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Lots of Snooty NPR Listeners Don't Get NPR
Lots of Snooty NPR
Listeners Don't Get NPR

Lots of Snooty NPR Listeners Don't Get NPR

Slate columnist: It's OK to cover pop culture, so lighten up, people

(Newser) - Farhad Manjoo loves NPR, but he doesn't like the listeners who write in every time the network dabbles in coverage of pop culture. Maybe "doesn't like" isn't strong enough: "Oh, I hate them, hate them, hate them," he writes at Slate . These "snobby pseudo-intellectuals" think NPR...

NPR News Exec Resigns Over Juan Williams Firing

Ellen Weiss took flak over how it was handled

(Newser) - The fallout over last year's firing of Juan Williams by NPR continues: The executive who canned him over his comments about being nervous around Muslims in airports has herself resigned. Ellen Weiss made the announcement today, the same day as an outside review concluded that while the firing was legal,...

Ailes Sorry for Calling NPR Execs 'Nazis'

...what Fox boss meant to say was 'nasty, inflexible bigots'

(Newser) - Roger Ailes has apologized for calling NPR bosses "Nazis" in an interview—but he's not exactly backing down. Mediabistro obtained a letter that the Fox News chair sent to the Anti-Defamation League apologizing for his word choice, but in it, he doesn’t apologize for slamming NPR. “In...

Democrats Block Attempt to Kill NPR Funding

Eric Cantor says Republicans will try again next year

(Newser) - House Republicans today failed in their attempt to strip funding from National Public Radio over the Juan Williams scandal , the Hill reports. But Eric Cantor suggested the battle isn't over: "If the Democrat majority wants to continue to ignore the will of the people that’s their prerogative, but...

Roger Ailes: NPR Brass Are 'Nazis'
Roger Ailes: 
NPR Brass
Are 'Nazis'

Roger Ailes: NPR Brass Are 'Nazis'

Fox News boss also says Jon Stewart is 'crazy'

(Newser) - Roger Ailes thinks Juan Williams is a “true liberal,” but he hired him anyway because he was mad at NPR. “They are, of course, Nazis,” the Fox News chief told Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast . “They are the left wing of Nazism. … They...

Jon Stewart, 'The Daily Show' in Washington, DC: Video
 Jon Stewart Kicks Off DC Week 

Jon Stewart Kicks Off DC Week

'Daily Show' ramps up excitement for Saturday rally

(Newser) - Jon Stewart kicked off the Daily Show’s week in Washington, DC, by weighing in on—what else?—the Juan Williams-NPR controversy. The obvious problem? Williams violated NPR’s “never-say-anything-interesting policy,” says correspondent Samantha Bee. And, considering Fox News was quick to jump all over NPR as soon...

NPR Chief Sorry for Williams 'Psychiatrist' Dig

Ombudsman says firing mishandled; DeMint want to cut funds

(Newser) - NPR’s chief has apologized for suggesting Juan Williams keep his feelings about Muslims between himself and “his psychiatrist or publicist,” the station’s website notes. “I spoke hastily and I apologize to Juan and others for my thoughtless remark,” said Vivian Schiller. In a separate...

Canned Juan Williams Gets $2M Fox News Contract

Ex-NPR analyst signs 3-year deal, still furious over firing

(Newser) - Getting fired from NPR is working out pretty well for Juan Williams. Fox News has offered the analyst a new three-year, $2 million contract, the Los Angeles Times reports. Williams—canned for telling Fox's O'Reilly Factor that people in Muslim garb on planes make him nervous—will have an expanded...

Juan Williams: 'I Said What I Meant to Say'

Fired NPR hosts says it's not bigoted, just the truth

(Newser) - Juan Williams says he didn't misspeak when he talked of getting nervous when seeing Muslims in airports, comments that got him fired from NPR . "I said what I meant to say," Williams explained on Fox News today, "which is that it is an honest experience that when...

