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34 Years After TWA Hijacking, an Arrest

Greek police are holding Lebanese national in 1985 hijacking that killed American Navy diver

(Newser) - Greek police said Saturday they arrested a suspect in the 1985 hijacking of a flight from Athens that became a multi-day ordeal and included the slaying of an American. Police said a 65-year-old suspect was arrested Thursday on the island of Mykonos in response to a warrant from Germany. Police...

Hijacker Wannabe Had a Toy Gun: Cops
Wannabe Hijacker's
Gun Wasn't Real

Wannabe Hijacker's Gun Wasn't Real

Mohammad Palash Ahmed was sporting a toy pistol when he was shot dead

(Newser) - A man who tried to hijack a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight on Sunday and demanded to speak to the prime minister of Bangladesh was shot dead by commandos after an emergency landing in Chittagong, and it's now being reported that the "weapon" he was seen with was just...

Hijacker With One Demand Shot Dead by Commandos

The unidentified male forced a plane to land in Bangladesh

(Newser) - A plane hijacker whose only apparent demand was to speak with the prime minister of Bangladesh—but who also complained of marital problems—has been shot and killed, Reuters reports. The unidentified male entered the cockpit of a Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight from Bangladesh to Dubai Sunday and forced the...

NYC Candidate Stunned His Old Hijacking Try Isn't an Issue

Would-be mayor Aaron Commey tried to hijack a plane years ago; was found to be mentally ill

(Newser) - A New York City mayoral candidate says he's "shocked" that so little attention has been paid to his arrest for trying to hijack an airliner at gunpoint 17 years ago. In July 2000, Aaron Commey (it's pronounced KOH-may) boarded a National Airlines plane in New York and...

Hijacked Plane Brought Home After 40 Years

Leftists took German plane to Somalia 40 years ago

(Newser) - A Lufthansa passenger jet that was hijacked to Somalia 40 years ago at the height of a far-left militant group's campaign against West German authorities has returned home. The DPA news agency reported Saturday that most parts of the Boeing 737 arrived Saturday in the city of Friedrichshafen, where...

Hostage Posed for This Photo With Hijacker

Officials say Egyptian man is 'an idiot, not a terrorist'

(Newser) - What to do when you're being held hostage on an aircraft by somebody who appears to be wearing a suicide vest? For Ben Innes of Leeds, England, it was time for a selfie—with the hijacker. The 26-year-old, who was one of the last hostages left on the plane...

Egypt Hijacker's Motive May Be 'Love'

It's now over: He's under arrest

(Newser) - An EgyptAir plane with about 60 people aboard was hijacked Tuesday while flying from the coastal city of Alexandria to Cairo, and then forced to land in Cyprus, reports the AP . Fortunately, it appears to have ended without violence after hours of negotiations, with all aboard freed and the hijacker...

Was DB Cooper a Grocery Manager From Michigan?

Writer offers new theory for the identity of the mystery hijacker

(Newser) - On Nov. 24, 1971, an airplane hijacker who would become known as DB Cooper donned a parachute, strapped $200,000 in cash to his body, and leaped out of a Boeing 727 jetliner somewhere between Seattle, Wash., and Reno, Nev. His true identity and whether he survived the jump remain...

Drunk Busted for Bali Hijack Scare

Alert was issued after he tried to break into cockpit

(Newser) - A drunken passenger who caused a hijack scare on a Virgin Australia flight today by trying to break into the cockpit was arrested after the plane landed on Indonesia's resort island of Bali. The Australian passenger acted aggressively and began pounding on the cockpit door before being handcuffed by...

Plane Forced to Land in Geneva, Hijacker Busted
 Co-Pilot Hijacks Plane, 
 Demands Asylum 

Co-Pilot Hijacks Plane, Demands Asylum

All Ethiopian Airlines passengers safe after Geneva landing

(Newser) - An Ethiopian Airlines plane was hijacked early today by its own co-pilot, who was seeking asylum in Switzerland. The co-pilot locked himself in the cockpit when the pilot went to the toilet, and flew the Boeing 767-300—which had taken off from Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and was headed to...

