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Trump Slams Mika Brzezinski as 'Neurotic,' 'Not Very Bright'

Twitter fight comes day after campaign says he doesn't use personal insults

(Newser) - Donald Trump tuned into MSNBC's Morning Joe on Monday and clearly didn't like the negative coverage from hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Thanks to Twitter, we know all about it: "Tried watching low-rated @Morning Joe this morning, unwatchable!" Trump tweeted . He then labeled Brzezinski "...

Republicans Need Colin Powell
 Republicans Need Colin Powell 
Joe Scarborough

Republicans Need Colin Powell

Joe Scarborough: Embrace Powell, or party may not survive

(Newser) - Colin Powell's criticism of the GOP Sunday did not go over well with many members of his party—but Joe Scarborough thinks moderate, electable Powell is exactly what Republicans need. As the late William F. Buckley put it, conservatives need to take reality into account. Or as Scarborough puts...

Scarborough to Nate Silver: I'm Sorry, Sorta

Admits Silver was right, but still calls early predictions a 'fool's errand'

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough is ready to give what he calls a "(semi) apology" to pollster Nate Silver. The two tussled over whether Silver's ultimately accurate early election predictions were appropriate in a race that Scarborough felt was "in flux" at the time. But after talking with Silver on...

Nate Silver: Why I&#39;m Right
 Nate Silver: Why I'm Right 

Nate Silver: Why I'm Right

Polling guru explains why his argument is the simplest

(Newser) - Barack Obama's odds of victory ticked up to 80.9% today in Nate Silver's projection model, a fact unlikely to sit well with Silver's growing legion of Republican detractors. While no one is arguing that Mitt Romney is the favorite, some—like Joe Scarborough—are arguing the...

Axelrod Bets His Mustache on Obama Win

He'll shave the 40-year-old 'stache if prez. loses MI, MN or PA

(Newser) - This election's shaping up to be a close shave, and David Axelrod is taking that idiom literally. On Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe, the president's mustachioed adviser vowed to bare his upper lip for an uncurious world to see if Obama loses Michigan, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania, reports Politico...

MSNBC Bleeps Out Ann Coulter

Commentator goes a little too far for censors on Morning Joe

(Newser) - Anne Coulter’s lips moved quite a bit on Morning Joe today—but you couldn’t hear most of what she was saying. MSNBC censored her discussion of the GOP race, and she appeared confused by the move, Mediaite reports. “What did I say?” she asked on-air after the...

Bill Clinton: Give Presidents a Third Term

 Clinton: Give 
 3rd Term 
in case you missed it

Clinton: Give Presidents 3rd Term

But not him, he tells Joe Scarborough

(Newser) - Bill Clinton thinks presidents should be able to serve more than two terms—not that he’s thinking of himself or anything. Clinton appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this week to promote his new book, and in a brief exchange that caught Politico ’s eye was asked if...

Obama&#39;s Just Like LeBron

 Obama Is Just Like LeBron 
Joe Scarborough

Obama Is Just Like LeBron

Joe Scarborough on the president's arrogance, timidity

(Newser) - Before delivering his fateful DNC keynote speech in 2004, Barack Obama offered this assessment of his political skills: “I’m LeBron, baby. I can play on this level. I got some game.” These days, that’s looking like a prescient statement: “Barack Obama is LeBron James,”...

Joe Scarborough Honors 9/11 ... in Song

MSNBC releases video for 'Reason to Believe'

(Newser) - MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is taking a unique approach to the 9/11 anniversary: He's released his own music video called Reason to Believe, writes Dan Needham of the Huffington Post , who writes a glowing review. (Not everyone is so kind; see Gawker .) "It's critical that we...

Wash Down 'Satan Sandwich' With 'Demon Drink'

Emanuel Cleaver breaks down his colorful remark

(Newser) - Emanuel Cleaver made quite a stir the other day when he called the debt ceiling deal a “ sugar-coated Satan sandwich ,” but he’s sticking by the remark—and even elaborating on it. In an interview this morning on Morning Joe, the host playfully asked what was in the...

