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White Grizzly and Cubs Meet a Tragic End

Nakota and 2 cubs fatally struck by vehicles in Canada's Yoho National Park

(Newser) - The white grizzly bear and her cubs roaming British Columbia's Yoho National Park were viewed as so special and rare that they had an entire country rooting for them. When Bear 178, nicknamed Nakota, emerged with her cubs this spring, Parks Canada erected fences and implemented a speed reduction...

Man Survives Attack After Bear Accidentally Sprays Itself

Grizzly bit into can of repellent

(Newser) - A grizzly that accidentally inflicted a burst of pepper spray on itself while attacking a hiker in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park won't be captured or killed because it may have been trying to protect a cub, park officials said in a statement. While mauling a hiker on...

Feds Have Big Plans for Bears in Washington

Project hopes to see 200 bears in Northern Cascades within century via new project

(Newser) - The state of Washington will soon be getting a little grizzlier. NBC News reports that, per a "joint record of decision," the National Park Service and US Fish & Wildlife Department "have decided to actively restore grizzly bears to the North Cascades of Washington, where the animals...

Grizzlies May Thrive at National Park Once Again

But some groups oppose plans to repopulate the North Cascades

(Newser) - Washington state's North Cascades National Park was once home to grizzly bears, until hunting them for hides wiped out the entire population. Federal agencies have now drafted a plan to reintroduce them to that land, according to the Washington Post , but not everyone is happy about it. The plan...

Risk for Tipsy Bears: Getting Hit by Trains

Spilled grain ferments near tracks, making bears vulnerable, reports 'Cowboy State Daily'

(Newser) - There are no PSAs warning grizzly bears not to linger on train tracks, and in one corner of Montana, grain spilling from passing railcars has increased the danger. Attracted to the rare treat, bears are getting tipsy on the grain as it ferments from rain and moisture, Cowboy State Daily ...

They Were Likely Reading in Tent When Grizzly Attacked

Relative identifies the victims as Doug Inglis and Jenny Gusse

(Newser) - The couple killed by a grizzly bear in Banff National Park on Friday had been together since their university days, a relative tells the CBC of Doug Inglis and Jenny Gusse, both 62. Describing them as "highly, highly experienced in being out back," Colin Inglis says the two...

Fatal Mauling Wasn't Grizzly's First Attack of a Human

Bear with a 'history of conflict with people' euthanized in Montana; her cub will go to zoo

(Newser) - A grizzly bear that killed a hiker near the town of West Yellowstone, Montana, in July and was also found to have injured a person in Idaho in 2020 has been euthanized after busting into a home. The 10-year-old female and her cub, still roaming near the Yellowstone National Park...

Hunter Shot, Mama Grizzly Killed During Surprise Montana Encounter

Bear had a cub, whose whereabouts are not known

(Newser) - Two hunters out scouting for hunting season in Montana's Flathead National Forest suddenly found themselves within 15 feet of a mama grizzly bear and her cub Saturday. The mother bear charged the men, who fired their guns, CBS News reports. The encounter ended with the bear shot dead and...

Officials: Grizzly Bear Killed Woman Near Yellowstone

Hiker found body on trail Saturday morning

(Newser) - A lone hiker was killed near Yellowstone National Park in what authorities believe was a grizzly bear attack, though they have been unable to locate the bear. The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department said Monday that the woman's body was found by a hiker Saturday morning on the...

Hunter Could Get Jail Time Over Alleged IDing Error

Wyoming's Patrick Gogerty claims he mistook the protected grizzly for a black bear, shot it dead

(Newser) - A Wyoming man is facing up to a year in jail after allegedly killing a protected grizzly bear near Yellowstone National Park. Patrick Gogerty of Cody claims he mistook the 530-pound male grizzly for a black bear, the largest of which generally weigh up to 700 pounds, per the AP...