Juan Williams Flap a Shirley Sherrod Rerun
Juan Williams Flap a Shirley Sherrod Rerun

Juan Williams Flap a Shirley Sherrod Rerun

This time it's the left pushing an edited, misleading video clip

(Newser) - The Juan Williams controversy ought to seem awfully familiar—because it’s a complete rerun of the Shirley Sherrod debacle . Only this time, it’s left-wingers promoting an edited, misleading clip, writes William Saletan for Slate . The video, which was quoted by the New York Times, Washington Post and NPR,...

NPR Bounces Juan Williams for Muslim Remark

Islamic garb on planes makes him a 'nervous' flyer

(Newser) - NPR has axed commentator Juan Williams after he said that Muslims on his airline flights make him "nervous." Williams comments are "inconsistent with our editorial standards," said a statement from NPR. Williams made his remarks on Fox's The O'Reilly Factor as he discussed attitudes toward "...

NPR Legend Daniel Schorr Dead at 93
 NPR Legend 
 Daniel Schorr 
 Dead at 93 

NPR Legend Daniel Schorr Dead at 93

Tireless investigator had been reporting since 1946

(Newser) - Daniel Schorr, a veteran journalist who brought more than six decades of experience to his gig as senior news analyst for NPR , has died at age 93, NPR reports. Schorr served in intelligence during World War II, then stayed in Europe to cover the postwar reconstruction for the New York ...

Louis CK Sex Talk Gets NPR Show Cancelled

'Fresh Air' and Terry Gross booted in Mississippi

(Newser) - Mississippi Public Broadcasting dumped the popular NPR show “Fresh Air” and its host Terry Gross on Monday, citing “recurring inappropriate content.” Speculation ran wild that the inappropriate content might be political, or related to its recent gay rights interviews. But, nope, it turns out it was an...

National Public Radio Changes Name to ... NPR

It's no longer just radio anymore

(Newser) - The interwebs have killed National Public Radio! Sort of. The network has changed its name to NPR in low-key manner, reports the Washington Post . The reason: It's no longer just radio. "NPR is more modern, streamlined," says NPR's chief executive, likening the move to the Cable News Network's...

NPR, Economist Thrive in 'Netherworld' of Analysis

Pace, volume of new media requires explanatory outlets

(Newser) - In an environment where newspapers, newsweeklies, and TV news are losing market share like sinking ships, NPR and the Economist are thriving. Why? Well, posits Ezra Klein, the explosion of Internet news threw small-pond big fish into the ocean. Those who couldn’t keep up turned to opinion, creating a...

NPR's Carl Kasell Delivers Last Newscast

'I'll still be around,' says news reader synonymous with public radio

(Newser) - "I'm just saying, 'I'm Carl Kasell, NPR News, Washington,’” went the veteran newsman’s last broadcast for Morning Edition on NPR today. “I'm not saying goodbye, because I'll still be around.” And that he will, continuing on as judge and scorekeeper for quiz show Wait,...

'Rasputin' Axelrod Razzed on NPR Quiz Show

(Newser) - Obama adviser David Axelrod took the bait and appeared for a taping last night of NPR’s quiz show, Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!—with by turns earnest and hilarious results, Politico reports. When host Peter Sagal asked if he’d been in on the presidential pooch...

Ali: Nothing Has Defeated Me
 Ali: Nothing Has Defeated Me 

Ali: Nothing Has Defeated Me

(Newser) - When NPR asked Muhammad Ali to weigh in for its “This I Believe” series, the boxing legend’s response was simple. “I have always believed in myself,” he said, in an essay read on the air by his wife, Lonnie. “And I still do.” Ali...

Globalization Is Changing Our Brains
 Globalization Is 
 Changing Our Brains 

Globalization Is Changing Our Brains

(Newser) - Having boogied in 70 countries on all seven continents, Matt Harding concludes that “globalization is forcing our brains to evolve." Known via the Internet for dancing poorly with locals in far-flung locations, Harding argues that our brains were designed for social interaction within a small tribe—but we...

NPR Snagged Most Listeners Ever in '08

23.6M tuned in, but public radio still faces budget shortages

(Newser) - There’s one growth story in the otherwise moribund news media industry, and it’s downright old fashioned: National Public Radio. Riding its hugely popular “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” shows, NPR had more listeners than ever in 2008—23.6 million a week—up 8.7%...

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