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New Version of Swiss Army Knife Will Lack One Big Thing
New Version of Swiss Army
Knife Will Lack One Big Thing

New Version of Swiss Army Knife Will Lack One Big Thing

There will be no blade, as company tries to adhere to ever-stricter knife regulations around the world

(Newser) - A Swiss Army Knife without the knife? That's what's coming down the pike, per Victorinox, the company that makes the iconic multitool gadget. Victorinox CEO Carl Elsener told a local newspaper on Monday that a new version of the Swiss Army Knife is being designed sans blade, instead...

Sunscreen Gadget Shows Where You Missed a Spot

Sunscreenr is portable gizmo aimed at curbing skin cancer

(Newser) - By the time you realized you missed a spot with the sunscreen, the damage is usually already done. And, per the American Cancer Society , exposure to the sun's UV rays is the leading cause of skin cancer, including deadly melanoma. So when it comes to applying sunscreen, you want...

Boy Sees Mom Clearly for First Time: 'She Was Pretty'

Chris Ward's community more than foots $15K bill

(Newser) - Chris Ward, a 12-year-old fifth-grader from Bedford County, Va., was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, a condition that limits his vision to objects within just 5 inches of his face. He's learned to read Braille and do math using an abacus. But when his mother and teacher took him...

Say Hello to the $700 Juicer
 Say Hello to the $700 Juicer 

Say Hello to the $700 Juicer

An 8-ounce glass can cost up to $10

(Newser) - If you like juice—as in really like juice—there's a gadget just for you. The Juicero, which made its debut this month, is "competing to be the most technologically advanced thing in the kitchen," the Christian Science Monitor reports. It's also among the priciest: The...

T-Mobile Offering Miniature Cell Towers for Your Home

But do you actually need one?

(Newser) - Starting Wednesday, T-Mobile customers can get their hands on their very own miniature cell tower to boost the signal inside their homes, USA Today reports. T-Mobile claims the new CellSpot— which plugs into customers' Internet routers—creates 3,000 square feet of full-bar 4G LTE coverage for all T-Mobile phones....

Google May Make a High-Tech Deodorant

Company patents wearable device that counteracts your smell

(Newser) - Google is considering what might be termed a digital deodorant. The company has obtained a patent for a device that would counteract your own BO and even keep you away from friends when you're at your smelliest, the New York Daily News reports. The "odor removing device,"...

Screens Mess With Our Sleep—Even If We Get 8 Hours

'Blue light' affects melatonin levels, which can have dangerous long-term effects: study

(Newser) - Your iPad or smartphone could well be hurting your sleep patterns, even if you're getting in a full eight hours of shuteye, researchers say—and the effects could be long-term. Over a five-night period, researchers in Boston had some subjects read for four hours a night on an iPad;...

Stop Constantly Upgrading, Hang on to Your Smartphone

We're at 'innovation plateau,' and latest isn't that much better: Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - With the cost of our smartphones often built into carriers' contracts, it's easy to forget how valuable the gadgets are. And these days, new generations of iPhones and Samsungs aren't necessarily vast improvements over their predecessors. So why not make our phones last longer—if not for ourselves,...

The iPod Is Kaput

 The iPod Is Kaput 

The iPod Is Kaput

Sales way down this holiday season: Sean Hollister

(Newser) - This holiday season, Apple sold 6 million iPods—a 52% decline over the year before, and a paltry number compared to the 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads it unloaded. Apple brought in $57.6 billion in revenue last quarter, of which iPod sales contributed only $973 million. Other...

12 Key Tech Products of the Past 2 Decades

Walt Mossberg lists most important devices, software

(Newser) - Walt Mossberg has been reviewing consumer technology for the Wall Street Journal for 22 years, and now he's signing off—but not before reflecting on the most important gadgets and software in his time with the paper. And a very fruitful period it has been. A timeline of the...

Hate Driving Stick? Meet Vibrating Shifter

3D-printed device made using Xbox parts

(Newser) - A young engineer at Ford is on a mission to demystify the manual transmission—and his tools include a 3D printer, a tablet computer, and an Xbox 360 controller. Zach Nelson printed out a shift knob and popped the Xbox's vibrating mechanism inside. Using Ford's open-source software and...

Next for iPhone, iPad: Bigger Screens?

Firm tests nearly 13-inch iPad, suppliers reveal

(Newser) - Apple's latest product experimentation may offer a window into the future of the iPhone and iPad. The company has ordered prototype phone and tablet screens that are a little bigger than what we're used to, its suppliers tell the Wall Street Journal . The iPhone 5 has a four-inch...

FAA Warms to Gate-to-Gate Gadgets

Ban likely to remain on cell phone calls

(Newser) - For the first time since the 1960s, the FAA's rules on electronic devices could change in a big way. An FAA advisory panel says it's time to start allowing certain gadgets to be used during taxiing, takeoff, and landing, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rules developed decades ago...

Next-Gen iPads Could Arrive in April
iPads Could 
Arrive in April 

Next-Gen iPads Could Arrive in April

And iPhone 5S is set for an August debut: report

(Newser) - Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 5S this summer, probably in August, while the next batch of iPads—likely the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2—could be here next month, sources are telling iMore . So what can we expect from the new gadgets? Well, the iPhone 5S...

Soft Demand? Apple Reins In iPhone Orders

Market share slipping, firm orders half the number of screens it had intended

(Newser) - The iPhone 5 may not be selling quite so well as Apple planned. Insiders tell the Wall Street Journal that lower demand has prompted the company to cut parts orders for the January-March quarter. Apple is reportedly ordering just half the screens it had intended to order, a move that...

As US Electricity Use Stalls, Utilities Scramble

Household use to expand just 0.7% per year: feds

(Newser) - Sure, you're attached at the hip to your iPad and like to crank your air conditioner, but electricity guzzling isn't what it used to be in the US. In the middle of the 20th century, electricity use grew about 8% yearly; now, it's set to expand just...

Banned Apple Gadgets Are Huge in Iran

Vendors sell to big banks, media firms

(Newser) - US sanctions ban Apple products from making their way to Iran shops—but with sales of the devices and software booming, merchants are obviously paying little heed. Some 100 shops in Tehran sell Apple items obtained through secret trade routes, Reuters reports, and Iranians are skirting rules and hiding their...

Google's Nexus 7 'Obliterates' Kindle Fire
 Google's Nexus 7 
 'Obliterates' Kindle Fire 
Tech Review

Google's Nexus 7 'Obliterates' Kindle Fire

It's got better features and a better design, Rich Jaroslovsky says

(Newser) - Sorry, Kindle Fire owners. When the Google Nexus 7 arrives next week, your tablet will officially be second-rate. "The Nexus 7 obliterates every reason for buying the current Kindle, and sets a high bar for whatever Amazon comes up with to replace it," Rich Jaroslovsky of Bloomberg writes....

Museum Preserves Long-Lost Tech Sounds

Museum of Endangered Sounds keeps noises from the '80s and '90s

(Newser) - Ah, for that clack of a 3.5-inch floppy disk fitting into its drive. Or the wistful piano tones of Windows 95 starting up. Anyone missing these retro tech sounds can visit the Museum of Endangered Sounds , where noises from Reagan- and Clinton-era technology are being preserved, the Washington Post...

For 3rd Time, Facebook Poised to Build Phone

But will it be any good, if it ever arrives?

(Newser) - Facebook is once again gearing up to build its own smartphone, and it could be here by next year. The company has hired several engineers from the iPhone and iPad teams for its third foray into the project, insiders tell the New York Times . Facebook's first attempt to build...

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