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Game Guy Started at Age 14 Still Going On in His 50s

Robert Wardhaugh began his Dungeons and Dragons marathon in 1982 and hasn't stopped since

(Newser) - Right from the description on his website , you can tell he's serious about gaming: "My name is Robert Wardhaugh and I am the Dungeon Master (DM)." Although Wardhaugh's full-time job is as a history professor at the University of Western Ontario, the Canadian man's unofficial...

Odd Professional Title: D&D 'Dungeon Master'
He Makes a Decent Living
as a D&D 'Dungeon Master'

He Makes a Decent Living as a D&D 'Dungeon Master'

'Wired' profiles New York City's Timm Woods

(Newser) - Like a lot of kids, Timm Woods developed an intense fascination with the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. Unlike a lot of those kids, the 30-year-old Woods is now making a living at it as an adult. Wired profiles the Brooklyn resident and his unusual profession: that of a "...

Dungeons & Dragons Crowdsources New Rules

Wizards of the Coast tries to mend fences after divisive fourth edition

(Newser) - Nerds of the world, grab your d20s, because Dungeons and Dragons needs you. Wizards of the Coast is relaunching its original roleplaying game, and in a bid to win over disaffected fans, it plans to post the rules online for public play-testing, the New York Times reports. D&D has...

Porn Stars Play Dungeons & Dragons

Sasha Grey and friends embrace their inner geeks

(Newser) - What might make Dungeons & Dragons more appealing to people not particularly interested in role-playing games? How about adding porn stars, a stripper, and Sasha Grey? Everyone stays clothed and the conversation stays fairly G-rated—there's one double entendre about sucking—as the Escapist, an online gaming magazine, infiltrates a...

No Dungeons & Dragons in Prison: Court

Prisons worry fantasy game could foster gang-like behavior

(Newser) - An avid Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast had his dreams of playing the fantasy game behind bars dashed by an appeals court today. Kevin Singer, in prison for life for murder, had argued that being forbidden to play violated his rights under the 1st and 14th amendments. The Wisconsin prison system...

Dungeons & Dragons Co - Creator Dead at 61
 Dungeons & Dragons 
Co-Creator Dead at 61 

Dungeons & Dragons Co-Creator Dead at 61

(Newser) - Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Dave Arneson died Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. His D&D collaborator, Gary Gygax, died in March 2008. Though the two engaged in much legal wrangling over their property, they resolved their dispute in the 1980s. Arneson, who enjoyed a second career as an...

D&D Tee Swipes Back at Mac
 D&D Tee Swipes Back at Mac 

D&D Tee Swipes Back at Mac

Staffer's comparison of liberal bloggers to basement-dwelling gamers triggers backlash

(Newser) - Dungeons & Dragons players don’t just like gaming and their mothers—they like Barack Obama, too. After a John McCain staffer described liberal blogging community Daily Kos as “the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd” swiping at his candidate “from the comfort of mom's basement,” one designer...

D&D DNA Endures in Digital Era
D&D DNA Endures in Digital Era

D&D DNA Endures in Digital Era

Co-creator's death comes on eve of game's reinvention

(Newser) - Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax valued interaction and innovation above all. He devised the game with friends equally inspired by war games and bedtime stories, starting with tabletop battle re-enactments, then injecting magic and mythology into his creations. Wired visits Wisconsin for a lengthy profile that was in the...

Dungeons & Dragons Co-Creator Dead at 69

Gary Gygax rocked the gaming world

(Newser) - Widely revered Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, regarded as the father of role-playing games, has died at his home in Wisconsin after years of health problems, AP reports. He was 69. Together with Dave Arneson, Gygax created the massively popular medieval fantasy Dungeons & Dragons in 1974 that struck...

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