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Paterson Fined $62K for Freebie Series Tickets

But of course he intended to pay all along

(Newser) - David Paterson had better save his pennies: New York's soon-to-be unemployed governor has been slapped with a $62,125 fine for taking five free tickets to last year's World Series. Paterson maintains he always intended to pay for the tickets—though he didn't quite get around to it until the...

SNL Zings O'Donnell in Opener

Amy Poehler debuts as host

(Newser) - Politics took center stage on Saturday Night Live's new season last night, with Christine O'Donnell taking some hits and David Paterson dropping by to dole some out. In Christine O'Donnell Cold Open, the candidate assures GOP execs that she now masturbates constantly (in fact excusing herself to do so), once...

NY Welcomes Ahmadinejad... With Protests

Paterson, Gillibrand head up demonstrations

(Newser) - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is getting a rousing welcome to the Big Apple this week, but not in a nice way: Several of New York's top politicians are protesting Ahmadinejad's regime while he attends a UN General Assembly meeting, reports the AP. Among them, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and David Paterson, who denounces...

Paterson to Meet Mosque Developers
Paterson to Meet
Mosque Developers

Paterson to Meet Mosque Developers

Governor's been pushing for an alternate location for the center

(Newser) - Might there be some mosque diplomacy in the works? Gov. David Paterson says he plans to meet soon with developers of the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero, presumably to discuss an alternate location, the Washington Post reports. A spokesman says no date has been set, and the Coroba House...

Spitzer Deserves 2nd Chance: NY Gov
Spitzer Deserves
2nd Chance: NY Gov

Spitzer Deserves 2nd Chance: NY Gov

He's got 'tremendous talent,' says Paterson

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer deserves another chance at political office even though he spent taxpayer money on trysts with a hooker, said embattled New York Governor David Paterson. The man who once served as Spitzer's lieutenant governor boasted that he personally has made a point of hiring talented individuals with mistakes in...

Latest Limbaugh Racist Quip: Paterson as New 'Massa'

He uses slave term about black governor, Massa controversy

(Newser) - The resignation of New York congressman Eric Massa has given Rush Limbaugh fodder for a new racist comment: Yesterday, he said David Paterson will be playing "massa" if he appoints Massa's replacement—a reference to slavemasters and the governor's African-American heritage. "So, David Paterson will become the massa...

Paterson Spokesman Resigns
 Paterson Spokesman Resigns 

Paterson Spokesman Resigns

Kauffman 'cannot in good conscience continue' in administration

(Newser) - David Paterson's top spokesman resigned today, becoming the third New York state official to quit in the wake of the governor's domestic violence scandal. Peter Kauffman did not make explicit reference to the scandals that have plagued Paterson's administration, saying only that "as recent developments have come to light,...

Paterson Took Yankees Tickets, Broke Ethics Law

Violations carry a fine of $90K, referred to AG Andrew Cuomo

(Newser) - Members of the New York government’s executive branch are barred from accepting gifts from lobbyists that could sway them, which is exactly what the state’s Commission on Public Integrity says embattled Gov. David Paterson did when he secured free World Series tickets from the Yankees for his son....

Paterson Pal Talks to Police in Abuse Scandal

Times tightens screws on governor, editorial suggests he step down

(Newser) - The New York Times tightened the screws on David Paterson today, with yet another report detailing the governor’s alleged role in covering up a domestic abuse incident for a senior aide. An editorial calls it "gross abuse of office" and urges him to resign unless he can clear...

David Paterson: I'm Not Quitting

And NY governor says he's still got the power to run state

(Newser) - OK, OK: David Paterson won't run for a new term, but he's still running the decaying Empire State, and he's certainly not quitting. Resigning is "off the table," the embattled New York gov said today. "In terms of authority of power, I have the power." As...

Paterson Out, Spotlight Turns to Cuomo

But AG says he's not ready to commit to seemingly inevitable run

(Newser) - As David Paterson officially deep-sixed his non-existent chances of a second term in New York yesterday, all eyes swung around to Andrew Cuomo. But the state's AG and former gubernatorial candidate was cagey, issuing a statement calling for Albany's continued function "through this difficult time" and noting that "...

Blaming 'Obstacles,' Paterson Drops Out

Days after launching campaign for full term, NY governor leaves race

(Newser) - David Paterson made it official this afternoon, putting an end to his campaign for a full term as New York governor just days after he launched it. The move came in the wake of a domestic violence scandal involving one of his closest advisers, but Paterson said he was "...

David Paterson Won't Run for Re-Election

But New York governor will not resign over allegations

(Newser) - David Paterson is dropping his bid for re-election as governor of New York after revelations of his and his administration’s conduct surrounding an aide's domestic violence case , an insider tells the New York Daily News . The governor, who still plans to serve out his term, is expected to announce...

Paterson Official Resigns Over Aide Scandal

Cabinet member says State Police chief misled her

(Newser) - The member of David Paterson's Cabinet charged with overseeing the State Police resigned today after learning of the governor's alleged intervention in a domestic-violence case involving a member of his staff. Denise O'Donnell said she had been misled by the State Police superintendent about the case, in which Paterson and...

David Paterson Might Be Finished

 Might Be 
quick takes

David Paterson Might Be Finished

He may not be able to overcome the latest Times salvo

(Newser) - The latest New York Times story on David Paterson, alleging that he tried to cover up an aide's assault charges, looks to be the real deal:
  • Ben Smith, Politico : It "appears likely to end the governor's tottering political career."
  • Allahpundit, Hot Air : Actually, "Paterson became political roadkill

NYT Questions Paterson's Handling of Assault Case

Governor suspends aide, calls in AG

(Newser) - The New York Times weighs in with the David Paterson "bombshell," take three. The new installment about New York's governor is the most serious of the bunch, laying out how he may have improperly used the full weight of his office to get a woman to drop assault...

Times 'Bombshell' Is That Paterson Is Aloof, Inept Governor

The scandal is that he's phoning it in, oddly disconnected

(Newser) - The New York Times rolled out a second installment of its widely anticipated bombshell story on David Paterson today, and it accuses the New York governor of ... being unresponsive and out of touch. No obvious scandal in the piece, which details his being AWOL for 5 hours after a plane...

NYT's Paterson 'Bombshell': Top Aide Is an Ex-Con
NYT's Paterson 'Bombshell': 
Top Aide Is an Ex-Con

NYT's Paterson 'Bombshell': Top Aide Is an Ex-Con

Adviser David Johnson busted for drugs as teen

(Newser) - The New York Times has finally dropped its long-rumored "bombshell" report on Gov. David Paterson and it's not quite as explosive or sexy as many expected. The story profiles the governor's driver-turned-aide David W. Johnson, noting that he was arrested twice on felony drug charges as a teenager and...

Gov. Paterson: Someone Is After Me

New York guv continues to deny everything on Larry King Live

(Newser) - Even as he continued to insist that addressing the rumors surrounding him only strengthens them, New York Gov. David Paterson continued to address those rumors last night on Larry King Live . He told King “clearly, somebody is” after him, though he wouldn’t speculate who is behind the gossip;...

Illinois' Political Culture Is Even Worse Than NY's

But scandals in both states makes it a close race, notes Gail Collins

(Newser) - Illinois and New York both have such awful political cultures that it's tough to decide which state is the biggest loser, writes Gail Collins. Both states have governors who were forced out by scandals and whose successors are mired in controversy, although at least Eliot Spitzer isn't going to be...

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