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CDC Issues Alert on a Rare Infection
CDC Issues Alert
on a Rare Infection

CDC Issues Alert on a Rare Infection

Strain of Neisseria meningitidis bacteria is hitting people 30 to 60 the hardest

(Newser) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert Thursday urging doctors to look out for a bacterial infection that is rare, but on the rise. The CDC said infections are being caused by a strain of Neisseria meningitidis bacteria, CNN reports. Sickness caused by the bacteria is known...

Study 'Really Rings the Alarm' About Medical Tourism Risks

12 Americans who had surgery at clinics in Mexico died in meningitis outbreak last year

(Newser) - Researchers say a study of a fungal meningitis outbreak that killed a dozen Americans last year "really rings the alarm" about the risks of medical tourism. The patients had all undergone cosmetic procedures, including liposuction and breast implants, at clinics in Matamoros, Mexico. In a study published in the...

CDC: 2 Dead of Suspected Meningitis After Mexico Surgeries

Around 220 Americans may have been exposed, agency warns

(Newser) - Americans who had surgery under epidural anesthesia at either of two clinics in Matamoros, Mexico, this year should get tested for fungal meningitis immediately whether they are showing symptoms or not, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. According to a CDC alert , 220 people in the US could...

College Student Loses Legs Over Chicken Lo Mein

It’s a strange case involving septic shock

(Newser) - “I don’t intend to scare anyone about food or leftovers. ... This was a freak accident happening in a perfect storm sequence of events.” That is the opening statement in a recent viral video from Dr. Bernard Hsu (known as “Chubbyemu” on his YouTube channel). If not...

Nightmare Infection Took His Hearing. But This, He Heard

Hayward Duresseau gets meningitis. Then, a proposal

(Newser) - For Hayward Duresseau, a "terrifying" diagnosis ended in one of the happiest moments of his life. The 27-year-old had just visited San Francisco with boyfriend Kerry Kennedy in February when he grew exhausted, lost some vision, got a killer headache, and fell violently ill—which landed him in an...

Grieving Mom Warns: Don't Let Visitors Kiss Your Newborn

Mariana Sifrit died from viral meningitis caused by the herpes virus

(Newser) - Nicole and Shane Sifrit had just one happy week with their baby girl Mariana, who was born healthy on July 1. On July 7, when she stopped eating and then became unresponsive, she went back to the hospital. And on Tuesday morning, she died. Mariana had contracted viral meningitis caused...

A Dying Boy Needed Antibiotics; Mom Gave Him Tea: Prosecutors

Tamara Lovett accused in death of 7-year-old son

(Newser) - For 10 days, 7-year-old Ryan Alexander Lovett laid in bed while his mother fed him dandelion tea and oil of oregano. He died as a result, according to prosecutors. In a trial that began Monday in Calgary, Alberta, prosecutors accuse Tamara Lovett, 47, of failing to provide the "necessaries...

Mom Faces Jail for Not Posting to Facebook After Son's Death

Unusual part of judge's sentence following death of Ezekiel Stephan

(Newser) - A judge's highly unusual order has added an extra layer of controversy to a contentious child death case in Canada. Last month, David Stephan was sentenced to four months in prison and his wife, Collet Stephan, was sentenced to three months of house arrest for failing to provide the...

Town Hit by Sleeping Illness Gets Answer, No Resolution

A nearby uranium mine may be the culprit, but how?

(Newser) - The mysterious sleeping sickness that has befallen dozens of villagers in a remote region of Kazakhstan continues to befuddle scientists. Following reports of victims passing out in schools, at home, and even on a motorcycle, and sometimes failing to snap out of it for days at a time, scientists descended...

Cause of Virginia Teen's Sudden Death Determined

Madison Small died of neisseria sepsis

(Newser) - No solace, but an answer: The Virginia Medical Examiner's office has determined that 18-year-old Madison Small died of neisseria sepsis. The Washington Post reports that's a blood infection related to bacterial meningitis; the two are reportedly caused by the same bacteria. WUSA9 describes her death as a case...

