advises focus on basics

(Newser) - A presidential panel today called US math education “broken” and demanded greater focus on key skills ranging from preschool to middle school, the Washington Post reports. The National Mathematics Advisory Panel responded to concerns that Americans are growing less competitive in the realm, and pointed the way to better...

4 Stories
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