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Here's What Killed Garry Shandling
Here's What Killed
Garry Shandling

Here's What Killed Garry Shandling

Blood clot in his heart, officials reveal

(Newser) - Garry Shandling died from a blood clot in his heart, coroner's officials said Tuesday, more than seven months after the comedian's unexpected death. A report by Los Angeles' coroner's officials released Tuesday states the fatal clot occurred after the comedian developed blood clots in his legs, a...

Shandling Will Be Made Buddhist Monk Posthumously

Sources give TMZ details of comedian's funeral

(Newser) - Garry Shandling didn't speak much about it publicly, but he was Buddhist, and he had planned what TMZ calls an "elaborate" Buddhist funeral before his death. Sources tell the gossip site Shandling's head will be shaved by a monk, a symbolic gesture that ordains Shandling as a...

Doc Refuses to Sign Shandling's Death Certificate

The coroner's office has now launched an investigation into the cause of death

(Newser) - Legendary comedian Garry Shandling died Thursday morning, but his doctor has "repeatedly refused" to sign his death certificate, prompting an investigation by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, TMZ reports. The doctor hadn't seen Shandling in more than a year, believed him to be healthy, and can'...

Garry Shandling Made His Own 911 Call

 Garry Shandling 
 Made His Own 
 911 Call 
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Garry Shandling Made His Own 911 Call

Critics celebrate genius of the late actor and comedian

(Newser) - Garry Shandling's unexpected death at age 66 on Thursday is believed to have been caused by a heart attack, though the official cause of death is pending, reports the AP . Some related coverage:
  • Shandling hadn't been feeling well for a day or so and actually made the 911

Garry Shandling Dead at 66: TMZ
 Garry Shandling 
 Dead at 66 

Garry Shandling Dead at 66

Death appears to have been sudden

(Newser) - Comedian Garry Shandling died Thursday at age 66, the AP reports. The cause of death has not been revealed, but his death was reportedly sudden. A source tells TMZ Shandling was speaking to people and appeared healthy Thursday morning. He was transported to an LA-area hospital after a 911 call...

Shandling Says Private Eye Smeared Him

He's the first big celebrity to testify in the Pellicano trial

(Newser) - Comedian Garry Shandling took the stand yesterday and accused Los Angeles private eye Anthony Pellicano of using underhanded tactics to "smear" him. Shandling’s former manager hired Pellicano after promising to “make my life miserable,” Shandling said. The FBI soon told Shandling that the detective had rifled...

Hollywood Private-Eye Trial Begins
Hollywood Private-Eye
Trial Begins

Hollywood Private-Eye Trial Begins

Celebs expected to be called in Pellicano racketeering case

(Newser) - The illegal wiretapping and racketeering trial of Hollywood private detective Anthony Pellicano kicked off yesterday with a celebrity-studded witness list that sounds more like a casting call than a legal action, the Guardian reports. Sylvester Stallone, Farrah Fawcett and Chris Rock are among 127 possible prosecution witnesses. Studio heads and...

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