MSNBC Suspends Halperin for 'D**k' Remark

Commentator calls move 'totally appropriate'

(Newser) - MSNBC has suspended Mark Halperin indefinitely after he called President Obama a “dick” on Morning Joe. “Mark Halperin's comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the president, the White House, and all of our viewers,” the network said in a statement. “...

Halperin on Morning Joe: Obama Was 'Kind of a D**k'

Apologizes after rude remark is aired unbleeped

(Newser) - Political discourse reached a new high this morning, as political analyst Mark Halperin called President Obama "kind of a dick" on the air. Halperin was on Morning Joe, when he was asked to characterize Obama's combative press conference from yesterday . "Are we on the seven-second delay today?"...

Washington Loves War

 Washington Loves War 
Joe Scarborough

Washington Loves War

Conservatives can stand up against that without being 'isolationists': Scarborough

(Newser) - There are some ugly truths about Washington that persist no matter which party is in power: Spending always increases, Wall Street donors always get taken care of, and, maybe most troublesome, “the city’s political gears are always greased for war,” writes Joe Scarborough for Politico . Obama has...

GOP Must Take Down Palin
 GOP Must Take Down Palin  
Joe Scarborough

GOP Must Take Down Palin

Joe Scarborough thinks Bush, Reagan digs went too far

(Newser) - Republicans are in trouble. “The most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected,” yet the party leadership is tip-toeing around her, complains Joe Scarborough in a Politico op-ed. “Enough. It’s time for the GOP to man up.” Palin has...

'Morning Joe' Suspended Over Political Contributions

Scarborough gets two-day penalty after eight $500 donations

(Newser) - Move over, Keith. MSNBC's "Morning Joe" has been suspended for two days for making eight $500 contributions to political campaigns, Politico reports. Joe Scarborough reportedly gave the money to friends and family running in local races near his home in Pensacola. "I recognize that I have a responsibility...

Sarah Palin: I Believe I Could Beat Obama

Barbara Walters pops the question for an upcoming special

(Newser) - Sarah Palin got quoted for the umpteenth time today saying something to the effect that she might just run for president in two years. And she wouldn't run if she didn't think she could win, right? Right, as per this exchange with Barbara Walters: "If you ran for president,...

Bloomberg, Scarborough 'Eying 2012 Run'

Mayor, MSNBC host may form 'odd couple' independent ticket

(Newser) - New York City's mayor and the host of MSNBC's Morning Joe are exploring the possibility of an "odd couple" run for the White House on an independent ticket, according to the Huffington Post , which cites "well-placed sources." Joe Scarborough, a longtime friend of Michael Bloomberg's, denies that...

Olbermann's Far From the Only Offender

Fox doesn't have rules against campaign donations; MSNBC requires permission

(Newser) - OK, so Keith Olbermann donated to three liberal candidates, and he shouldn't have: But the episode underscores exactly how common an occurrence political donations are in the realm of cable news. Politico takes its investigation a step further and finds that Olbermann is far from the only offender: Fox analysts...

Joe Scarborough Slams Gingrich's 'Hate Speech'

Morning Joe thinks Newt's getting rich off throwing red meat at cable news

(Newser) - We're gonna guess that Joe Scarborough is off Newt Gingrich's Christmas card list. The MSNBC host—and former Republican Revolutionary—absolutely savages Gingrich in a column for Politico today, calling him a “cartoonish cable news fixture” who “smears” anyone he disagrees with. “The same politician who once...

Meet the GOP's 2016 Nominee
 Meet the GOP's 
 2016 Nominee 
Marc Ambinder

Meet the GOP's 2016 Nominee

Why Joe Scarborough is the perfect man for the job

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough insists he’s not running for president. He says he’s perfectly happy as MSNBC’s morning host, where, he argues, he has more influence than your average senator. But there’s a “studio apartment industry of conservatives” who think Scarborough is the man Republicans will need...

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