Pilot Tricked Ukraine Hijacker
 Pilot Tricked Ukraine Hijacker 

Pilot Tricked Ukraine Hijacker

He landed in Istanbul, announced it was Sochi

(Newser) - When a Ukraine passenger aboard a Turkish passenger plane announced that he had a bomb yesterday and ordered the plane to fly to Sochi, the pilot pulled a fast one, reports Radio Free Europe . He pretended to oblige but brought the plane down at an airport in Istanbul instead. Upon...

Amsterdam Airport Closed by Bomb—From WWII

Schiphol also deals with a false hijacking report

(Newser) - It's been a relatively crazy day at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, which has had to deal with a bomb threat—straight out of World War II—and a hijacking ... that apparently never happened.
  • Terminal C and part of Terminal D were shuttered today after construction workers found something unusual

2 Suspects Dead After Foiled China Hijacking

But Uighur rights group says it wasn't a hijacking at all

(Newser) - A pair of accused hijackers have died following a foiled attempt to take control of a plane in China's Xinjiang region, state media says. Six Uighur men were arrested Friday in the incident, in which suspects wielding explosives used a crutch to pummel the cockpit door. Four crew members...

Passengers, Crew Foil China Hijacking

Six suspects detained

(Newser) - A hijacking attempt on a Chinese plane was foiled today by passengers and crew just after departure, the AP reports, citing state media. The Tianjin Airlines plane had taken off from the remote city of Hotan in the restive far-western region of Xinjiang, and returned there safely 22 minutes later....

Russian Jet Vanishes Mid-Flight

It may have crashed or been hijacked: Indonesian officials

(Newser) - A Russian Sukhoi SuperJet-100 disappeared during a demonstration flight in Indonesia today, vanishing from radar screens while it was still at high altitudes and failing to land at its appointed time. The plane was last heard from when it requested, and was granted, permission to descend from 10,000 feet...

Utah Man Arrested in 'Kill Obama' Prank

Says hijacking note he put in pal's luggage was just a joke

(Newser) - A 31-year-old man from Utah is facing a federal charge after he allegedly left an apparent prank note that included the words "hijack plane" and "kill Obama" in his co-worker's luggage. Jeremiah Douglas Hill, of Clinton, was charged yesterday with one misdemeanor count of making a false...

Mark Wahlberg: I'd Have Stopped 9/11 Hijacking

Says he would have prevented plane from hitting World Trade Center

(Newser) - Men's Journal has a profile of Mark Wahlberg in its February issue, and one quote in particular is generating some buzz: He says that if he were on one of the 9/11 planes that hit the World Trade Center, things would have been different:
  • "If I was

Weird Airplane Security Risk: Pilots' Bathroom Breaks

Cockpit doors are secure, until they get opened

(Newser) - Cockpit doors these days can withstand the mightiest of charges, but they're still vulnerable because of a very human reason: Pilots need to go to the bathroom. That means the door gets opened during flights, and even those brief few seconds are enough for determined hijackers to get inside,...

DNA No Match, DB Cooper Still a Mystery

Testing turns up no link between new suspect, Cooper's tie

(Newser) - DNA testing has failed to establish a link between a new suspect in the DB Cooper case and the man who vanished after hijacking a plane 40 years ago, the FBI says. DNA from family members of the suspect, who died 10 years ago, failed to match any of the...

Woman Says DB Cooper Was Her Uncle

Actually, his name was Lynn Doyle Cooper, says Marla Cooper

(Newser) - Marla Cooper (yes, Cooper) says she knows the true identity of "skyjacker" DB Cooper: His name was Lynn Doyle Cooper, known to family members as LD, and he was her uncle, Marla tells ABC News . She recalls a suspicious conversation between LD and another uncle she overheard as an...

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