Quad Amputee 'Person of Interest' in Parents' Murder

Florida police on the hunt for Sean Petrozzino after parents found slain

(Newser) - "I cannot imagine him doing something like this—I don't think he would be able to." That was the reaction of one of Sean Petrozzino's neighbors to the Orlando Sentinel upon hearing that the 30-year-old South Florida man—a quadruple amputee after a bout with bacterial...

Nursing Student Dies After Tweets About Feeling Ill

'This is what dying must feel like,' she wrote; meningitis suspected

(Newser) - A nursing student at Georgetown has died of suspected meningitis, and the final tweets of Andrea Jaime suggest she knew something was horribly wrong. "This is what dying must feel like," the sophomore tweeted on Friday, three days before her death, reports the Daily Dot . And in a...

Pharmacist Linked to Meningitis Outbreak Busted

Airport arrest first bust in case that caused 64 deaths

(Newser) - A pharmacist linked to a meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people in 2012 was arrested yesterday as he tried to leave the country. Glenn Adam Chin oversaw the mold and bacteria-infested "clean rooms" at the New England Compounding Center, and investigators accuse him of covering up unsafe practices, the...

Meningitis Kills 3 in LA County
 Meningitis Kills 3 in LA County 

Meningitis Kills 3 in LA County

Gay men at increased risk, medical director says

(Newser) - Three gay men in their late 20s have died from a bacterial meningitis in the Los Angeles area so far this year, with another five people having come down with the illness. Four of the cases involved gay men and three were HIV positive, the Los Angeles Times reports; two...

Pharmacy Behind Meningitis Outbreak to Pay $100M

New England Compounding Center to set up fund for victim compensation

(Newser) - The pharmacy most prominently linked to last year's national meningitis outbreak has reached a preliminary agreement on a settlement that would require it to create a $100 million victim compensation fund, attorneys for the company's creditors announced today. The Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Center has already given up...

Princeton Students to Get Vaccine FDA Hasn't OKed

Bexsero hasn't been approved by FDA, but FDA gave CDC OK to import it

(Newser) - Princeton University has seen seven people hospitalized in the last eight months with bacterial meningitis—specifically, a strain of the disease that the vaccine commonly administered in the US doesn't fight. And now the school is taking the unusual step of offering its students a European- and Australian-approved vaccine,...

Meningitis Spreading Via Gay Sex: Officials

Health dept. urges men to get vaccinated

(Newser) - New York City's health department is warning men who engage in anonymous, gay sex to get vaccinated against meningitis, ABC News reports. An outbreak has already killed seven New Yorkers and sickened 22, spreading mostly through men who meet at bars, parties, or online. "I urge all men...

Pharmacy Chief in Meningitis Outbreak Takes the Fifth

Barry Cadden sheds no light on what happened

(Newser) - The co-owner and chief pharmacist of the company linked to the meningitis outbreak arrived on Capitol Hill today for a grilling armed with lawyers and an index card. And when House lawmakers asked Barry Cadden of the New England Compounding Center things like what happened or what he might say...

FDA: Ameridose Is Rife With Contamination Issues

Bugs, leaks found inside drug firm linked to outbreak

(Newser) - The FDA's monthlong inspection of Ameridose, a firm with the same founders as the pharmacy linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak, has produced a long and troubling list of contamination issues, the AP reports. Inside the company's drug-making facility, federal inspectors found leaky, cracked walls and ceilings, insects...

Mass. Pharmacy Chief Fired Over Meningitis

He ignored complaint that it was selling drugs illegally

(Newser) - Massachusetts has fired the director of its Board of Pharmacy for failing to follow up on a complaint against the New England Compounding Center—the facility behind the recent meningitis outbreak. Colorado's pharmacy board had complained that the center was illegally selling medicine to Colorado hospitals without prescriptions, and...

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