He Spent 5 Years Solving a Grizzly Mystery

Clayton Lamb was perplexed after coming upon 4 bears who were all missing toes

(Newser) - "Part of what makes a grizzly bear a grizzly bear is their very long claws. It’s just something essential." So explains Canadian biologist Clayton Lamb, and in a piece for the Washington Post , Dino Grandoni elaborates. Those paws and claws are key to a bear's ability...

Black or Brown Bears, Sure. But What About Cinnamon?

Study identifies genetic variant that makes black bears look like grizzlies

(Newser) - Those who traipse around the woods may be familiar with an old saying about what to do if they encounter a bear: “If it’s black, fight back; if it’s brown, lie down; if it’s white, say good night.” Nowhere, however, does the word "cinnamon"...

Grizzlies Were Wiped Out Here. Feds Want Them Back

Effort to reintroduce bears to Washington's North Cascades begins again

(Newser) - A controversial campaign to increase the number of grizzly bears in Washington state, specifically in prime habitat areas where a viable population has long been absent, has been renewed. Environmental groups applauded Thursday's announcement that the National Park Service and the US Forest Service had initiated a first step...

Fighting Off Grizzly Bear, Hunter Shoots Himself

But man survived the Wyoming attack

(Newser) - A Wyoming hunter managed to scare off an attacking grizzly bear Friday night in an area south of Grand Teton National Park—but in the process, he shot himself in the leg. Lee Francis, 65, was hunting with his 40-year-old son in Rock Creek, along the Sawtooth mountains, when the...

College Wrestlers Attacked by Grizzly Bear in Utah
College Wrestler Tries to
Pull Grizzly Off Teammate,
Gets Attacked

College Wrestler Tries to Pull Grizzly Off Teammate, Gets Attacked

Both are expected to survive

(Newser) - Two college wrestlers from Wyoming were attacked by a grizzly bear during a hike outside Cody on Saturday. Four members of the Northwest College wrestling team went hiking and horn hunting (hunting for shed antlers, per KSL ) after practice, and were coming down a mountain in the late afternoon...

Report Makes Disturbing Find on Grizzly Attack

Leah Lokan died instantly of broken neck, severed spine in rare predatory attack

(Newser) - A woman fatally mauled in Montana last summer was the victim of a rare predatory attack by a grizzly bear that had learned to seek out human food, according to a new report. Leah Davis Lokan of Chico, Calif., was participating in a long-distance bike trip when she stopped to...

Man Hiking at High Elevation in Wyoming Is Mauled by Bear

It was thought to be a grizzly

(Newser) - A hiker appears to have survived being mauled by a grizzly bear in northwestern Wyoming. The "experienced out-of-state recreationalist" was hiking high up on the 13,000-foot Francs Peak Monday when he met a bear, thought to be a grizzly. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department on Tuesday characterized...

Officials: Missing Hiker Was Mauled by Grizzly

Montana's Craig Clouatre was found Friday after 'extensive search' in Paradise Valley

(Newser) - A dad of four from Livingston, Mont., never met back up with a friend after they got separated during a hike in Paradise Valley Wednesday, and now, a sad development. Local authorities say it appears 40-year-old Craig Clouatre was fatally mauled by a grizzly bear in the Six Mile Creek...

Woman Charged by Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone Is Charged Again
Woman Charged by Grizzly
in Yellowstone Gets Jail

Woman Charged by Grizzly in Yellowstone Gets Jail

Samantha Dehring could have been mauled, prosecutor says

(Newser) - Update: An Illinois tourist spotted taking photos of a grizzly bear and her cubs pleaded guilty to willfully being within 100 yards of wildlife and will spend four days in jail. She's also barred from Yellowstone National Park for a year. Samantha Dehring told the court she regrets putting...

'Goat Kills Grizzly' Isn't the Headline We Expected

But it's the headline we're getting out of Canada, thanks to one goat's apparently deadly horns

(Newser) - If we were betting folks and had to wager on a fight between a mountain goat and a grizzly bear, it seems obvious where the safe money would land. But in what the Guardian calls a "rare turn of events," the GOAT title in this case out of...

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